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The Manjeri Residence, India

16 June 2021

An Idyllic Escape in Manjeri

Design: Simone de Gale (Belgravia, London, UK) with Arshak Architects (India)

Location: Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, south west India

Manjeri Residence, Kerala property

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The Manjeri Residence, Kerala, India

A modern interpretation of a traditional Indian home.

Manjeri, India, (Wednesday, June 16th, 2021) – Simone de Gale and Arshak Architects are delighted to announce their collaboration on a beautiful residence in Manjeri, which was completed in early 2021. This collaboration brings together the principles of Indian architecture with the contemporary design of a London home.

Manjeri Residence, Kerala property

This residence is located in the luscious, Manjeri tropical environment, surrounded by an abundance of trees and greenery. When developing the design, the architects’ took into account the climate and environment to create a home that will provide comfort throughout the year.

Manjeri Residence, Kerala property

The property incorporates a chalet style design, with the majority of the living spaces on the ground floor. This particular design enhances free movement within the home because of the open floor plan. The components of the home consist of; a verandah, dining area, kitchen, office area, family living, guest rooms, bedrooms, and formal spaces. The design of the home ensures striking views and enjoyment of nature throughout. The addition of two terraces on the first floor allows one to bask in sunlight and fresh air at any moment while looking down onto the main front yard.

Manjeri house bedroom India

The homeowner required a space which was organic yet maintained stylistic interiors. The main element of architecture that meets the homeowner’s need is the double-height ceiling and atrium in the centre of the home; these features create an grand and open space. Beneath the skylight is the Puja space, this is a significant feature within Indian houses. It is placed in the centre of the home, acting as the core of the home, and is surrounded by plants which bring the outdoors indoors.

Manjeri house by Simone de Gale & Arshak Architects Manjeri Residence, Kerala property

Keeping with the modern meets traditional concept, the architects decided to insert a Jali screen on the southwest facade. The Jali screen is assembled in a geometric pattern that allows the sunlight to filter through in different colours during the day. A Jali screen also enables the air to pass through during monsoon season while blocking direct sunlight, creating a perfect climate indoors. To allow the air to travel through the house a second Jali screen was constructed on the opposing wall to enable natural cross ventilation.

This home fully integrates with its natural surroundings, creating an oasis in the middle of Manjeri. While it is a modern house, the architects have combined it with traditional interiors such as the Puja and the Jali screen to design a home that does not stray far from traditional Indian architecture.

Manjeri house by Simone de Gale & Arshak Architects

Manjeri Property, Kerala – Building Information

Project Title: The Manjeri Residence
Category: Residential
Client: Private
Architect: Simone de Gale with Arshak Architects
Site area: 1537 sqm
Gross Floor area: 5300 sqft
Location: Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, south west India
Status: Completed
Project start date: 2020


Manjeri house by Simone de Gale & Arshak Architects

Simone de Gale

Simone de Gale’s signature style creates timeless architecture and celebrates classical forms interlaced with innovative structures. Our designs are manifested with advanced materials and combine sustainable construction methods and technologies. Based in Belgravia, London, we offer a service that aims to always achieve the clients’ vision.
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Arshak Architects

Arshak Architects is a leading architecture and design firm with a human-centred approach, with a deep technical experience and a standing for great service to our clients, our people and our communities. Our motto is to craft singular environments where our clients thrive. We’ve planned and designed spaces where people live, work and play. We combine a holistic business approach giving importance to aesthetic values, sustainability, and human experience that leads to highly successful, lasting environments.

Manjeri house kitchen design India

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Location: Location: Manjeri, Malappuram district, Kerala, south west India

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