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post updated 4 October 2021

Estonia Building News

Contemporary Estonia Architectural News

Estonia Architecture Designs – chronological list

15 Feb 2021
Maidla Nature Villa, Maidla village, Rapla county
Design: b210 architects
Maidla Nature Villa Estonia
photo © Priidu Saart
Maidla Nature Villa
Inspired by wild nature, placed on the edge of a bog, the Maidla Nature Villa building is nothing like your regular hotel room. It is located among birch trees, with bogland flooding knee-deep during high water – making it possible to start a canoe trip straight from the terrace. A boardwalk leads to the terrace in front of the elevated house.

22 June 2020
Wood Works
Wood Works Estonian Contemporary Architecture
The project is an Estonian-Irish collaboration that supports an exchange of expertise and creativity among architects from the two countries and focuses on the use of wood in the architectural field. The competition seeks to find an individual curator or team of curators for the initiative, which includes an itinerant exhibition, two collaborative workshops and a dedicated publication.

8 Nov 2019
Ülemiste Terminal, Tallinn
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA)
Ulemiste Terminal Tallinn Estonia Architecture News
render :
Ülemiste Terminal in Tallinn
Zaha Hadid Architects (UK) working with Esplan (Estonia) have been have been awarded first place in the design competition for the new Ülemiste Terminal of the Rail Baltic railway in Tallinn.

26 Feb 2019
Viru Keskus Architecture Competition, Tallinn
Viru Keskus Architecture Competition, Tallinn

7 Sep 2018
Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 Vision Competition

TAB 2019

11 Sep – 3 Nov 2019

Opening Week: 11-15 Sep 2019

Dedicated to the theme “Beauty Matters: the Resurgence of Beauty“ and it is curated by Israeli-born and London-based architect and researcher Dr. Yael Reisner

Tallinn Architecture Biennale 2019 Vision Competition

22 Nov 2017
Soomaa Forests Floating Sauna
Design: students with Sami Rintala, Pavle Stamenovic & b210
Floating wilderness sauna built by students in Soomaa
photo : Mari Hunt
Floating Sauna in Soomaa Forests
A floating wilderness sauna built by students in the middle of one the largest national parks in the country during an international summer school.

1 Sep 2017
Old City Harbour Masterplan 2030 competition, Kadriorg, Port of Tallinn
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Old City Harbour Development Estonia Architecture News
visual : VA-Render, image Courtesy architecture office
Old City Harbour Development in Tallinn
The Port of Tallinn launched the competition for ideas for the development plans of Masterplan 2030 for the Old City Harbour in 2016. With the aim of finding a comprehensive, long-term solution to connect the city and its public spaces with the functions of the port, Masterplan 2030 will form the basis for the redevelopment in the port area into an urban space that is both attractive and easy to traverse.

31 Aug 2017
TAB 2017 Installation, Estonian Museum of Architecture
TAB 2017 Installation Estonian Architecture News
photo : Sille Pihlak
Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2017 Installation
Digital Building Blocks (Gilles Retsin Architecture) timber installation installed with the help of skilled volunteers in front of the Museum of Estonian Architecture. The Installation Exhibition is curated by Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam /PART/.

5 Nov 2017
Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos: TABULA – The Arvo Pärt Centre in Estonia
Arvo Pärt Centre in Estonia building design by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
image © Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos
Arvo Pärt Centre, Estonia
The exhibition TABULA presents the Arvo Pärt Centre created by Nieto Sobejano Arquitectos.

10 Oct 2016
A Path in the Forest, Kadriorg, Tallinn
Design: Tetsuo Kondo Architects
A Path in the Forest of Kadriorg Estonia Architecture News
photo : Tetsuo Kondo Architects
A Path in the Forest
A delightful sweeping route that glides between the trees of an Estonian forest.

19 Sep 2016
Soomaa Forests Floating Structures
Design: students with Sami Rintala, Pavle Stamenovic & b210
Floating Structures Estonia Building News
photos © Brigita Kasperaite
VEETEE Floating Structures in Soomaa Forests
Tutored by architect and artist Sami Rintala (Finland), architect Pavle Stamenovic (Serbia) and Estonian architecture office b210, students built three floating structures: a shelter, a fireplace and a sauna as a response to the changing and challenging environment of the area.

14 Jan 2015
Rail Baltic Parnu Passenger Terminal, Parnu
Design: SPARK
Rail Baltic Parnu - Estonia Architecture News
image Courtesy architecture office
Rail Baltic Parnu Passenger Terminal in Estonia
New Rail Baltic Parnu passenger terminal is located next to Parnu River, in the south part of Parnu town. The current site is considered to become a transportation hub for all public transports in the near future.

3 Apr 2013
Estonian Health Care College, Tartu
Design: KavaKava
Tartu Health Care College
photo : Martin Siplane
Tartu Health Care College
The building defining a friendly co-existence between small scale private housing and large healthcare institutions in the park. The new collage building is located in between two dormitories to maintain the buffer zone between private houses and large buildings

23 Dec 2011
Tallinn Urban Development Competition
Design: e+i studio
Tallinn Urban Development design
image Courtesy architecture office
Tallinn Urban Development
The proposal was born from identifying a continuous flow of undulating movement throughout the site. This movement, which ultimately defines the primary circulation artery, also create trapezoidal areas that are similar – yet different – to each other.

1 Sep 2011
Semi-autonomous sauna, western Estonia
Design: Architectural Bureau Pluss, Estonia
Semi-autonomous sauna Estonia building
image from architect
Semi-autonomous sauna
The ‘heart’ of the sauna, hot room (also known as vapour bath or steam room), might also stand apart from the dwelling. The current hot room takes this to the extreme: from the inside, a maximum view of the sea, and from the outside, a minimal visual impact.

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18 Aug 2011
Lasvstronga Water Tower
Design: logon
Lasva Water Tower Estonian building
image Courtesy architecture office
Lasva Water Tower
This building is off the beaten track. The traditional route for young people born in the periphery on the outskirts of Europe would be to move to a nearby urban centre, onto the capital and maybe onto a wealthier city as part of how to survive.

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