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MEDIK – medical center + in Luxembourg

3 May 2023

Architects: 2001 TBSI

Location: Kayl Valley, Luxembourg, northern Europe

MEDIK - medical center + Luxembourg

Photos by Maxime Delvaux

MEDIK – medical center +, northern Europe

public land, private investment
In close collaboration with the municipal services, a feasibility study was developed to change the general development plan (from a low-density housing area to a mixed urban area) and thus make an important semi-public equipment possible.

MEDIK Luxembourg

MEDIK Luxembourg

architecture and constructive economy
The MEDIK – medical center + project stands out by its regular facade in exposed concrete, a logical consequence of the analysis of uses, functions and ergonomics.

MEDIK - medical center + Kayl Valley

The resultant rational grid allows for interior layout flexibility and considerable space savings, since the facade is the main structural element.

MEDIK - medical center + Kayl Valley

This regularity allowed the prefabrication of the concrete formwork and the serial installation of aluminum frames with quadruple glazing and integrated blinds, all by saving time and money, yet without reducing the quality of the building.

MEDIK - medical center + Kayl Valley

urban details, constructive details, durability (s)
On the ground floor, the volume is set back from the façade and thus defines a covered walkway.

MEDIK - medical center + Luxembourg

MEDIK - medical center + Luxembourg

Like arcades in European cities, this passage extends the public space and creates additional comfort for patients, clients and professionals. The architecture is rational, logical, true and thus “beautiful”.

MEDIK Luxembourg

MEDIK - medical center + Luxembourg

The architectural expression is reduced to a minimum, to leave nothing but a well-paced structural framework reassure visitors and users. An ambition governs the project and becomes the dominant mantra: do as little as possible but the best possible.

MEDIK Luxembourg

Thus, the façade, structural and the expression of the building, pin the slabs of the 4 levels by special rebars with thermal breakers. The thermal envelope consisting of glazed elements that are mechanically fixed is in turn exchangeable, as well as the technical floors and ceilings that compose the few finishings.

MEDIK Luxembourg

The building will thus be able to age at different pace and can be gradually updated.

MEDIK - medical center + Kayl Valley

MEDIK – medical center +, Luxembourg, northern Europe – Building Information

Architects: 2001 TBSI –

Project size: 2500 sqm
Completion date: 2019
Building levels: 5

MEDIK - medical center + Kayl Valley MEDIK - medical center + Luxembourg

Photography: Maxime Delvaux

MEDIK – medical center +, Luxembourg images / information received 030523 from 2001 TBSI

Location: Luxembourg, northern Europe

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