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TLC Healthcare in Mordialloc, Victoria

28 August 2023

Architecture: VIA Architects

Location: Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

Photos by Jaime Diaz – Berrio

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc, Australia

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc is an Australian-first multigenerational healthcare precinct that integrates residential aged care, early learning, hospitality and wellness facilities accessible to the broader public. This ground breaking approach to community care was brought to life by TLC Healthcare and designed by VIA Architects, underpinned by a vision of creating a vibrant hub where residents and neighbours of all ages can thrive. The facility has shown great commercial success to date, and the first-of-its-kind intergenerational care model will lead as a pioneering example of community care across Australia.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

Research conducted by decorated scholars at Griffith University in 2019 demonstrates how merging childcare and aged-care systems, with the widespread implementation of intergenerational care programs, can enhance engagement and create a special bond between generations*. Aligning with this research, TLC Healthcare has created Australia’s first multigenerational community healthcare precinct with the recent completion of TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

This paradigm-shifting approach to community care was brought to life by an industry-leading team, including VIA Architects (VIA), appointed the project architecture and interior design. VIA was well-placed to design this new multigenerational care model, with a proven track record of delivering design innovation within the seniors living sector and a commitment to improving the quality of care for Australia’s ageing population.

Situated at 84 White St, Mordialloc, the precinct marks the first instance of a single provider offering integrated residential aged care, primary care, early learning, a village café, and health and wellness amenities all in one location nationwide.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

Frank Bambino, Managing Director at VIA, knew that designing the nation’s first multigenerational healthcare community was a task not to be taken lightly.

“Multigenerational care models will play an integral role in reforming the industry, creating a new sense of purpose for older Australians while also acting as an educational platform for the children of the next generation,” said Bambino.

“Our practice’s human-led philosophy drove our design approach for TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc, focusing on fostering connectivity and creating an environment where aged care residents would feel a strong sense of integration with their community.”

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

At the core of TLC Healthcare | Mordialloc lies the revolutionary intergenerational healthcare program known as the TLC Jellyfish program. Developed in collaboration with distinguished scholars from Melbourne University, Griffith University and TLC Healthcare’s expert team, this program pioneers an unprecedented level of integration between childcare and aged care services.

Inspired by the coastal theme of the childcare centre and paying tribute to the local beach community, the TLC Jellyfish program sparks vibrant interactions between children and residents, eradicating isolation and igniting a sense of purpose. Children thrive with boundless learning opportunities, gaining newfound confidence along the way. Under the careful guidance of the esteemed program partners, the TLC Jellyfish program is revolutionising Australia’s aged care landscape, forging a flourishing community where generations truly flourish together.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

Social Aspects

Social connection was the focal point of the design, reflected on arrival at the three street facing entry points; the White Street aged care entrance, the McDonald Street early learning and café entrance, and McCaffery Place, through which the medical centre and health club is accessible by the public. Each façade was designed to reflect its position and purpose, creating a warm welcome for aged care residents and their families, children, parents and members of the broader community.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

The cantilever protruding from the main White Street entrance was integrated to serve as both a functional porte-cochere for service vehicles, whilst adding a grand sculptural feature to the streetscape. This unique design feature continues inside where the curvature extends to the reception desk encouraging movement into the 147-place aged care residences.

The tone of the building noticeably changes at McDonald Street, with the unimposing Early Learning Centre entrance featuring softer curves, brighter signage and playful colours to appeal to its younger visitors. Inspired by the Mordialloc coastline, an ocean theme sweeps through the centre, stirring both imagination and education.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

The centrally located communal hub at McCaffery Place includes the 6-doctor medical centre and TLC health club, with a 20m warm water pool, gym, and Pilates studio, open to both aged care residents and Mordialloc locals.

A key design feature is the naturally lit open oculus at the centre of the building which gradually expands as it climbs up the 3-levels, bringing a connection to nature into the heart of the precinct while providing a commonality to each space.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

Committed to prioritising resident safety and providing peace of mind for their families, Elsi Smart flooring monitoring system has been incorporated within the aged care centre. This state-of-the-art solution utilises the innovative MariCare Elsi® system, which employs built-in floor sensors to detect and promptly respond to residents’ medical needs.

The Elsi Smart flooring system promptly detects falls ensuring timely assistance when needed, minimising risks and enhancing resident care. Its efficacy has been rigorously tested, with proven results observed during a four-year trial at Helsinki’s second largest Health Care home, Kustaankartano, from 2008 to 2012.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

The trial showcased a staggering reduction of almost 50% in fall incidents within the Elsi unit. Remarkably, falls occurring between 2pm and 7pm were reduced by an astounding 97%.

VIA Architects were proud to bring the revolutionary project to life. This first-of-its-kind multigenerational care model will lead as a pioneering example of the future of community care across Australia. The project has also achieved finalist status in The Urban Developer Excellence in Design Innovation category, with winners due to be announced on 30 August 2023.

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Australia

TLC Healthcare in Mordialloc, Victoria – Building Information

Architecture: VIA Architects – https://viadesignarchitects.com/
Project Budget: AUD 7,000,000.00
Completion date: 2023
Building levels: 1

TLC Healthcare Mordialloc Victoria

Photography: Jaime Diaz – Berrio

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Location: Mordialloc, Victoria, Australia

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