Magnolia Collective Housing, Córdoba, Argentina

Designed by estudioLZ, Magnolia is a housing complex of 8 houses and two pre-existing houses. Located to the north of the peripheral area of the city of Villa Allende, Argentina. In an urban environment, where a large natural contour can be seen near the Saldan River, which had a great influence on the composition of the project

Kaiserstraße Apartments, Blumenau, Brazil

Alencar Arquitetura proudly introduces Kaiserstraße, a perfect representation of innovation with a hint of history in the city of Blumenau, Brazil. The project redefines the meaning of living at home. Its balconies all have sun exposure and are surrounded by green gardens, with the capacity to accommodate a private swimming pool

Nexus, Rockdale, Sydney Apartment Building

Located in Rockdale, Sydney, Nexus blends seamlessly with its surroundings. The development was designed carefully considering the context and neighbourhood character, resulting in a harmonious relationship between natural and built elements. Fuse Architecture’s team vigilantly studied the desirable aspects of the area and designed a building that enhances the existing neighbourhood

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