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Historic Architecture : Ancient Buildings

Historical Built Environment – projects from around the world

post updated 12 February 2024

Historic Building Designs

Historic Buildings

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Historic Architecture. We aim to include ancient buildings that are either of excellent quality or interesting, or ideally both. e-architect cover completed buildings, renovations and architectural exhibitions across the world.

We have 2 pages of Historical Architecture selections.

Historic Architecture : A-I (this page)

Historic Buildings : J-Z

Historic Architecture Designs

Historic Buildings – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Preservation of Oasis Sites, Guelmim Region, Morocco
Design: Salima Naji
Preservation of Oasis Sites Morocco
photo : Cemal Emden
Preservation of Oasis Sites – 21 Jun 2013
For the last decade Salima Naji, trained as an architect and anthropologist, has worked to save the heritage of several oasis towns in the anti-Atlas mountains of Morocco. This ambitious undertaking involves four sites that range in scale from communal granaries to partially abandoned fortified towns.

Tabriz Bazaar Rehabilitation, Iran
Design: ICHTO East Azerbaijan Office
Tabriz Bazaar Rehabilitation Iran - Historic Architecture
photo : Amir Anoushfar
Tabriz Bazaar Rehabilitation – 21 Jun 2013
The Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex was officially protected in 1975 and has been covered by special stewardship measures until 2010, when it was added to the World Heritage List. The complex covers 27 hectares with over 5.5 kilometres of covered bazaars. Three different protection areas have been established (a nominated area, a buffer zone and a landscape zone), subject to special regulations incorporated into the planning instruments.

Thula Fort Restoration, Yemen
Design: Abdullah Al-Hadrami
Thula Fort Restoration Yemen - Historic Architecture
photo : Cemal Emden
Thula Fort Restoration – 21 Jun 2013
Threatened by the disruption that might ensue from the construction of a road, the Thula community, with the help of The Social Fund for Development, has undertaken a series of historic preservation projects to protect cultural assets, including rebuilding the walls of burial grounds and walls of agricultural terraces, restoring the Bab al Mayah gate, watch towers, paths and waterways, and repairing the cistern that remains in use to this day.

Birzeit Historic Centre, Palestine
Design: Riwaq
Birzeit Historic Centre Palestine
photo : Riwaq
Birzeit Historic Centre – 19 Jun 2013
This five-year project, part of a rehabilitation master plan initiated by Riwaq, has transformed the decaying town of Birzeit, created employment through conservation and revived vanishing traditional crafts in the process. Community involvement was encouraged from the start, including local NGOs, the private sector, owners, tenants and users, all working with the municipality.

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Major Historic Buildings, alphabetical:

St Paul’s Cathedral, City of London, England, UK
Design: Sir Christopher Wren
St Paul's Cathedral Building - Historic Architecture
photo © Adrian Welch
Summary of key aspects of the building:
– Church of England cathedral
– seat of the Bishop of London
– dedication to Paul the Apostle dates back to the original church on this site, founded in AD 604.
– St Paul’s sits at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London
– present church dating from the late 17th century
– built to an English Baroque design of Sir Christopher Wren
– as part of a major rebuilding program which took place in the city after the Great Fire of London
– was completed within his lifetime.
– one of the most famous and most recognisable sights of London
– dominating the skyline for 300 years.
– 365 feet (111m) high, it was the tallest building in London from 1710 to 1962

Royal Opera House, London, England, UK
Design: Dixon Jones Architects
Royal Opera House Building - Historic Architecture
photo © Nick Weall
Royal Opera House London
Following final presentations to the jury at the end of January, the Board of Trustees of the Royal Opera House has selected Stanton Williams Architects to carry out a feasibility study for the ‘Open Up’ project. This decision marks the culmination of a six month competition process involving seven firms of architects.

Historical Architecture

Key Historic Architecture + Projects, alphabetical:

Altes Museum, Berlin, Germany
Design: Karl Friedrich Schinkel Architect
Altes Museum Berlin Historic Architecture
picture © Isabelle Lomholt
Altes Museum Berlin

Berliner Dom, Berlin, Germany

Berliner Dom Historic Architecture
photo © AW
Berliner Dom Building

Calton Hill – various buildings, Scotland
Design: various architects
Calton Hill ancient monuments
picture © Isabelle Lomholt
Calton Hill – mostly Greek Revival buildings

Christ Church, Spitalfields, London, UK
Design: Nicholas Hawksmoor Architect
Christ Church Spitalfields Building
photo © Adrian Welch
Christ Church Spitalfields

Church of St George, London, UK
Design: John James
Church of St George Historic Architecture
picture © Adrian Welch
Mayfair Buildings

Downing College Buildings, Cambridge, UK
Design: various architects
Downing College Buildings
picture © IL
Downing College

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland
Design: various architects / masons
Edinburgh Castle Scottish Historic Architecture
photo © IL
Edinburgh Castle

Emmanuel College, Cambridge, UK
Christopher Wren Architect
Emmanuel College Building
photograph © Adrian Welch
Emmanuel College – Chapel

Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, UK
Design: George Basevi
Fitzwilliam Museum
building photo © AW
Fitzwilliam Museum

Gesù, Rome, Italy

Gesu church Rome
image © Adrian Welch
Gesù church

Hospital de Sant Pau, Barcelona
Architect: Lluis Domenech i Montaner
Hospital de Sant Pau Historic Architecture
building photo © Thomas Boczko
Hospital de Sant Pau

Royal Albert Hall, west London
Design: Francis Fowke
Albert Hall Building
picture © Nick Weall
Royal Albert Hall

Town Hall Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen Town Hall Building
image © AJW
Copenhagen Town Hall

Key Historic Public Spaces

Area Sacra, Largo Argentina, Rome, Italy
Area Sacra Historic Architecture
photo © AW

Campo de’ Fiori, Rome
Campo de' Fiori Roma
picture © AW

Circo Massimo – Circus Maximus, Rome
Circo Massimo Historic Architecture
photograph © Isabelle Lomholt

Fontane di Trevi – Trevi Fountain, Rome
Fontane di Trevi Roma
photo © Isabelle Lomholt

Piazza Colonna, Via del Corso, Rome
Piazza Colonna Historic Architecture
image © AW

Piazza del Popolo, Rome, Italy
PiaPiazza del Popolo
photograph © IL

Piazza della Republicca, Rome, Italy
Piazza della Republicca
picture © AW

Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy
Piazza Navona
image © Isabelle Lomholt

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy
Date built: 1726
Scalla della Trinita dei Monti
photo © Adrian Welch

Historic Gateways

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate
photograph © Isabelle Lomholt
Brandenburg Gate

Charlottenburg Gate

Charlottenburg Gate
picture © IL
Charlottenburg Gate

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Historic Architects

Historic Tower Architecture

Tour Eiffel, Paris, France
Design: Gustave Eiffel
Eiffel Tower Paris
photo © IL

Historic Paris Architecture

Sacre Coeur Paris, France
Architect: Paul Abadie
Sacré Coeur
photograph © Adrian Welch

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