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Key Property Developments in Norway: New Buildings – Built Environment Updates

post updated 12 September 2021

Norwegian Building News

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Norwegian Building News – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

27 Aug 2021
Powered by Ulsteinvik
Design: Kaleidoscope Nordic
Powered by Ulsteinvik West Norway
image : KVANT-1 and Kaleidoscope Nordic
Powered by Ulsteinvik, West Norway
The project was selected from over a hundred nominations worldwide as the Architectural model/Render category winner. Imagining the future of architecture and urban form is an important aspect of how Kaleidoscope works, and it is an honor to be recognized for this.

27 May 2021
New Kristiansund Opera and Culture Centre
Design: C. F. Møller Architects
Kristiansund Operahouse and Culture Centre, Norway
image : C.F. Møller Architects (
Kristiansund Operahouse and Culture Centre
At the very heart of Kristiansund, C.F. Møller Architects has designed the city’s next cultural hub – the combined location of various different cultural institutions that will vitalise the street environment and create a new urban meeting place for the general public.

9 Apr 2021
Hillside Home, near Oslo
Design: Derlick Architects
Hillside Home near Oslo

27 Jan 2021
Floating Sauna, Tromsø Harbour, Troms county, Northern Norway
Design: Skapa Architects
Norwegian Architecture News - Floating Sauna Tromso Harbour
photo : David Jensen
Floating Sauna Tromsø Harbour
Floating Sauna in Tromsø Harbour is a place where locals and visitors have space to breathe, disconnect from the world whilst connecting with each other

Norwegian Architecture News in 2020

9 Dec 2020
Paper House, Moss
Paper House, Moss

12 Nov 2020
Domen Viewpoint, Northeast Norway
Design: Biotope
Domen Viewpoint Norway
photograph : Tormod Amundsen / Biotope
Domen Viewpoint in Northeast Norway
Located overlooking the Barents Sea, this bold viewpoint has opened to tourists visiting the interesting destination. The sustainably designed building provides much-needed shelter from the harsh arctic climate.

29 Oct 2020
Energy Positive Powerhouse, Telemark
Architects: Snøhetta
Powerhouse Telemark Building Norwegian Architecture News
photo © Ivar Kvaal
Energy Positive Powerhouse Telemark
A sustainable model for the future of workspaces. The energy sector and building industry account for over 40% of global industry’s heat-trapping emissions combined.

31 Oct 2020
Ibsen Library, Skien, Vestfold og Telemark county, southern Norway
Ibsen Library, Skien

27 Oct 2020
New FRAM Museum Building, Oslo
New FRAM Museum, Oslo

15 Oct 2020
Sweco acquires Norwegian TAG Arkitekter

Sweco has signed an agreement to acquire TAG Arkitekter, thereby establishing an architectural business in the Norwegian market. Through the acquisition, TAG Arkitekter will become part of Europe’s leading provider of integrated architectural and technical consulting services.

The acquisition is in line with Sweco’s growth strategy to establish a leading position in all core markets and in all service areas where the company operates. Sweco started as an architectural firm in 1958 and has grown out of the conviction of the strength of combining architectural and engineering consulting services.

“I am very happy and proud that TAG Arkitekter is becoming a part of Sweco, ensuring that we can offer our clients in Norway fully integrated architectural and technical consultancy services”, says Åsa Bergman President and CEO of Sweco.

TAG Arkitekter, with its 95 employees, is mainly active within the real estate and landscape architecture segments. The company has offices in Oslo, Bergen and Trondheim. TAG Arkitekter has had strong growth over the last ten years achieving a revenue of MNOK 113 in 2019.

“With its prize-winning designs and a strong focus on urban development, TAG is the ideal partner now that Sweco is establishing its own architecture division in Norway. We are looking forward to TAG becoming part of Sweco,” says Grete Aspelund, President of Sweco Norway.

“Partnerships between disciplines permit us to design the homes and residential environments of the future. We are now looking forward to being part of one of the world’s biggest specialists in sustainable urban development,” says Lars Eirik Ulseth, CEO of TAG Arkitekter.

Sweco is one of the leading companies within architecture in the world with approximately 1,300 architects and landscape architects. Sweco Norway has a revenue of MNOK 2,424 (2019) with 26 offices and 1,630 employees.

29 Sep 2020
Skigard Hytte, Kvitfjell, Lillehammer
Design: Mork-Ulnes Architects
Skigard Hytte Kvitfjell Lillehammer
photography : Bruce Damonte
Skigard Hytte, Kvitfjell, Lillehammer
Casper and Lexie Mork-Ulnes complete a mountain cabin for themselves and their children in Kvitfjell, a ski resort in Norway that was developed for the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer. This new Norwegian building is perched upon the ledge of a steep mountain, and frames panoramic views of the valley and river below.

6 Aug 2020
Senja Cabin in Northern Norway

8 July 2020
Pilestredet 77/79, Fagerborg, Oslo
Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Pilestredet 77/79 Oslo by Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
photography : Ivar Kvaal
Pilestredet 77/79
The project has been developed on a very site-specific approach. It has elaborated solutions, that primarily refer to the historical context of the neighborhood of Fagerborg. The project unites tradition and innovation in a carefully reflected way and provide good homes that will help to form a qualitative neighborhood.

1 July 2020
The Plus Furniture Factory, Magnor
Architects: BIG
The Plus Furniture Factory Magnor Norway
image © Lucian R
The Plus Furniture Factory, Magnor
Together with Vestre, the Norwegian manufacturer of urban furniture, BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group unveils The Plus as the world’s most sustainable furniture factory tucked in the heart of the Norwegian forest.

29 Feb 2020
Outdoor Care Hospital Retreats, Oslo
Architects: Snøhetta
Outdoor Care Retreats Oslo
photography © Kebony
Outdoor Care Retreats in Oslo
Located in verdant woodland just a stone’s throw from the entrance of Norway’s largest hospital, two sensitively designed wooden shelters are aspiring to make hospitalisation easier and more comfortable for patients and their families.

27 Feb 2020
Trondheim Central Station, northern Norway
Design: Arkitema Architects
Sustainable Central Station Trondheim Norwegian Architecture News
image © Arkitema Architects
Trondheim Central Station Building
The winning entry in the architectural competition for the design of the new Trondheim Station has been chosen. Arkitema Architects has designed the new station building, which will be constructed across the tracks in a central location in Trondheim, northern Norway.

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Norway Architectural Designs in 2019

11 Nov 2019
Solberg Tower & Rest Area Sarpsborg

20 Sep 2019
The Twist at Kistefos, Jevnaker Museum
Architects: BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group
The Twist at Kistefos, Jevnaker Museum, Oslo - Norwegian Architecture News
photo : Laurian Ghinitoiu
The Twist at Kistefos, Jevnaker Museum

20 Jun 2019
Peace Bench at Nobel Peace Center, Oslo

18 Jun 2019
The Twist Museum in Jevnaker, Oslo Building

10 Jan 2019
Daytrip Cabin, Hammerfest, Finnmark, North Norway
Architects: SPINN Arkitekter (Norway) and Format Engineers (UK)
Daytrip Cabin in Hammerfest - Norwegian Architecture News
image : SPINN Architects
New Hammerfest Building

Norway Building Updates Archive

Norwegian Architecture News 2016 to 2018

5 Dec 2018
Fornebubanen Metro Line Stations
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects and A_Lab
Fornebubanen Metro Line Stations in Oslo
image © VA
Fornebubanen Metro Line Station Buildings
Zaha Hadid Architects and A_Lab win the architectural competition to design the Fornbuporten and Fornebu Senter stations, two of the six stations planned for the new Fornebubanen metro line in Oslo.

13 Nov 2018
Holmen Industrial Area, Vesterålen, Nordland county, Northern Norway
Architects: Snøhetta
Holmen Industrial Area in Vesteralen Norway
photograph © Stephen Citrone
Holmen Industrial Area in North Norway

24 Sep 2018
Hadar’s House in Stokkøya, Trøndelag County
Design: Frida Öster, Asante Architecture & Design
Hadar's House in Stokkøya, Åfjord, Trøndelag County
photograph : Marius Rua
Stokkøya House

14 Sep 2018
Oslo Architecture Triennale Autumn Program 2018

21 Jun 2018
Huntonstranda, Gjøvik, Norway
Architects: URBAN POWER
Huntonstranda in Gjovik Norwegian Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
The city of Gjøvik between Oslo and Lillehammer is facing a comprehensive transformation. With new coastal barriers the city is preparing to expand with new residential areas and a new cultural center.

24 Apr 2018
Two-in-One House, Ekeberglia
Architects: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
New House in Ekeberglia

20 Mar 2018
Birdwatching Tower, Askøy, Hordaland county, western Norway
Architects: LJB
Birdwatching Tower in Askoy Norway
photography: Anders E. Johnsson
Birdwatching Tower in Askøy
Comprised of two public floors, the tower was designed to provide a 360 degree perspective from the viewing platform on the top floor which rises seven metres above an abandoned airfield, now transformed into the perfect nesting ground for birds.

14 Mar 2018
Slipway Housing Complex, Mandal, Vest-Agder county, southern Norway
Design: Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Slipway Housing Complex in Mandal - Norwegian Architecture News
photograph : Reiulf Ramstad Arkitekter
Slipway Housing Complex in southern Norway
The project is ‘iconic’ with its unique roof forms and minimal window details, while at the same time evoking the character of the local surroundings, taking its inspiration from the unique character of Mandal: the encounter between timber construction and the open sea. The architecture is steeped in local vernacular building traditions, but with a new and modern interpretation.

8 Mar 2018
Oslo Airport City
Design: Haptic Architects and Nordic – Office of Architecture
Oslo Airport City in Norway
image © Forbes Massie_Haptic_OAC
Oslo Airport City
The 4 million sq. metres city, is set to be powered entirely by renewable energy, served by electric vehicles and will take 30 years to build. The scheme is being developed by Norwegian development vehicle Oslo Airport City.

New Avinor Oslo Airport Building, Norway
Design: Nordic-Office of Architecture
New Avinor Oslo Airport, Norway
photo © Avinor Oslo lufthavn/Sune Eriksen
New Oslo Airport, Norway

8 Mar 2018
Hemsedal Suites, Hemsedal, Buskerud county, central-southern Norway
Architects: HR Prosjekt
Hemsedal Suites in Norway
photo : Per Erik Jæger
Hemsedal Suites, Norway
Providing the perfect family getaway, Hemsedal’s apartments are furnished with fantastic facilities including a climbing wall and sports restaurant. For HRP, the interaction between the building and the ski slope was an essential component of this design; evidenced in the building’s roof which is a particularly impressive facet that has been carefully considered from initial concept through to completion.

20 Feb 2018
Gjøvik House, Mjøsa Lake
Design: Norm Architects
Gjøvik House near Oslo

12 Feb 2018
Svart Powerhouse* hotel, Holandsfjorden Fjord – the World’s First Energy Positive Hotel Concept Above the Arctic Circle
Architects: Snøhetta
Svart Powerhouse Hotel
image : Snøhetta / Plompmozes
Svart Powerhouse* hotel on Holandsfjorden Fjord
The first building to be built after the energy positive Powerhouse standard in a Northern climate. Not only does this new hotel reduce its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy – an absolute “must” in this precious arctic environment, the architects say.

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Norwegian Architecture Designs – chronological list

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Astrup Fearnley Museet
Design: Renzo Piano Building Workshop / Narud Stokke Wiig architects
Astrup Fearnley Museet Oslo

Oslo Operahouse
Design: Snøhetta
Oslo Operahouse by Snøhetta

Signal Mediahus
Design: Space Group
Signal Mediahus Building
photo : Vegard Kleven
Signal Mediahus Oslo

Snøhetta – Oslo architects

Oslo Opera House Project

Knut Hamsun Center by Steven Holl Architects

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