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ALEJA shopping center Ljubljana

16 Sep 2020

ALEJA shopping center

Architects: ATP

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center Slovenia

ALEJA, Ljubljana – A World of Experience with the Skin of a Dragon

The powerful and rigorously realized concept of ALEJA shopping center in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana, which was integrally designed with BIM by ATP, has created the perfect platform for around 80 shops.

ALEJA Ljubljana retail center Slovenia

And with its rooftop leisure, sporting, and recreational zone and trendy food court the building, which is innovative in both technical and architectural terms, also gives space back to the city.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center center glass roof

A design concept under the sign of the dragon

Slovenia’s most state-of-the-art shopping center can be read as a homage to the city of Ljubljana, because the architectural highpoint of the elongated building is its façade: diamond-shaped stainless steel tiles imitate the scales of the dragon – the heraldic animal of Ljubljana.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center center pattern facade

These shimmer in a range of tones and finishes and dynamically alter the appearance of the expressive building envelope with each glance, step, and change in the weather.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center building design

The use of the latest design technology enables this high-quality retail architecture to continue throughout ALEJA, inside and out. The district center has two basements, a ground floor, and two upper floors.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center

The mall is finished with high-quality materials such as natural stone and is flooded with daylight. Areas of planting, water games, fountains, and places to sit and rest awhile turn the center into a dynamic urban square for all its visitors.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center building facade

Energy-efficient and sustainable

The selection of the glazing and other surface materials pays close attention to the twin requirements of minimizing energy loss to the outside and excess heat gain to the inside, which would naturally lead to inflated heating and cooling requirements.

vALEJA Ljubljana shopping center atrium interior

And the rhythm of open, semi-open, and closed elements in the diamond-shaped glazed and tiled structure of the façade is responsible for an additional experiential effect: When the sun shines into the building or clouds pass by, dramatic shadowy patterns appear on the floor.

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center, Slovenia interior

Images: ATP/Pierer

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center, Slovenia interior rooflight

ATP Architects Engineers

ALEJA Ljubljana shopping center, Slovenia images / information from ATP Architects Engineers

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia, south eastern Europe

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