bistro EK, Ljubljana Interior

bistro EK, Ljubljana Interior

The empty and forgotten semi-basement space in the 19th century Ljubljana corner building, which faces the riverside and a rarely frequented stairs-street, housed diverse ventures in the past, from a local butcher shop to a wholesale wine store. Design: dekleva gregorič architects.

Wellness Center Orhidelia, Terme Olimia - Podčetrtek Building

Wellness Center Orhidelia, Terme Olimia

Wellness Center Orhidelia – since the demanded program of wellness center is very extensive and in parts it demands overcoming great spans and big heights of inner spaces, putting up classically conceived building on central green plot would fill up last remaining open area in thermal complex and largely degraded its spatial quality.

Chimney House

Chimney House in Logatec, Slovenia

Design: dekleva gregorič architects. The design of the house is primarily based on the rules of local architecture. It respects the morphology of the traditional built context, referring to the prevailing gabled roof type of the house and respecting its volumetric and material parameters.