Huntonstranda in Gjøvik, Norwegian Town Masterplan, Housing and Cultural Centre, Architecture Images

Huntonstranda in Gjøvik, Norway

Coastal Masterplan Competition Win in Oppland county, Norway design by URBAN POWER

21 Jun 2018

Huntonstranda in Oppland county

Architects: URBAN POWER

Location: Gjøvik, Oppland county, southern Norway

Huntonstranda Masterplan Design

The city of Gjøvik between Oslo and Lillehammer is facing a comprehensive transformation. With new coastal barriers the city is preparing to expand with new residential areas and a new cultural center.

Huntonstranda in Gjovik

Gjøvik Municipality has purchased parts of a former industrial area, Huntonstranda, which is beautifully situated next to Lake Mjøsa. Together with the private landowners, the municipality initiates a radical transformation of the area into a new and living part of Gjøvik center. The new district comprises a total of 227 000 sqm.

The new master plan, significantly increases the area of Gjøvik, resulting in the city center being displaced. The city’s new geographic center and central hub becomes a new ambitious cultural center with concerts and theater, library, exhibition, cinema and art school of a total of 11,000 m2. The cultural center is located at the crosssing of a new connecting pedestrian street and the river that runs through the area, creating a new central meeting point in the city.

Huntonstranda in Gjovik

The big challenge lies in the fact that the new urban area is on the opposite side of both the railway and the river from the existing city. It has therefore been necessary to create a new pedestrian pathway linking new and old. The intervention with the existing city, includes a relocation of the city’s train station and a conversion of the car traffic going through the area.

One of the important parameters in the plan has been to handle the rising water level in the passing river and lake Mjøsa. A new landscape park along the coast becomes a recreational area for all people living in the city, and the same time a water barrier protecting the city from future floodings.

New attractive residential areas, will all have direct access to either the nature park along the lake or the new pedestrian street.

Huntonstranda in Gjovik

Huntonstranda Gjøvik – Building Information

The Huntonstranda area comprises a total of 22 hectares of land and 22 hectares of water.

The competition area is built with a total of 174,000 sqm, including 110,000 sqm housing and a cultural center of 11,000 sqm

Other areas of the city will be densified with a total of 53,000 sqm, with the total expansion being 227,000 sqm

The new urban area is designed to withstand 200-year flooding from the river and the lake.

Gjøvik Municipality has a declared goal to become a leading climate and environmental municipality in Norway.

Client: Municipality of Gjøvik
Architect: URBAN POWER
Site area: 200.000 sqm
Gross Floor area: 170.000 sqm
Location: Huntonstranda 5, 2821 Gjøvik, Norge
Status: 1st prize
Project start date: June 15, 2018

Huntonstranda in Gjovik
photo © Brynjar Eidstuen, Oppland Arbeiterblad

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Location: Gjøvik, Norway, northern Europe

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