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Slovenian Office Buildings

Key Commercial Buildings in Central Eastern Europe: New Architecture Developments

post updated 7 September 2021

Major Slovenian Office Development

Ljubljana Administration Centre Buildings
Design: Ofis Arhitekti
Slovenian Office Buildings - Ljubljana Administration Centre
image from architects firm
City Municipality Ljubljana
Three new buildings are designed as cylinders related with loops of spaces in different heights. In the middle of each cylinder public and entrance area is organised, offices are arranged around the circles.

Key Recent Slovenian Office Buildings

Slovenia Office Architecture

This page contains a selection of major Slovenian office building designs, with links to individual project pages. We’ve selected what we feel are the key Slovenia Buildings, but additions are always welcome.

ATCC Building, Ljubljana
Design: Sadar Vuga Arhitekti
ATCC Ljubljana Slovenian Office Buildings
image from architect practice
ATCC Ljubljana
New Air Traffic Control Center at the Ljubljana airport, comprising air control center with 24/7 amenities and office premises, is a highly demanding and complex object due to the nature of the institution it hosts. It is designed to enable safety and high operational activity as well as consistent comfort for visitors and staff 24 hours a day all year around.

Slovenian Office Architecture

Slovenia Architecture Designs, alphabetical:

Biotechnical Faculty, Ljubljana
Design: Arhitektura Krušec
Slovenian Office Buildings - Biotechnical Faculty Ljubljana
photo © Miran Kambič
Biotechnical Faculty Ljubljana
The building is constructed within a large area in which various buildings of the Biotechnical Faculty are positioned as pavilions among groves of fruit trees. The building is a functional and conceptual continuation of the existing faculty complex.

Ljubljana Business House
Design: Groleger Arhitekti
Ljubljana Business House - Slovenian Office Buildings
image from architect practice
Ljubljana Building
The planned office, services and recreational programs are threaded along a continuous programmatic ‘ribbon’ that envelopes the multilevel green and common open areas within the building. Embedded in this space, like in an intercellular material of an organism, ‘float’ elevated pods that house various extra-curriculum and business–related activities.

MC Murgle office building, Ljubljana
Groleger Architekti
MC Murgle Office building
photograph : Miran Kambic
Slovenian office building
Neighbourhood Murgle is characterized by the predominant use of single-family atrium houses in a green, quiet and traffic separated suburban part of Ljubljana. Confronted with the task of turning a production hall with offices into a contemporary office building, Groleger Architekti designed an extension to the existing facility: the MC Murgle Office building.

Microcop Office Building
Groleger Arhitekti
Microcop Office Building
photo : Miroslava Andric
Microcop Office Building
This facility with 5340 square meters of office space is located in the district of BTC Ljubljana (the cities business, shopping, recreational and entertainment centre) at the edge of the former industrial complex with existing buildings characterized by large floor plans.

Office building Stegne
Groleger Arhitekti
Ljubljana Office
image from architect
Slovenian Office
Groleger Architect’s most recent building balances mass, solidity and transparency. The site is located on the border of the industrial area overlooking fields of wheat.

Office, Store & Shop Building
Ofis Arhitekti
Skofja Loka Building
photo © Tomaz Gregoric
Skofja Loka Building
The site plot is in the industrial area of Skofja Loka, Slovenia. The Client bought the site in industrial zone together with constructional permit plans.

More Slovenian Office Buildings online soon

Location: Slovenia, central eastern Europe


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