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post updated 26 Apr 2021

Famous Architects – Historic

We’ve selected who we feel are the key architects from the past. We aim to include celebrated historical architects from various centuries. There is an emphasis on the 20th Century designers information.

Bruce Graham
Bruce Graham architect
picture : SOM / Stuart Rodgers Photography


Alvar Aalto I Robert Adam I Gunnar Asplund


Luis Barragan I Marcel Breuer I David Bryce I William Burn


William Chambers I Pierre Chareau I Wells Coates I CR Cockerell I Le Corbusier


Giancarlo De Carlo


Joseph Emberton


Max Fry


Charles Garnier I Antoni Gaudi I Bruce Goff I Ernö Goldfinger I Bruce Graham
I Walter Gropius


Thomas Hamilton I Nicholas Hawksmoor I Hugo Häring
Herman Hertzberger I Josef Hoffmann


Arne Jacobsen I Philip Johnson


Louis Kahn I William Kininmonth


Henri Labrouste I Morris Lapidus I Denys Lasdun I John Lautner I Claude Ledoux
Sigurd Lewerentz I Adolf Loos I Berthold Lubetkin I Edwin Lutyens


Rennie Mackintosh I Leslie Martin I Robert Matthew I Sydney Mitchell


Pier Luigi Nervi I Richard Neutra


J. M. Olbrich I Frei Otto


William Playfair I Jean Prouvé


Eero Saarinen I Hans Scharoun I Rudolf Schindler I Baillie Scott
George Gilbert Scott I John Soane I Jacques Soufflot I James Stirling


Thomas Tait I Kenzo Tange I Giuseppe Terragni I Alexander Thomson


Jorn Utzon


Mies van der Rohe I Aldo van Eyck


Otto Wagner I William Wilkins I Christopher Wren I Frank Lloyd Wright

Architects : geographical / alphabetical / historical

World Architect Portraits – Photos of key designers
jean prouve, famous architect
The Prouvé family © VG Bildkunst, Bonn

Key examples of Historic Architecture: we aim to include buildings that are either of top quality or interesting, or ideally both.

Historic Architecture : A-I
Gesu church building design by Historic Architects practice
image © Adrian Welch

Historic Buildings : J-Z
Palazzo Barberini building design by Historic Architects studio
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Modern Houses

More information on one of the key architectural studios listed above:

Mies van der Rohe Architect

Mies van der Rohe

Mies van der Rohe Gas Station, Nun’s Island, Montréal, Quebec, Canada. This building restoration design was by Les architectes FABG:
Mies van der Rohe gas station on Nuns Island, Montreal
photograph : Steve Montpetit

This Modern architect originally based in Germany, but he spent most of his career in the United States. He is a celebrated International Style architect with an international reputation.

He was the winner of the RIBA Gold Medal in 1959. Key buildings by the architect include the Barcelona Pavilion, Barcelona, Spain; Farnsworth House, Plano, USA ; Lake Shore Apartments, Chicago, Illinois, USA ; Neue Nationalgalerie, Berlin, Germany ; Seagram Building, New York, USA ; Crown Hall + IIT Masterplan, Chicago, Illinois, USA ; Chicago Federal Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA; and the IBM Building, Chicago, USA.

Le Corbusier Architect

Former architect studio based in Paris, France – a world-famous Modernist architect. He is often referred to siply as ‘Corb.

His architect studio was located at 35 rue de Sèvres, from 1922. He worked with his cousin Pierre Jeanneret.

Architect Le Corbusier on the roof of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille, under construction:
Le Corbusier Architect Marseille
photograph from Stefano Meneghetti

His architectural work formed an outstanding contribution to the Modern Movement. He helped develop a new architectural language that made a break with the past.

His designs span over a period of a half-century. The architect’s grave – designed by himself – in the south of France:
Architect Le Corbusier's grave in south of France
photo from author Colin Bisset

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