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The Treetop Walk in Fyresdal

14 June 2023

Architects: EFFEKT

Location: Hamaren Activity Park, Fyresdal, Norway

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal Norway

Photos by Rasmus Hjortshøj

The Treetop Walk, Norway

The Treetop Walk is a one kilometer long and two meters wide plank boardwalk extends on pillars all the way from the forest floor, along lake Fyresvatn, up between the treetops, along the mountain ridge and up to the summit of Klokkarhamaren. At the end of the trail, a considerable circular viewpoint with a diameter of 50 meters provides a spectacular 360-degree view over the pine forest, clear lakes and rock formation that make up the natural landscape.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal Norway

“The real task before us was to reconnect people with nature and create a design that would enhance the experience of the visitors – taking them on a slow and poetic walk through the forest canopy, culminating in a rush of excitement as they take in a scenic view of lake against sky at 60 meters above lake water level. Although it is a small gesture in the bigger picture, we hope that granting people free and universal access to experience the sublime nature of this site, can serve as an example for others.” explained Tue Foged, one of the two founders of Copenhagen-based EFFEKT.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal Norway

The wooden boardwalk structure is carefully designed as a response to the curvature of the mountain, sometimes following the mountain’s ridges and slopes, and sometimes bending out, creating viewpoints and dramatic drops where visitors can feel the wind in the treetops.

The Treetop Walk Hamaren Activity Park

The walking trail, which is universally designed with a gentle incline, is suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, pushchairs and wheelchairs. It grew out of a heartfelt desire to give all people, regardless of physical abilities, the sensational feeling of walking amongst the treetops, according to Monica Sølyst, Project Lead at Faun Naturforvaltning.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal

“This is a great day for Faun Naturforvaltning and for Fyresdal Municipality! We have led this process since 2017 and it is extraordinary to see our idea come to life. EFFEKT quickly understood our idea and designed the Treetop Walk, ensuring a spectacular experience for all. The design and structure is beyond our wildest dreams! The Treetop Walk has already put Fyresdal on the map and we are looking forward to visits from near and far.” Said Sølyst.

The Treetop Walk Hamaren Activity Park

The loadbearing structure as well as the boardwalk and railing are made from locally sourced pinewood. This way the structure literally blends in with existing pine trees on the mountain, sometimes giving the visual impression that the boardwalk levitates through the forest.

The Treetop Walk Hamaren Activity Park

To fulfill the vision of creating an experience that would add to the already beautiful natural setting and not destroy it, the EFFEKT team met up with local contractor Inge Aamlid. Together they invented a simple wooden building system that is used throughout the whole tree-top walk.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal Norway

It uses only small and straight pre-fabbed elements, that can easily be handled with small machinery and by hand on site, to protect the nature during the building process. When joined together the segments form an organic shape that bends around the trees and along the mountain. The building system made it possible for Aamlid to build the recreational walkway on location, using local timber and local craftsmanship techniques, nodding to the logging era in Fyresdal.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal

“We developed the design of the treetop walk during the pandemic lockdown, which meant no site visits. Instead, we had to send over GPS coordinates from topographic maps to Fyresdal Municipality who in turn took pictures of the landscape, allowing us to adjust the route according to the learnings from the actual site. The process resulted in 3D-models, which enabled our local contractor to build the design of the boardwalk very precisely in the challenging terrain. We are quite amazed with the result of this beautiful co-creation process with Fyresdal Municipality and the local contractor!” Said Foged.

The Treetop Walk Hamaren Activity Park

The Treetop Walk in Hamaren Activity Park, Norway – Building Information

Location: Fyresdal, Norway
Client: Fyresdal Municipality
Client Consultant (initiator and advisor on the development of Hamaren Activity Park): Faun Naturforvaltning
Architect: EFFEKT –
Contractor: Inge Aamlid

About Hamaren Activity Park
Hamaren Activity Park in Fyresdal, Norway, opened in 2017 and is a public destination for outdoors experiences in nature with cycling and nature trails, trampoline, climbing and more.
The addition to the park is a one-kilometer boardwalk, which makes the forest accessible for all user groups and takes them all the way to the summit of Klokkarhamaren.
Already before the treetop walk in Hamaren Activity Park opened, Visit Norway featured it as the number 1 hot spot of 2023.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal

EFFEKT is a research-based design studio based in Copenhagen. The studio was established in 2007 and employs 50 designers, thinkers, and builders working within Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape, and R&D under the creative leadership of the two founders Tue Hesselberg Foged and Sinus Lynge.

EFFEKT uses holistic design solutions with the aim of improving the quality of our cities and living places and creating lasting social, economic and environmental changes to the benefit of people and the planet.

EFFEKT has made its mark on the international architecture scene with a number of award-winning projects, such as the 45-metre high Forest Tower in Gisselfeld Kloster’s forest, GAME Streetmekka Viborg, an old wind turbine factory converted into a sports and cultural center, the visionary eco-village concept and design for ReGen Villages and the Livsrum Cancer Counseling Center. Most recently Living Places Copenhagen was inaugurated showcasing a total of seven prototypes – five open pavilions and two completed full-scale homes that show how we can develop sustainable buildings with a three times lower CO2 footprint and a first-class indoor climate. The Living Places concept holds the lowest CO2 emissions in Denmark, demonstrating that we do not have to wait for future technology to build more sustainably.

Currently, the design studio is engaged in project development in Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Japan and Australia.

The Treetop Walk Fyresdal

Photography: Rasmus Hjortshøj

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Location: Fyresdal, Norway

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