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post updated 15 February 2024

Health centre buildings

Health Centres

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Health Centre Buildings. We cover completed health buildings, new clinic building designs and architecture competitions across the world. The focus is on contemporary hospital buildings and clinics.

We have 2 pages of Health Centre Architecture selections.

February 13, 2024
Sheppard Medical Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Design: Mehdi Marzyari Architects
Sheppard Medical Centre/a>
Sheppard Medical Centre, in Toronto, is a place of care, serving both its immediate community as well as individuals seeking specialized treatments. Designed by Mehdi Marzyari Architects, according to “Human Centric” principles, the architecture reflects the ambitions of the clients, creating a salutogenic, holistic centre for wellness.

February 6, 2024
Common Pantry Headquarters, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Architecture: Wheeler Kearns Architects
Common Pantry Headquarters Chicago
The First Standalone Location for Chicago Nonprofit Common Pantry, Designed by Wheeler Kearns Architects, is Now Open. For over five decades, Common Pantry, the city’s longest-running food pantry, operated out of a rented basement.

January 30, 2024
Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre, Kuujjuaq, Québec, Canada
Design: EVOQ Architecture
Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre
EVOQ Architecture unveils its work on the new Isuarsivik Regional Recovery Centre, Québec, Canada, placing architecture at the service of healing for an institution that has been offering specialized services to residents of the 14 communities of Nunavik dealing with substance use and trauma since 1994.

5 January 2024
Medivet Pet Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia
Architect & Interior Designer: Bitte Design Studio
Medivet Pet Hospital
For owners of furry friends, taking care of the little critters’ needs, especially their health and grooming is no easy matter. As all of the Bitte Design Studio founders are pet owners, the team took on the challenge of designing Medivet Pet Hospital, a vet clinic at the busy neighbourhood of Cikajang in Indonesia.

16 December 2023
Radboudumc Infectious Disease building, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Design: EGM architects
Radboudumc Infectious Disease building
The Radboudumc boasts a number of specializations that distinguish it internationally, among them the treatment of infectious diseases in their new Infectious Disease building in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, designed by EGM Architects.

24 Sep 2022
Enhance International Medical Centre, Hainan, China
Architecture: Vermilion Zhou Design Group
Enhance International Medical Centre
Located in Hainan, China, the Enhance International Medical Centre, by Vermilion Zhou Design Group, articulates spaces with a calm design. The facility integrates nurturing into Chinese culture with the intent of enabling broader access to a higher quality of life.

15 September 2023
Hoormem Muscle Research Aesthetics Centre, Fujian, China
Hoormem Muscle Research Aesthetics Centre
CUN PANDA remodel Hoormem Muscle Research Aesthetics Centre, China, presenting an aesthetic space that is softer, more transparent, and full of vitality.

28 August 2023
TLC Healthcare, Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia
Architecture: VIA Architects
TLC Healthcare, Mordialloc
TLC Healthcare in Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia is an Australian-first multigenerational healthcare precinct designed by VIA Architects that integrates residential aged care, early learning, hospitality and wellness facilities.

19 June 2023
Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Architecture: Sam Crawford Architects
Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre
Designed by Sam Crawford Architects the new Blacktown Animal Rehoming Centre in NSW, Australia, attracts potential pet adopters. Bold colour and a handful of six finger-like buildings connect to nature to create a safe and welcoming animal shelter.

21 June 2023
Radboudumc main building, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Design: EGM architects
Radboudumc main building
Radboudumc main building Nijmegen design EGM architects: Dutch healthcare facility demonstrates a high degree of sustainability, provides maximum care and promotes the well-being and comfort of staff, patients and their families.

31 May 2023
Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Care Clinic Mattick’s, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Architecture: Cascadia Architects
Tall Tree Physiotherapy and Care Clinic Mattick’s
Designed by Cascadia Architects, the Tall Trees Integrated Health Centre celebrates simplicity in form and structure, focusing on forming a relationship between architecture and the natural world in order to support therapeutic treatment in British Columbia, Canada.

3 May 2023
MEDIK – medical center +, Luxembourg
Architects: 2001 TBSI
MEDIK – medical center +
Designed by 2001 TBSI the MEDIK – medical center + in Kayl Valley, Luxembourg, project stands out by its regular facade in exposed concrete, a logical consequence of the analysis of uses, functions and ergonomics.

Dec 3, 2022
Dental Clinic St-Charles, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
Design: Studio Jean Verville architectes
Dental Clinic St-Charles
Studio Jean Verville architects has erected a dental complex based on the concept of biophilia. the Dental Clinic St-Charles presents an architecture that highlights the green spaces, as well as the urban vitality of this coveted sector of the City of Longueuil, Canada.

post updated 1 December 2022
Sulis Hospital Bath, Peasedown St. John, Somerset, southwest England, UK
Design: Foster + Partners, architects
Sulis Hospital Bath
Sulis Hospital Bath, Peasedown St. John, England, by Foster + Partners: a quietly revolutionary building which incorporates biophilic design to enhance wellbeing and improve recovery times for patients – set in the picturesque Somerset countryside.

4 November 2022
TAKENAKA Clinic, Nagoya, Japan
Design: TSC Architects
TSC Architects’ client of the TAKENAKA Clinic, Japan, is a doctor who sees more than 3,000 patients in the area every month. He wanted a building with the warmth of wood. This a desire to be a place where everyone who came to the hospital could feel at ease.

Aug 26, 2022
Esperanza Health Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Architects: JGMA
Esperanza Health Center
Designed by architects JGMA Esperanza Health Center is a community health system whose mission is to promote healthy lifestyles and improve health status through the provision of high-quality care and wellness services in Chicago.

22 July 2022
Maida Smiles Clinic, Westminster, London, England, UK
Architects: Pedra Silva Arquitectos
Maida Smiles Clinic
The Maida Smiles Dental Clinic in London was converted by Pedra Silva Arquitectos from a high-street store with the floorspace restructured to a simple layout funnelling off from the reception, which occupies the whole main facade. A single corridor connects all support spaces.

17 July 2022
Think Health Naturopatia, Ponta Delgada Azores, Portugal
Design: BOX arquitectos
Think Health Naturopatia
BOX arquitectos’ Azores, Portugal Think Health Naturopatia space forms this concept through the shape, or absence of it, creating a moment where constructive elements captivate us.

20 Jun 2022
Wave One Building, Sopot, Poland
Architecture: FAAB Architektura
Wave One Building
Designed by FAAB Architektura the Wave One is the first of five buildings planned for the ECR complex in Sopot, Poland. The European Center for Families, 400 meters from the Baltic Sea

20 Jun 2022
The Glenorchy Health Centre, Tasmania, Australia
Architects: LIMINAL Studio
The Glenorchy Health Centre
Glenorchy Health Centre is a collaboration between LIMINAL Architecture and DesignInc, offering a range of integrated health services to address the health demands in Australia.

Health Centre Building Designs

Latest Healthcare Architecture Designs – latest additions to this page, arranged chronologically:

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre, Khartoum, Sudan – new images / information
Design: Studio Tamassociati
Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan - Health Centre Buildings
photo : Marcello Bonfanti
Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre – 17 May 2013
The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery consists of a hospital with 63 beds and 300 local staff, with a separate Medical Staff Accommodation Compound sleeping 150 people. The centre is built as a pavilion in a garden with both primary buildings organised around large courtyards.

Edgecliff Medical Centre, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Design: Enter Architecture
Edgecliff Medical Centre - Health Centre Buildings
photo : Brett Boardman
Edgecliff Medical Centre – 9 Oct 2012
At 150sqm, the project was modest in its footprint but sets a clear example of digitally fabricated interiors, and a prototype to see how these projects perform. In early conversations with the client, priorities were quickly realised: 3 radiating treatment rooms, a central reception area, lots of play spaces, soft furnishings like beanbags and excellent visibility – all of which contributed to the genesis for the ideas and space planning that followed.

Health Centre Buildings

Key Health Centre Architecture Projects, alphabetical:

Child and Psychiatric Unit, Cork, Ireland
Design: McCullough Mulvin Architects
Child and Psychiatric Unit Cork Health Centre Buildings
picture © Christian Richters
Child and Psychiatric Unit Cork
The project seeks, by engulfing the older buildings, to change their nature, reversing patterns of use with a new entrance block on the north and rooms around a new garden on the south, putting nature at the centre of recovery.

Djursland Hospice, Jutland, Denmark
Design: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Djursland Hospice building
image from architect firm
Djursland Hospice Building
In hospice design, the architect’s finest task is to create surroundings which will provide the best possible conditions to promote quality of life, respect and a dignified death. Djursland Hospice is first and foremost a building within a landscape.

EN-T Clinic, University Hospital, Austria
Design: Ernst Giselbrecht + Partner
Austrian Hospital Building
photo © Paul Ott
ENT-Clinic Building, Graz
The three operating theatres on the first floor are situated at the south-eastern edge of the building between two access corridors. Patients are led to the preparation room and then into the operating theatre via the inner corridor.

Ravelo Medical Clinic, northeast Tenerife
Design: gpy arquitectos
Canary Islands Clinic - Health Centre Buildings
photograph : Efraín Pintos
Canary Islands Clinic Building
This small medical clinic is located in the centre of the town of Ravelo, a small population in a distinctively rural environment that occupies a prominent outstanding hillside position in the northeast of the island of Tenerife.

Hospital Buildings

More modern Health Centre Architecture projects online soon

Cancer Care Centre Buildings

Maggies Dundee – cancer care, Scotland
Architects: Frank Gehry & James F Stephen Architects
Maggies Centre

Maggie’s Centre, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
Richard Murphy Architects
Maggies Centre Edinburgh

Maggie’s Fife, Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Zaha Hadid Architects
Maggies Fife
photograph : Adrian Welch
Maggies Fife

Maggies Glasgow, Scotland
Page & Park Architects
Maggies Glasgow

Maggies Inverness, Scotland
Page & Park Architects
Maggies Inverness
photo © Keith Hunter
Maggies Inverness

Maggie’s Centre Swansea, Wales
Kisho Kurokawa

More Health Centre Architecture + Clinc Buildings online soon

Healthcare Buildings

Hospital Architecture

Healthcare Buildings

Other Hospital Developments – no images/links, alphabetical:

Building for the Department of Health, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Andrés Perea Ortega
Building for the Department of Health and the Galician Health Service – Sergas

American Hospital Buildings

English Hospitals

London Hospital Architecture

Buildings / photos for the Contemporary Health Centre Buildings – Clinic Architecture Design page welcome