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Luis Barragán : 20th Century Mexican Architecture

Key 20th Century Mexican Architect Practice, central America: Pritzker Prize–winner

Dec 27, 2017

Luis Barragan News

Sean Scully – San Cristobal exhibition: Luis Barragan Architect Mexico

Works by one of the world’s leading abstract artists, Sean Scully will go on show at Luis Barragán’s iconic modernist landmark, Cuadra San Cristóbal in Mexico City from 7 February – 24 March 2018.

Curated by Oscar Humphries, Sean Scully – San Cristobal is the first exhibition to be presented at Cuadra San Cristóbal and it is first time the artist’s sculptures will be shown in Latin America.

Luis Barragán Exhibition in Mexico City

30 Aug 2016
Luis Barragan Architect – Diamond Ring

Brooklyn-based conceptual artist Jill Magid spent years plotting the perfect proposal, reports the Architectural Record.

On September 9 at the San Francisco Art Institute, Magid will exhibit a 2-carat diamond ring, created by compressing the cremated remains of Mexican architect Luis Barragán.

diamond ring made from cremated remains of architect Luis Barragán:
Luis Barragán diamond ring
photograph © Kunst Halle Sanky Gallen / Stefan Jaeggi

This will represent her proposal to the owners of his professional archive: open Barragán’s legacy to the public.

When the architect died in 1988, his estate was divided between two close business colleagues.

Barragán’s library became the museum Casa Luis Barragán—a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

After Barragán’s other beneficiary committed suicide in 1993, the architect’s papers, drawings, and photographs archive was sold to Rolf Fehlbaum, chairman emeritus of his family’s furniture company, Vitra, and his wife, Federica Zanco, an Italian architectural historian.

The couple shipped Barragán’s estate to Vitra’s headquarters in Birsfelden, Switzerland, where it has remained ever since, accessible only to Zanco, a few scholars, and an assistant.

Website: Luis Barragán Estate diamond ring

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Luis Barragan Architect – Key Projects

Key Buildings by architect Luis Barragan, alphabetical:

Casa Antonio Galvez, San Angel, Mexico
Date built: 1954

Casa Gilardi, Mexico
Dates built: 1975-77

Casa Luis Barragan, Tacubaya, Mexico City
Date built: 1947
aka Luis Barragan House

Capilla de Tlalpan, Mexico City
Dates built: 1953-60

Cuadra San Cristobál, Los Clubes, Mexico
Dates built: 1966-68

Fuente de los Amantes, Los Clubes
Date built: 1966

Torres Satélite, Mexico City
Date built: 1957

More architecture projects by architect Luis Barragan online soon

Location: Mexico City, Mexico, North America

Luis Barragan Practice Information

Pritzker Prize architects : 1980 Pritzker Prize Laureate

Luis Barragan
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, died in Mexico City, Mexico

Louis Barragán – Education

Engineering Degree: 1924

Barragan’s buildings are famous for bright-coloured walls in a simple, planar style presaging European Minimalism of the late 20th century, eg Pawson and Silvestrin. Using water and warm colours the buildings integrate with the outdoors and are popular amongst non-architects too.

Barragán died in Mexico City in 1988

Casa de Luis Barragán is now a Museum to Barragan
La Casa Luis Barragán, construida en 1948, representa una de las obras arquitectónicas contemporáneas de mayor trascendencia en el contexto internacional, como lo ha reconocido la UNESCO al incluirla, en el año 2004, en su lista de Patrimonio Mundial. Se trata del único inmueble individual en América Latina que ha logrado tal distinción, debido a que –como afirma la propia UNESCO en su declaratoria– es una obra maestra dentro del desarrollo del movimiento moderno, que integra en una nueva síntesis elementos tradicionales y vernáculos,

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Acapulco house
photo : Sara Sackner

Barragan Foundation : Birsfelden, Basel, Switzerland

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