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What are modular classrooms – learning space

21 January 2023

If you require additional classroom capacity, consider investing in modular classrooms. This can be an effective solution for educational institutions that need more space. When you need to add some extra learning environments, modular buildings are the way to go instead of traditional construction. In this blog, we dig into the reasons why you should make this choice.

What are modular classrooms

What are modular classrooms and why we choose them?

Modular classrooms are versatile.

Modular classrooms are incredibly versatile, as they can be utilised for a wide variety of subjects and applications. This makes them extremely beneficial when it comes to educational settings. Modular classroom offer an incredibly versatile solution when it comes to designing a suitable learning space. Whether you need a traditional layout with desks and storage space, an interactive room for drama classes, a science lab, a workshop or an inspirational environment – these classrooms can be easily customised to your exact needs – see https://www.pfmodular.co.uk.

Super-fast installation

With the certainty of deadlines, we understand how critical it is for you to manage your time for course content and term dates efficiently. Therefore, we wholeheartedly recommend using these types of prefab learning spaces as they are manufactured in our factory and then professionally installed by our experienced engineers on your premises. Eliminating the hassle of multiple in-house processes streamlines the process and ensures modular classrooms can be installed quickly and quietly with minimal disruption.

Save money with modular classrooms.

Managing budgets can be challenging, especially when renovating or expanding. But you can rest assured that these learning spaces are surprisingly pocket-friendly due to numerous factors. With our turnkey service, you won’t need to hire an architect. We handle every step of your modular building journey – from designing and manufacturing to supplying and installing. Eliminating the middleman in certain transactions can help you make your money go further, providing more assurance in the process.

Modular classrooms are cleaner.

One of the advantages that isn’t widely known is that our modular classrooms are built-in specialist facilities, resulting in improved air quality compared to traditional construction methods. Moisture is prevented from lingering in the walls, ceiling and floor due to proper ventilation, thereby avoiding any potential issues of dampness and mould growth in the future. Thanks to the design, your classroom will have top-notch air quality. This improved atmosphere will benefit the health and well-being of staff and students.

Go green with modular classrooms.

We understand that environmental responsibility is crucial, so we’re dedicated to providing a greener approach to construction. You can achieve this goal by using these learning modules while also looking after your bottom line. By manufacturing your school classrooms in our factory, we can reuse or recycle any waste materials instead of letting them take up space in the landfill.

This benefits the environment and helps us all strive towards a greener future. In addition, prefabricated learning spaces allow for a sustainable construction approach, eliminating unnecessary waste and debris often associated with traditional methods. This makes them an excellent choice for those wanting to reduce their environmental impact.

Our carbon emissions stay low thanks to the lightweight and easily transportable modular classrooms. This contrasts with heavier vehicles that carry bricks and cement for traditional classrooms. Modular construction has become an ideal choice for those looking to minimise their supply chain’s effect on the environment. This is due to its combination of both advantageous factors.

Ask us about modular classrooms.

We understand the importance of finding the perfect modular classrooms for your educational or training organisation. We are here to assist you in making the ideal selection for your school, college, university or adult training centre. Please contact our team of modular building experts at Portable Building Sales on 01482 656590 or use our contact form to find out more.

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