Dental Clinic St-Charles, Longueuil Quebec

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Dental Clinic St-Charles in Longueuil, Quebec

Dec 3, 2022

Design: Studio Jean Verville architectes

Location: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Quebec

Photography: Maxime Brouillet

Clinique Dentaire St-Charles, Canada

At the entrance to Vieux-Longueuil, situated between its residential and commercial areas, on a piece of land left uncultivated for many years, Studio Jean Verville architects has erected Dental Clinic St-Charles, a 2,600 square meter dental complex based on the concept of biophilia.

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Quebec Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil

Responding to the needs of Dr. Anh Tuan Nguyen and his team – mainly to have a light and airy clinic – while also respecting the philosophy of ‘minimal means for maximum effects’, the Studio favoured a simple intervention based on the ingenious use of materials and meticulously executed construction methods. Clinique dentaire St-Charles presents an architecture that highlights the green spaces and activities of adjacent Catherine-Primot Park, as well as the urban vitality of this coveted sector of the City of Longueuil.

Dental Clinic St-Charles Canada Dental Clinic St-Charles Canada

With natural elements being recognized as factors that reduce psychophysiological stress, the architectural proposal maximizes sunshine, luminosity, and the presence of vegetation. Covered in curtain walls, featuring ultra-clear glass surfaces with high-performance low-emissivity film, the clinic is bathed in an enveloping light that provides a soothing atmosphere. Transparency creates visual permeability on both the green and urban environment, with seasonal changes and weather moods, as well as pedestrian flows, providing benefits for both clients and the entire clinic team. In correlation, a permanent connection with the exterior also provides an openness on the professional activities and interactions taking place inside of the clinic.

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Dental Clinic St-Charles Canada

The perimeter distribution of the thirty-five treatment spaces, all equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and complete universal accessibility, provides each patient, as well as members of the clinic team, with a visual link to surrounding nature. Structural, organizational, luminous, and acoustic frames generate a rhythmic composition that structures the volumetric identity, while animating it with repetitions and superpositions of both functional and aesthetic character. The articulation of the frames generates shadow games that combine with architectural elements to display a visual poetry evocative of the abundance of nature. Strategies are deployed to highlight oppositions between interior and exterior, and to optimize, through contrasts and backlighting, a sense of the dominance of whiteness. Beyond its architectural expressiveness, the clinic blends harmoniously into its sector by multiplying the images of green spaces and neighboring buildings in a conciliatory mirror effect.

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil

Beyond its achievement as an integration of biophilic elements that contribute to the well-being of all, Clinique dentaire St-Charles generates activities and atmospheres that place it in a living context, thus contributing to the liveliness of the sector, as well as a sense of urban safety. And when illuminated, the complex serves as a landmark demarking the entrance to the bustling commercial area of Vieux-Longueuil.

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Quebec Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Quebec

Dental Clinic St-Charles in Quebec, Canada – Building Information

Design: Studio Jean Verville architectes –
Project: Clinique dentaire St-Charles

Client: Dr. Anh Tuan Nguyen
Year(s) of construction: 2021-2022

Use: Place of business – dental clinic
Area: 2574 sqm

Studio Jean Verville architectes team
Jean Verville, architect (lead architect)
Tania Paula Garza Rico, architect (studio director)

France Goneau (artistic advisor)
Rémi St-Pierre, architect (technical director)

Samuel Landry, M.Arch
Camille Asselin, M.Arch
Gabriel Ladouceur, M.Arch candidate
Jacob Éthier, M.Arch candidate
Bahia Burias, M.Arch candidate

Financial partner
Desjardins Entreprises
Michel Primeau, Account Manager – Business Development

General contractor:

Solidem – Michel Chapdelaine

Structural engineer: Geniex
Civil engineer: InGang Design

Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil Quebec

Products and suppliers
Plomberie Gaétan Joly
Mire Électrique
Ciment Québec
Construction Vachon & Fils
Arcopel acoustique
Ébénisterie Franc Bois
Portes Unies Saint-Michel
Les Systèmes de Protection contre Incendie Revêtements Métalliques Fortin
Prevost Aluminium Architectural
Oldcastle Bulding Envelope
Henry Schein
Gagné Belval Metal
De Gaspé
Qualité Air Totale
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Concept Béton design
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Coffrages Thibault
Jean-Roche Brodeur Excavation Huot Aqueduc et égout
Boisclair et fils
MSA Infrastructures
Schindler ascenseur
Goudrons du Québec
Beacon Roofing Supply Unibéton
Les Ciments J.L.
Solutions acoustiques 2012 Armatures Bois-Francs

About Studio Jean Verville architectes
Studio Jean Verville architectes is a multidisciplinary team whose complementary skills contribute to the variability of its production. Observing the impacts of popular culture with amusement, the Studio develops architectural fantasies celebrating the capacities of architecture to transform relationships with space.

The Studio is currently working on a cannabis research and innovation center, industrial projects, personalized houses and apartments, and an immersive architectural installation destined for an international public art festival
Dental Clinic St-Charles Longueuil

Photos: Maxime Brouillet

Dental Clinic St-Charles, Longueuil Quebec information / images received 031222 from v2com newswire

Location: Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

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