Gapi Food and Beverage Villa Building, Moroccan Restaurant, Morocco Architecture

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa Casablanca

Casablanca Building Interior, Morocco architectural design by Lotfi Sidirahal Architect

26 Jan 2016

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa in Casablanca

Design: Lotfi Sidirahal Architects

Location: Casablanca, northern Morocco

Programme: large catering kitchen + pastry shop/tea room + gourmet restaurant

Gapi in Casablanca

Food and Beverage Villa

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal

The Concept is the Pastry box ribbons, that are usually twisted when trying to confine the cake box. The twist’s dynamic is used to create a double skin facade that adapts to the different uses and orientations.

Food and Beverage Villa consisting of a large catering kitchen in the basement, a pastry shop/ tea room on the ground floor, and a gourmet restaurant on the first floor; The architect designed a contemporary building inspired by the packaging ribbons of cake boxes; With the use of Krion (thermoformable synthetic marble), the architect designed a double skin facade of an intense white, light and see-through. The horizontal blades which envelop the 3 main facades rotate at 90 degrees depending on intimacy and sun orientation.

Project is located in Casablanca, Construction started in January 2014 and finished in February 2015.

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal

Architecture, Building and Structure Design

Double Skin facade in Krion comprising blades of 250 mm height. Two modules of Krion have been used: one straight and one twisted, both 1200mm x 250mm. The modules are later welded using Krion Glue. Unique Inox compass have been designed to fix the double skin to the structure. The first Skin is designed in Glass and Bronze Alucobon.

Plot area: 550 m2 Total GFA : 950 m2 Building Height: 8m Number of floors: 3

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal

ribbons, krion, sensual design, double skin facade, corten

First challenge was to design a sensual and dynamic skin with the less number of different modules in order to minimize the budget and simplify the manufacturing. Two modules were designed: one straight blade and one twisted. It required production of 3 different moulds and a dozen prototypes.

Second Research axis was to design a universal mounting piece that allows vertical or side entry installation and especially when fixation is required on the twisted part. Several prototypes were manufactured with different shapes and principles before designing the stainless steel compass

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal

Designing a facade that has never been experimented before.

Lotfi Sidirahal: Creative Director and Stephane Vaclroze: Design Manager

Photos: Valentina Marchant Photographer

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal


GAPI is a luxury catering company based in Casablanca. Since its creation in 1997, GAPI is continuously innovating in the world of Catering and gastronomy. Rewarded for its mastery of decoration in the Events Exhibition in 2011, GAPI inaugurates today its “Villa” designed by Lotfi Sidirahal to present its gourmet and original creations.

Gapi Food and Beverage Villa by Lotfi Sidirahal is Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Category, 2014-15.

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A’ Design Awards & Competition

Location: Anfa District, Casablanca, Morocco, North Africa

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