Radboudumc Infectious Disease building, Nijmegen, Dutch healthcare facility by EGM architects, Holland, photos

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building in Nijmegen

16 December 2023

Design: EGM architects

Location: Nijmegen, Holland

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen

Photos: Concept in Beeld

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building, Holland

The Radboudumc boasts a number of specializations that distinguish it internationally, among them the treatment of infectious diseases in their new Infectious Disease building. For specific highly infectious conditions, EGM has designed a separate care facility – known within Radboudumc as ‘Building P’ – which contains the High Level Isolation Unit (HLIU). This separate unit provides a safe environment for patients with an infectious condition, as well as an inspiring, healthy and, most of all, safe working environment.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen Holland

Healthy recovery
The care and monitoring required in cases of infectious diseases is complex and precarious. The infectious diseases building is therefore as functional as possible. It facilitates the work of staff and the recovery of patients. The main principle that determined the location and design of the building was safety. Moreover, the building offers a combination of views and clear layout, with privacy guaranteed. Enhancing this is a spacious central patio that admits plenty of daylight, and a fine therapy garden, designed by Copijn Landscape Architects, that blends harmoniously with the surrounding green landscape.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen Holland

“We are the first in The Netherlands to have pulled long-term nursing out of the hospital as a department and set it apart in a specially designed high-tech building”
Guido Hendricks, medical technology advisor Radboudumc

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Holland

Familiar places with domestic feel
The building, located in the south-eastern corner of the Radboudumc campus, consists of two L-shaped wings that are rotated relative to each other. Positioned between them are the day centres for the closed and open units and the enclosed patio, which serves as an outdoor area for the closed unit. The south-eastern wing aligns with the urban context of Erasmuslaan. This wing houses offices and staff facilities, logistics spaces, and in the south-western area the VHF unit (Viral Haemorrhagic Fevers), containing the two double-lock IC rooms.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Holland

The north-western wing contains the remaining patient rooms, including the open ward, which offers access to a living room and a separate garden, where recuperating patients can enjoy a pleasant homely feel. Inspired by the varied backgrounds of patients and visitors, the interior is colourful, intimate yet calming, providing them with a warm welcome in a domestic setting within the context of a care-intensive environment.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Holland

Sustainable and future-proof
In the design of the building for infectious diseases, we have taken into consideration a possible expansion of capacity. Moreover, we have applied a high level of sustainability in the design. Not only does the compact form keep energy consumption very low, but the building is also connected to the thermal storage installation at Radboudumc. In the choice and use of materials, we stressed ‘cradle-to-cradle’ properties, which combine the complete reuse of materials with low environmental impact.

Three safety levels
Patients are divided into three categories, each with its own unit: 7 rooms for patients with non-infectious diseases, 8 isolation rooms for patients who are known or suspected to be infected, and an isolation unit with 2 intensive care rooms for patients with highly infectious diseases such as Ebola or yellow fever. This unit has its own ambulance entrance. In the event of an infection outbreak, such as a pandemic, the entire building can be used as a cohort and isolation unit.

Aesthetically functional for higher well-being
The material chosen for the building – light-beige brickwork with a relief pattern – pays homage to the style known as the ‘Bossche School’, which has traditionally featured prominently on the campus, with the distinctive style that EGM has developed for the Radboudumc.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen

The calm and unified facade composition features well-defined piers and protruding brickwork courses. The visually defining large roof overhang offers optimal passive solar shading. The ratio of open to closed areas of facade and the orientation of the building are optimized for both daylight admission and views of the therapy garden. As a result, the wellbeing of patients and the people who work there is supported to the full.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Holland

Sustainable use
The HLIU reflects the leading role of the Radboudumc in terms of its readiness to respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases. The building is perfectly fitted out, both now and in the future, for the training of care professionals in safety procedures relating to the nursing of highly infectious patients in isolation. During interdisciplinary real-life scenario training, doctors, nurses and infection prevention experts learn how to collaborate most effectively in unique and difficult conditions.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building, Nijmegen, Holland – Building Information

Architects: EGM architects, Dordrecht – https://egm.nl/en/architects/about-egm

Mechanical and electrical installer: Engie, Zwolle

Facts and figures
Size 1.725 m² gfa
Design period 2018 – 2020
Completion 2022

Client: Radboudumc, Nijmegen
Interior architect: EGM interiors, Dordrecht
Interior and Design Team Radboudumc, Nijmegen
Landscape architect: Copijn Landscape architects, Utrecht
Urban planning: EGM architects, Dordrecht
Structural engineer: Aronsohn, Rotterdam
Mechanical engineering consultant: Deerns, Nijmegen
Acoustic / building physics consultant: Peutz, Mook
Construction management: Adviesbureau J. Vriesema, Rotterdam
Sustainability consultant: EGM architects, Dordrecht
Building and process management: Ptg-advies, Leusden
General contractor: Berghege, Oss

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen Holland

EGM architects is one of the most innovative and knowledge-intensive architectural firms in the Netherlands. For more than 40 years, we have been pioneers with our sustainable and proactive approach to architecture. The result is a wide range of distinctive facilities for health care, government, education, research, community and business. In the Netherlands and abroad.

EGM interior is a concept studio with the focus on experience. With internet driven data, digital 3D modelling, software scripting, Evidence-Based Design, environmental psychology and corporate branding we create new, innovative environments. Our team stands for an integrated design approach and provides a wide variety of inspiring projects in healthcare, for governments and cultural institutions, for work environments, leisure and retail.

Powered by EGM is frontrunner in BIM and offers its BIM knowledge and EGM experience with building and engineering to professionals in the design and construction industries in the Netherlands. Powered by EGM offers a total BIM solution: from the preliminary design to the as-built phase, as well as management and maintenance.

Based on our leading position in the healthcare and public sector, we feel responsible for making an active contribution to research and innovation. We develop instruments and tools, do research and share our findings with clients and other stakeholders. EGM r&d actively contributes to the public debate through blogs, articles, lectures and symposiums.

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building Nijmegen

Photography: Concept in Beeld

Radboudumc Infectious Disease building, Nijmegen images / information from EGM architects in June 2023

EGM architects
Wilgenbos 20, 3311 JX Dordrecht, The Netherlands
+31 78 6330 660 | C. of C. 23032523
[email protected] | www.egm.nl

Location: Nijmegen, Netherlands, western Europe

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