Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home photos, Luxurious northwest Indian property images

Silhouette in Nawanshahr, Punjab, India

31 October 2023

Architecture: 23DC Architects

Location: Nawanshar, Punjab, India

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

Photos by Mr. Nakul Jain

Silhouette: A Haven of Contemporary Luxury

In the midst of Nawanshahr, Punjab, Silhouette emerges as a testament to modern architecture, bearing the distinctive mark of 23DC Architects. This grand architectural achievement, spread over an expansive 10,000 square feet, is a tranquil oasis in an otherwise shabby and congested neighborhood, where the fusion of aesthetics and functionality reigns supreme.

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

A Gateway of Privacy and Connection

As one approaches Silhouette, the exterior offers a unique blend of privacy and connection. Privacy screens grace the facade, allowing residents to observe the outside world while maintaining the sanctity of the interior. This design choice creates an intriguing sense of partial visibility, forging a unique connection to the world outside, all while preserving the peace and seclusion within.

Elegance in Bronze

The exterior of Silhouette is enhanced by the use of bronze louvers, elevating the overall look of the house. The result is a visually appealing and sophisticated appearance that enhances both the interior and exterior aesthetics of the building.

A Journey through Nature

The entrance to Silhouette is marked by a serene water feature that welcomes visitors with a soothing presence. As one progresses, a magnificent garden unfolds, a stark contrast to the congested neighborhood outside. The transformation is palpable, and the transition from urban chaos to a natural sanctuary is a refreshing and calming experience that sets the tone for the entire residence.

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

Light and Airy Interiors

Stepping inside Silhouette reveals a deliberate choice of light color palettes, predominantly in shades of beige and grey. These minimalistic hues create an open and airy atmosphere, making the interior spaces feel expansive and inviting. It’s a canvas upon which life can be lived in harmonious serenity.

Double-Height Grandeur

Silhouette boasts both formal and informal living areas with double-height ceilings. This architectural decision not only enhances the sense of space but also bestows a grand and open feeling. To add a touch of sophistication, state-of-the-art modern chandeliers adorn these spaces, casting a captivating spell.

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

An Artistic Expression

Silhouette’s interiors are marked by artistic elements that span from unique artworks to exquisite chandeliers and stunning wall designs. These artistic expressions are integral to the overall aesthetic appeal of the house, creating an environment that is both captivating and visually stunning.

Fostering Togetherness

A hallmark of Silhouette’s design is its commitment to internal connectivity. The spaces, including the kitchen and dining area, are open and interconnected, encouraging a sense of togetherness. It’s an architectural embodiment of family unity, allowing residents to remain connected even as they go about their daily activities.

Durable Elegance with Basalt

The house features flooring made of basalt, a stone known for its durability and timeless elegance. The choice of grey and beige hues in the basalt flooring adds to the modern yet enduring appeal of Silhouette.

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

Bathing in Natural Light

Silhouette is bathed in natural light, thanks to numerous glass windows that welcome the outdoors in. This abundance of natural light not only reduces the reliance on artificial lighting but also connects the residents with the surrounding environment, infusing the living spaces with a sense of nature.

In essence, Silhouette, a creation by 23DC Architects located in Nawanshahr, Punjab, is a contemporary architectural masterpiece. It has breathed new life into a congested neighborhood, placing itself as a haven of luxury and elegance. Silhouette goes beyond being a mere residential project; it is a testament to the transformative power of modern architecture, where privacy, nature, and design merge to create a harmonious and luxurious living space.

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home, India – Building Information

Principal Architects:Ar. Shiv Dada, Ar. Mohit Chawla
Location: Nawanshahr
Completion Year: 2023

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home

Phtographer: Mr. Nakul Jain

Silhouette, Nawanshahr, Punjab luxury home, images / information received 311023

Location: Punjab, northwest India

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