Salam Centre Sudan: Surgery Building

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Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre, Sudan

African Medical Building Development design by Studio Tamassociati Architects

17 May 2013

Design: Studio Tamassociati Architects

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan
photo : Marcello Bonfanti

Salam Heart Surgery Centre

The Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery consists of a hospital with 63 beds and 300 local staff, with a separate Medical Staff Accommodation Compound sleeping 150 people. The centre is built as a pavilion in a garden with both primary buildings organised around large courtyards.

The hospital block is of the highest technical standard with complex functions including three operating theatres optimally placed in relation to the diagnostics laboratories and ward. Mixed modes of ventilation and natural light enable all spaces to be homely and intimate yet secure.

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan
photo : Marcello Bonfanti

Seeing the abandoned containers that had been used to transport construction materials for the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery, the architects were inspired to reuse them to house the centre’s staff. Ninety 20-foot containers form the accommodation block, each unit consisting of 1.5 containers, with a bathroom and small veranda facing the garden.

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre Sudan
photos : Raul Pantaleo

Seven 40-foot containers are occupied by a cafeteria and services. Insulation is through an ‘onion system’ of 5-centimetre internal insulating panels and an outer skin comprising a ventilated metal roof and bamboo blinds. A solar farm powers the water-heating system.

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre – Building Information

Location: Khartoum, Sudan (North Africa)
Architect: Studio Tamassociati, Venice, Italy
Client: Emergency NGO
Completed: 2010
Design: 2004-2008
Site size: 14’000 m²

Salam Cardiac Surgery Centre information / images from Aga Khan Development Network


Salam Centre Sudan

Salam Centre for cardiac surgery, Emergency NGO
Architects: tam associati

English text (scroll down for Italian):

Khartoum – Sudan

SURGERY CENTER “Salam” Emergency

A center for Cardiac Surgery to provide highly specialized care to patients with heart disease, a regional project involving 9 countries bordering Sudan (an area equal to that of Western Europe), employing and training local medical staff. It ‘a health project, but highly political because: introduces the concepts of free care as a right and health cooperation between countries even hostile.

The cardiac center “Salam” was not conceived as just a building, but as a system of buildings and related spaces. The lot is located south of Khartoum, overlooking the River Nile, rich in vegetation. The Salam Centre for cardiac surgery project includes a hospital organized on a pattern by a large courtyard, a building guest quarters, service buildings, more gardens, a pavilion for prayer and meditation, a village on staff (made with the containers that were used to transport medical equipment and specialist).

Salam Centre Khartoum – Building Information

Place and date: Khartoum (Sudan), 2004-07
Commission: Emergency NGO non-profit organization
Quantitative data: Lot Area: 41,000 sqm. Covered Area: 6,000 sqm
Design group: Chairman: Rossella Miccio, Peter Parrino
Preliminary Draft: Emiliano Cinelli, Fabrizio Fasano, Andrea Cioffi, Abel Ferro, Ennio Rigamonti
Project and DL: Study tamAssociated + Sebastian Crescini

Italian text:

Khartoum – Sudan


Salam Centre Sudan Salam Centre Sudan Salam Centre Sudan Salam Centre Sudan
images courtesy of Marcello Bonfanti

Un centro di cardiochirurgia per offrire assistenza altamente specializzata a pazienti affetti da patologie cardiache; un progetto a livello regionale che coinvolge i 9 paesi confinanti il Sudan (una superficie pari a quella dell’Europa occidentale), impiegando e formando personale medico locale. E’ un progetto sanitario, ma fortemente politico perchè: introduce i concetti di assistenza gratuita come diritto e di cooperazione sanitaria tra paesi anche ostili.

Il centro cardiochirurgico “Salam” non è stato concepito come un solo un edificio, ma come un sistema di edifici e spazi correlati. Il lotto si trova a sud di Khartoum, affacciato sul fiume Nilo, ricco di vegetazione. Il progetto prevede un ospedale organizzato su una tipologia a grande corte, un edificio foresteria, edifici dei servizio, più giardini, un padiglione di preghiera e meditazione, un villaggio per il personale (realizzato con i container che sono serviti a trasportare le attrezzature medicali e specialistiche).

Luogo e data: Khartoum, Sudan – 2004-07
Committenza: Emergency ong onlus
Dati quantitativi: Area lotto: 41.000 mq. Superficie coperta: 6.000 mq
Gruppo di progettazione: coordinamento: Rossella Miccio, Pietro Parrino
progetto preliminare: Emiliano Cinelli, Fabrizio Fasano, Andrea Cioffi, Abele Ferro, Ennio Rigamont
progetto e DL: Studio tamassociati + Sebastiano Crescini

Photographs : Marcello Bonfanti

Salam Centre Sudan images / information from tam associati

Location: Khartoum, Sudan

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