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post updated 2 July 2021

New Indian Houses

Best Contemporary Residences in India, chronological list

2 July 2021
The Infinite Frames, Surat, India
Design: interior WORKSHOP
The Infinite Frames Surat, India The Infinite Frames Surat, India
photo : Nilkanth Bharucha
The Infinite Frames Surat
he recent residential project in the city of the rising sun, Surat was a delightful experience where we challenged our potential to a new level. Sticking to the area constraints with plot dimensions of 50’ X 48’, a lot of thought went into creating the best out of the space.

16 June 2021
An Idyllic Escape in Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, south west India
Design: Simone de Gale with Arshak Architects
Manjeri Residence, Kerala property
photo :
House in Manjeri
Simone de Gale and Arshak Architects announce their collaboration on a beautiful residence in Manjeri, which was completed in early 2021. This collaboration brings together the principles of Indian architecture with the contemporary design of a London home.

14 June 2021
Residence 1, Ansal Sushant, city of Panipat, Haryana, northern India
Design: 23DC Architects, Jalandhar, Punjab
House in Ansal Sushant, Panipat, Haryana
photo : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
House in Ansal Sushant
Residence 1 is the first project in the 23DC’s Carbonado Series which is inspired by “Carbonado”, commonly known as the Black Diamond, the rare gem. The house stands in a recently and exclusively developed area of Ansal Sushant city of Panipat, Haryana. The prospect of the client is to explore the expression of architects who could read the surroundings and design unrepeated and unique.

9 Apr 2021
The Cantilever House, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, northern India
Design: ZED Lab Architects, Delhi
Cantilever House, Ghaziabad India
photo Courtesy architecture office
The Cantilever House, Ghaziabad
The Cantilever House draws from the regional vernacular and finds expression through a contemporary lens to become a home for a family of four. Located in the Raj Nagar locality of Ghaziabad, part of the National Capital Region of Delhi, the house is designed in response to the clients’ love for the outdoors.

6 Nov 2020
Fusion Villa, Jalandhar, Punjab, north west India
Design: Space Race Architects, Jalandhar
Fusion Villa in Jalandhar, Punjab property interior
photo : Purnesh Dev Nikhanj
Fusion Villa Jalandhar, Punjab
Fusion Villa by Space Race Architects in India has won the WA Award, 35th Cycle for the realized category. This article shall dive into a stunning visual experience of a Fusion Villa designed for Mr. Gupta from Jalandhar, Punjab.

14 Jan 2020
Bavlu Weekend House, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Architecture: UJJVAL FADIA
Bavlu Weekend House Ahmedabad
photograph : Subhash Patil
Bavlu Weekend House in Ahmedabad, Gujarat
It was always UJJVAL FADIA’s client’s ambition to build their farmhouse. The modern farmhouse is an oasis of calm surrounded by landscaped gardens.

62 Jorbagh Apartments Building New Delhi

7 Nov 2019
Amaltas House, Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Architecture: SquareWorks LLP
Amaltas House Vadodara
photograph : Fabien Charuau
Amaltas House in Vadodara, Gujarat Real Estate

21 Oct 2019
18 Screens House
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
18 Screens House Lucknow
photograph : Dinesh Mehta
18 Screens House in Lucknow

19 July 2019
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, outskirts of Ahmedabad
Architects: Arpan Shah Architect, Modo Design
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad
photo : Bharat Aggarwal
Verandah House in Ranchodpura, Ahmedabad
This house is on the outskirts of Ahmedabad designed by Arpan Shah, India on a 4 acre plot with dense flora, a lily pond and an subsisting outhouse having a vernacular typology.

More contemporary Indian houses on e-architect soon

Indian Houses 2015 – 2018

6 Apr 2018
The Infinity House, Khandala, Western Ghats, Maharashtra, western India
Architects: GA design
The Infinity House in Khandala Indian Architecture News
photograph : Prasant Bhat
The Infinity House in Khandala
Planned with a brief of maximizing views of the valley and enabling a nexus with the environment, the villa for a family of four has been conceived on a plot of land that is deeply contoured with a steep slope towards the valley.

7 Apr 2018
Dhananjay Pathade Residence, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, western India
Architecture: Sunil Patil & Associates
Dhananjay Pathade Residence in Kolhapur Indian Architecture News
photography : Sunil Patil & Associates
Contemporary Residence in Kolhapur
The creation of a home, where a person can feel free to unwind after a day full of cares, is not achieved by default. It entails thoughtful and meticulous designing, not to mention sensitivity towards man and nature. It was for this reason that the Pathades’ approached Architect Sunil Patil of SPA, whose penchant for nature sensitive designs along with aesthetically appealing compositions is well known.

13 Feb 2018
Wanzare Bungalow, Pune, Maharashtra, western India
Architecture: Sunil Patil & Associates
Wanzare Bugalow Indian Architecture News
photo : Hemant Patil
Wanzare Bungalow in Pune
This new property consists of 5 bedroom, kitchen, lobby, dining, walkout into the garden from the dining and living and a courtyard. The exterior design is a geometric interplay of simple lines with sidings on wall and grey reflective glass used as part of the façade. The glass used on the second floor is UV proof that protects the interiors against radiation.

26 Jan 2018
Week End House in Pune, Maharashtra, western India
Architecture: Sunil Patil & Associates
Tall House in Pune Indian Architecture News
photo : Hemant Patil
New House in Pune

30 Aug 2017
Centre Court Villa, Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi
Architects: Pomegranate Design
Centre Court Villa Indian Architecture News
photography : Pomegranate Design
Centre Court Villa in New Delhi
In the era of concrete mass and boxed structures, this gripping residence sits amidst a completely occupied posh colony of farms in the heart of New Delhi.

30 Jan 2017
Verma Residence, Gurgaon
Architects: Untitled Design
Verma Residence Indian Architecture News
photograph : Pranav Purushotham
Verma Residence in Gurgaon
The house in question Is a 6,200 sqft, 4 level residence in Gurgaon, belonging to Mr. Vinod Verma and his family. It has been designed by Amrita Gulta and Joya Nandurdikar of “Untitled Design and has recently won the zonal IIID – Anchor Award 2011. for excellence in Interior design.

18 Dec 2016
Luxury House Traditional Interior Design, Kerala, south west India
Design: Comelite Architecture & Structure – CAS
Luxury Kerala House Traditional Interior Design
image Courtesy architecture office
Luxury Kerala House Traditional Interior Design
A grand private residence in Kerala, needed interior design for its dining room, living room and courtyard. The task was granted to CAS designers.

5 Dec 2016
The Haven House, Shrinagar, Bangalore
Design: Ashwin Architects
The Haven House
photograph : Shamanth Patil
The Haven House in Bangalore
The unique aspect of this project is the plot size is just 21’ x 27’. To give a perspective to the size, it would be about the size of a twin car garage.

12 Feb 2016
11 K Vaks Weekend House, Pune, Maharashtra, Western India
Design: Ketan Jawdekar, Studio K-7
11 K Vaks Indian Houses
photograph : Sameer Chawda
11 K Vaks Week End House Pune

3 Feb 2016
Mood House, Faridabad, New Delhi
Design: Studio Archohm, architects
Mood House Indian Houses
photograph : Bharat Aggarwal
Mood House in Faridabad

9 Oct 2015
Kings House, Bangalore, Karnataka
Design: The Purple Ink Studio
Kings House
photograph Courtesy: RAYS & GREYS : SHAMANTH J PATIL
New Property in Bangalore

21 May 2015
Three Trees House in New Delhi, Chattarpur Farms, New Delhi
Design: DADA & Partners
Three Trees House
photograph : Ranjan Sharma / Lightzone India
Three Trees House in New Delhi

17 Feb 2015
Courtyard house Bangalore, Karnataka
Design: The Purple Ink Studio, Architects
Courtyard House Bangalore - Indian Houses
photograph : Ranjan Sharma / Lightzone India
Courtyard house Bangalore

More current Indian houses welcome for consideration

Indian Houses 2013 – 2014

22 Oct 2014
Jaunapur Farmhouse in New Delhi
Farmhouse - Indian Houses
image from architect
Jaunapur Farmhouse

26 Sep 2014
Wadu Brick Residence, Wada, near Mumbai
Design: iStudio Architecture
Brick House India
image from architect
Brick House India

29 Apr 2014
The Library House, Bangalore
Design: Khosla Associates, Architects
Library House Bangalore
photograph : Shamanth Patil J.
The Library House

26 Feb 2014
LongPool House, outskirts of Mumbai
Design: SHROFFLEoN, Architects
Longpool House - Indian Houses
image from architect
LongPool House

16 Jan 2014
Hare Krishna Villa, Gurgaon
Design: Horizon Design Studio
Hare Krishna Villa
photo : Horizon Design Studio Pvt. Ltd
Hare Krishna Villa

24 Jun 2013
Mehrauli Residence, Mehrauli, Delhi
Design: Horizon Design Studio
Chattarpur Farm House Delhi
photo from architect
Chattarpur Farm House

23 Jan 2013
New Residence in Chennai
Design: ABIBOO Architecture
Inder House Chennai
images from architect
New Residence in Chennai

More new Indian houses welcome for submission

Indian Houses 2009 – 2012

23 Jun 2012
Agra House
Design: Archohm, Architects
Villa Agra New Indian Residence
photograph : Humayun Khan
New House in Agra

21 Jan 2013
House in Chennai, Bay of Bengal, eastern India
Design: ABIBOO Architecture
Kelly House Chennai
image from architect
Kelly House

17 Apr 2009
Shah Orchid Villas, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Design: THE FIRM, Architects
Shah Orchid Villas Mumbai - Indian Houses
image from architect
Shah Orchid Villas Mumbai

17 Apr 2009
Shemaroo House, Mumbai, western India
Design: THE FIRM, Architects
Maharashtra Housing - Indian Houses
picture from architect
Shemaroo House Mumbai

27 Oct 2010
House with Balls, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, western India
Design: Matharoo Associates
House with Balls
photo from architects
House with Balls

3 Aug 2011
The Gairola House, Gurgaon, Haryana, Northern India
Design: Anagram Architects
Gairola House
image from architect
Gairola House Gurgaon

23 Sep 2012
The Courtyard House in Rajasthan
Design: Sanjay Puri Architects
The Courtyard House
pictures from architect
Courtyard House Rajasthan

29 Oct 2012
Cuboid House, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, northern India
Design: Amit Khanna Design Associates
New Friends Colony Residential Building - Indian Houses
pictures : Akshat Jain / Amit Khanna
Cuboid House New Delhi

30 Apr 2009
The Kumar Residence, New Delhi
Design: Morphogenesis
New Delhi Residence - Indian Houses
image from architect
Kumar Residence

9 Aug 2010
Haj House Complex, Lucknow
Architects: AGi Architects SL
Haj House Complex Lucknow
picture from architects
Haj House Complex

29 Apr 2010
India House, Balewadi, Pune
Architects: CCBA
India House Building
image from CCBA Architects
India House Balewadi

New Property in Ahmedabad

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Tata Housing, Gurgaon, North India
Design: Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates
Housing Gurgaon
image from architect
Tata Housing

Victory Valley, Gurgaon, North India
Design: WOW Architects
Victory Valley Indian Houses
image from TM
Victory Valley Housing

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