iHabit Modular System: Housing Concept

iHabit Modular System, Prefabricated Housing Concept, Conceptual Architecture Design, Images iHabit Modular System : Prefabricated Design Concept Residential Building Design – design by Nettleton Tribe Architects 6 Mar 2013 iHabit Housing Design: Design Architect: Jun Sakaguchi Nettleton Tribe Architects in association with Redwood Projects iHabit is a unique modular system that gives a new horizon … Read more

Modular Houses, Images, A-Cero Concept Building

Modular Houses, Concept Building, A-Cero, Project, Picture, News, Design, Image Modular Homes : Property Concept Designs Modular Houses – design by A-Cero, Spain : Architecture Information 7 Apr 2010 Modular Houses – Designs Text in English (scroll down for Spanish) A-cero architecture Studio, directed by Joaquin Torres introduces a modular architecture product in the market, … Read more