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post updated 22 October 2021

New Australian Houses

e-architect select key new Australian Houses. We cover both completed properties and proposed residential building designs across Australia. Our focus is on contemporary homes.


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New Property in Australia – major additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

11 Oct 2021
Carina Heights, Brisbane, Queensland
Architects: dion seminara architecture
Carrina Heights Property Brisbane
photograph : Mark Cranitch
Carrina Heights Property, Brisbane
This Carina Heights home renovation aimed to update and modernise the existing home. Taking approximately four months, dion seminara architecture reconstructed the deck on the first floor, expanded the existing deck at the rear of the property and installed new balustrading throughout.

29 Sep 2021
Koonwarra House, Koonwarra, South Gippsland, Victoria
Design: Grant Amon Architects P/L
Koonwarra House South Gippsland
photograph : John Gollings
Koonwarra House, South Gippsland
The Koonwarra House is a modest weekend home on a small country lot for a retiring couple and family. Inspired by Australia’s mid-century architectural modernist legacy, this simple dwelling provides a calm rural escape amongst the gum trees, koalas & kangaroos.

3 Sep 2021
Anne Street Garden Villas, Southport, Gold Coast, Queensland
Architects: Anna O’Gorman Architect
Anne Street Garden Villas Southport Qld
photograph : Christopher Frederick Jones
Anne Street Garden Villas, Southport Qld
Anne Street Garden Villas is a series of 7 social housing dwellings in Southport on the Gold Coast. The design was informed by ideas from our Density and Diversity Done Well Open Idea Competition entry, as well as stakeholder workshops and local social housing design reviews.

13 Aug 2021
Number 6, Adelaide Hills, South Australia
Design: Black Rabbit Architecture + Interiors
Number 6 Adelaide Hills House
photo : Aaron Citti
Number 6, Adelaide Hills House
Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life and surrounded by the serenity of the Adelaide Hills this property is above all a place to call home. Gestures to iconic forms from days gone by, familiarity of homely materials punctuated by ‘blackness’, articulating the interiors and affording the tiered and gloomy original house a new lease on life.

12 Aug 2021
Bones House, Bells Beach, Victoria
Architecture: Lachlan Shepherd Architects
Bones House Bells Beach Victoria
photo : Nic Stephens Photography
Bones House, Bells Beach Victoria Property
Positioned on a hilltop overlooking the iconic Bells Beach Surfing Reserve, this property involved alterations and additions to the existing dilapidated 3 bedroom residence on site.

17 Aug 2021
The Storehouse, Burnie, Tasmania
Architects: Starbox Architecture
The Storehouse Burnie Tasmania
photo : Aaron Jones
The Storehouse, Burnie Tasmania
The brief for The Storehouse tried to answer ‘How can we live with our loved ones as well as our most treasured possessions under the same roof’? The home looks to blend a typical dwelling with offsite storage into one.

13 Aug 2021
Wagstaffe House, Wagstaffe, New South Wales
Design: buck&simple: doers of stuff
Wagstaffe House Central Coast Region NSW
photo : Simon Whitbread
Wagstaffe House, Central Coast Region NSW
Wagstaffe House is the realisation of a dream to live in the trees overlooking the water. The layout consists of public and private wings that create a raised courtyard, open on one side to frame the view and create a place of refuge from the elements.

31 Jul 2021
Noosa Nest, Doonan, Sunshine Coast, Eastern Australia
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Noosa Nest Sunshine Coast
photo : Andrew Manson
Noosa Nest, Sunshine Coast Home
The Noosa Nest project comprises the renovation alteration and extension to a three storey 1970’s building which was originally designed as a duplex and later converted to a holiday house. The steep semi-rainforest site sits at the end of Laguna Bay.

24 Jul 2021
Bimbadeen House, Fairhaven, Victoria
Architecture: Lachlan Shepherd Architects
Bimbadeen House Victoria
photo : Nic Stephens Photography
Bimbadeen House Fairhaven, Victoria Home
This Australian house is designed to compliment surrounding bush by nestling into the sloping site. The simple, low-lying, protective external form contrasts its light-filled, open planned interior.

15 Jul 2021
Off Grid House, Megalong Valley, New South Wales
Design: Anderson Architecture
Off Grid House Megalong Valley NSW
photography : Simon Anderson and Nick Bowers
Off Grid House, Megalong Valley NSW
Nestled in Sydney’s dense Blue Mountains bushland, this Australian home acts as a premium benchmark for sustainable living under extreme conditions while coexisting with nature. The modest, highly durable home is net zero emissions and BAL-FZ rated; self-sufficient in power, water and sewage.

26 Jun 2021
Callinthe House, Doonan, Sunshine Coast
Design: Tim Ditchfield Architects
Callinthe House Doonan Sunshine Coast
photo : Scott Burrows
Callinthe House, Doonan, Sunshine Coast
This new property has been designed to closely connect with its semi-rural context. It is positioned to the rear of the site to ensure privacy from Calanthe Avenue and to be able to take advantage of fantastic views south to a mature eucalypt conservation forest and to look north over landscaped open space.

LA Cool Pool House, Newport NSW

5 Jul 2021
Stealth House, Hunters Hill
Architects: Bijl Architecture
Stealth House Hunters Hill
photo © Tom Fergusone
Stealth House Hunters Hill

1 Dec 2020
Koonwarra House, Koonwarra, South Gippsland, Victoria, Australia
Design: Grant Amon Architects P/L
Koonwarra House South Gippsland
photograph : John Gollings
Koonwarra House, South Gippsland
This Victoria property is a modest weekend home on a small country lot for a retiring couple and family. Inspired by Australia’s mid-century architectural modernist legacy, this simple dwelling provides a calm rural escape amongst the gum trees, koalas & kangaroos.

17 Nov 2020
Albatross Residence, The Gold Coast, Queensland
Architects: Studio Workshop
Albatross Residence Gold Coast
photograph : Andy MacPherson
Albatross Residence, Gold Coast, Qld
The Albatross Residence is a three-storey pair of beach residences with an east-facing aspect toward the pacific ocean, situated along a narrow, busy thoroughfare. An array of vertical fins is deployed to serve multiple functions including sun-shading, privacy, curation of views, and to modulate the scale of the overall form.

6 Oct 2020
CLT House, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Architects: FMD Architects
CLT House Mornington Peninsula
photograph : Dianna Snape
CLT House, Mornington Peninsula
CLT House is a bridge between architectural thinking and sustainable construction methods. It is a poetic and pragmatic balance between architect and builder, whose relationship developed from the concept design to ensure a highly considered outcome.

26 Sep 2020
Panopticon House, Cape Otway, Victoria

14 Sep 2020
Knocklofty House, Hobart, Tasmania

11 Aug 2020
Spinifex House, Adelaide, South Australia
Design: Khab Architects
Spinifex House Adelaide Australia
photograph : Peter Barnes
Spinifex House in Adelaide
At probably half the size of many houses that now line the metro beachfront, this contemporary property is like that new kid in the playground dwarfed by the surrounding bullish show-offs. Emulating the old shacks, she touches the ground lightly, respecting the dune and blurring the boundary to the adjacent reserve.

7 Aug 2020
Torrens Park Residence in Adelaide

3 Aug 2020
PR House in Adelaide, South Australia

27 Jul 2020
Merricks Residence on the Mornington Peninsula

16 Jul 2020
Tent House in Noosa, Queensland

27 Jul 2020
Stratum Residence on the Gold Coast, Qld

18 June 2020
Two Sheds Retreat in Lorne, Victoria

post updated with new photos 10 June 2020 ; 19 Feb 2014
Wallaby Lane House, Tinbeerwah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Design: Robinson Architects
Australian Houses Wallaby Lane Home in QLD
photograph © Nic Granleese
Wallaby Lane House, Queensland
Wallaby Lane House and Studio are located at Tinbeerwah on the Sunshine Coast. The dwellings were designed by Jolyon Robinson of Robinson Architects for a family relocating from Sydney, with construction finalised late 2013.

1 June 2020
Glass House Mountains, Maleny, Sunshine Coast Region, Queensland
Design: Bark Design Architects
Glass House Mountains Queensland property design by Bark Design Architects
photograph : Christopher Frederick Jones
Glass House Mountains, Queensland
Designed for expatriate Australian clients in international banking working in Bucharest, Romania, the Glass House Mountain House in Maleny celebrates its site, perched on the edge of the remnant rim of the Glass House range, as well as the essence of its place – ‘sky and mountains’.

31 May 2020
BB Garage in Adelaide, South Australia

29 May 2020
Sugar Gum House in Willunga, South Australia

17 Apr 2020
Bellingen Oatley House, NSW
Design: Cox Architecture
Bellingen Oatley House NSW Australia
photograph : Martin Mischkulnig
Bellingen Oatley House in New South Wales
‘On the Promised Land’ interprets the typology of the traditional agricultural shed commonly found in rural NSW. Modest, utilitarian, honest – these structures define ‘Australian’ architecture and the spirit of regional place.

27 Mar 2020
The LVL House, Adelaide, South Australia
Design: Ply Architecture
The LVL House Adelaide South Australia
photograph : Sam Noonan
The LVL House in Adelaide, South Australia
This property alteration is a modern pavilion addition providing a striking contemporary insertion into an existing character home. At the point of opening the front door you are emotively pulled through the space to the rear where a large open plan living volume expands linear in an east-west direction.

19 Feb 2020
Green Velvet House, Barwon Heads, Victoria
Architecture: Peter Winkler Architects
Green Velvet- House Barwon Heads Victoria
photograph : Jack Lovel
Green Velvet House on Barwon Heads, Victoria
This family home is a cement sheet-clad double-storey volume with exposed structural timbers that divide the façade into bays to create a meditative rhythm.

20 Jan 2020
Second Avenue House, Perth, Western Australia
Design: Philip Stejskal Architecture
Second Avenue House Alterations Additions Perth
photograph : Roger D’Souza
Second Avenue House Alterations + Additions, Perth
This property addition is separated from the existing cottage by a ‘brick link’ that creates pause between the two built elements – both spatial and chronological – and allows us to tailor to the quantity of available salvaged bricks.

16 Dec 2019
Nola Avenue House, Perth, Western Australia
Design: Philip Stejskal Architecture
Nola Avenue House Scarborough
photograph : Roger D’Souza
Nola Avenue House in Scarborough, Perth

9 Dec 2019
The FUN House, Point Lonsdale, Bellarine Peninsula, Victoria
Architects: Nine Muses Design
FUN House Victoria
photograph : Matthew Gudykunst
The FUN House on Point Lonsdale, Victoria
Keen to build a vibrant, compact and affordable home in the tightly held seaside enclave of Point Lonsdale, a young family saw potential in a vacant battle-axe block and engaged Nine Muses Design to help bring their vision to life.

15 Nov 2019
Upside Down Akubra House, Nundle, NSW

30 Oct 2019
Subiaco House in Perth, Western Australia

30 Oct 2019
Blade House in Coledale, NSW

22 Oct 2019
Edgeworth Apartments in Turner, Canberra, ACT

20 Oct 2019
Bannerman House in Bendigo, Victoria

23 Sep 2019
Tannum Sands House in Queensland

7 Sep 2019
Paddington Street House in North Perth

30 Aug 2019
Noosa Valley House 3 in Queensland

16 Aug 2019
Elemental House in High Camp, Victoria

13 Aug 2019
Noosa Valley House 1 in Queensland

11 Aug 2019
Wistow House in South Australia

8 Aug 2019
Waitpinga Retreat in South Australia

3 Jul 2019
Rest House on the Mornington Peninsula

17 Jun 2019
Contemporary Home on Hamilton Island, Whitsunday Islands, Queensland
Design: Renato D’Ettorre Architects
Azuris House on Hamilton Island - Australian Houses
photograph : Francesca Giovanelli
Azuris House on Hamilton Island

15 Jun 2019
Gundowring House in Tangambalanga, Victoria

25 Apr 2019
Sorrel Street House in Paddington, QLD

14 Apr 2019
Taylors Bay House in Mosman, NSW

5 Apr 2019
Beach House on Avoca Beach, NSW

1 Apr 2019
Butterfly Residence in Rutherglen, Victoria

26 Mar 2019
Two Tree House on the Sunshine Coast

21 Mar 2019
St Andrews Beach House on the Mornington Peninsula

15 Mar 2019
The Nest in Bardon, QLD

13 Mar 2019
V House, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Design: Shaun Lockyer Architects
V House on the Sunshine Coast
photograph : Scott Burrows
V House on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland
While rational in form, this is a very complicated and unforgiving house to build. A heavy engineering focus along with thorough input from the builder made for a seamless process.

6 Mar 2019
Sunrise House on the South Coast, NSW

4 Mar 2019
Crofthouse Inverloch – Victoria Residence

27 Feb 2019
Black Mountain House on the Sunshine Coast

25 Feb 2019
Rural Retreat in Kangaroo Valley, NSW

20 Feb 2019
Forrest Street House in Fremantle

21 Jan 2019
LBK House in Adelaide

20 Jan 2019
Bellevue Terrace House in Fremantle

18 Jan 2019
Skyline House in Lorne, Victoria

12 Jan 2019
Queenscliff Barn House in Victoria

3 Dec 2018
Surfmist House in Perth

20 Nov 2018
Sawmill House in Yackandandah, Victoria

19 Nov 2018
Five Yards House in Hobart, Tasmania

7 Nov 2018
The Playful House, Brighton, Adelaide, South Australia
Design: Martin Friedrich Architects
The Playful House in Brighton
image Courtesy architecture office
House in Brighton, Adelaide
A young couple with 3 children approached Martin Friedrich Architects after seeing a Brighton town house project. They loved the clean modern lines, look and feel of this project, however wanted a more playful and fun house.

7 Oct 2018
Hidden Studio, Byron Bay, New South Wales
Design: Harley Graham Architects
Hidden Studio in Byron Bay - Australian Houses
photo : Andy MacPherson
Byron Bay Home
Nestled into rainforest on a 20acre property in Coopers Shoot Byron Bay, ‘Hidden Studio’ by Harley Graham Architects is a private sanctuary with views over the hinterland and Pacific Ocean beyond.

7 Aug 2018
Quarry House, Brighton, Victoria
Design: Finnis Architects
Quarry House in Brighton
photograph : Tom Roe
New House in Brighton, Victoria

30 Jul 2018
The Recyclable House, Beaufort, Victoria
Design: Inquire Invent Pty Ltd
The Recyclable House in Beaufort - new Australian Houses
photograph : Nic Granleese and Inquire Invent Pty Ltd
Contemporary House in Beaufort

23 Jul 2018
Mount Macedon House, Victoria
Design: Field Office Architecture
Mount Macedon House in Victoria
photograph : Dan Farrar
New Residence in Victoria

30 Jan 2018
Minimalist Monochrome Glasshouse, Noosa, Sunshine Coast
Design: Sarah Waller Architecture
Glasshouse in Noosa Australian Houses
photography: Paul Smith Images
Noosa House
With her extensive design background and expertise as a licensed builder Sarah Waller embraced the creative freedom to create a home inspired by the simplicity and sophistication of mid-century modern architecture. This home pairs beautiful form and function.

14 May 2014
Eagle Bay Residence, Western Australia
Design: Paul Jones, Architect
Eagle Bay Residence - contemporary Australian Houses
picture from architects
Winner of the 2014 Master Builders Association South West Home of the Year and six other awards for construction excellence, this beautiful home was designed by renowned architect Paul Jones and Zorzi South, and stands tall on top of the dune, right on the beach at Eagle Bay.

14 Apr 2014
Nannup Holiday House, Perth, Western Australia
Design: Iredale Pedersen Hook Architects
Nannup Holiday House - Australian Houses
photograph : Peter Bennetts
This contemporary Australian holiday house forms part of a wandering path through the landscape from Perth to Nannup. This path dialogues with the landscape of intense forest, meandering river and rolling hills, each experience is carefully choreographed to enrich the occupancy of the house.

7 Mar 2014
Fairfax Avenue Apartment Bellevue Hills, Sydney, NSW
Design: Rolf Ockert Design
Fairfax Avenue Apartment 1
photograph : Sharrin Rees
We were approached by a bachelor who had just bought a penthouse apartment in an upmarket suburb of Sydney’s East. The apartment occupied the entire top floor of a 1940’s building and had great views over Sydney harbour.

6 Mar 2014
Rubinsztein House, South Coogee, NSW
Design: Rolf Ockert Design
Rubinsztein House - new Australian Houses
picture from architects
The client had just purchased the site, a small but stunningly located oceanfront property with panoramic views of the Pacific, when they were introduced to the architect.

4 Mar 2014
Bronte House, beachside suburb of Sydney, New South Wales
Design: Rolf Ockert Design
Bronte House - modern Australian Houses
picture from architects
The client approached the architects to create house of their dreams on a site perched high over the Pacific Ocean, a home that was to make them feel like being on holiday every day. While the view was fantastic the site was very small and suffocated by overbearing neighbouring dwellings.

19 Feb 2014
Wallaby Lane House, Sunshine Coast, Queensland
Design: Robinson Architects
photo © Nic Granleese
Wallaby Lane House and Studio are located at Tinbeerwah on the Sunshine Coast. The dwellings were designed by Jolyon Robinson for a family relocating from Sydney.

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