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post updated 1 Mar 2020

Buildings in Denmark

e-architect select the key examples of new Danish Buildings. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Denmark. The focus is on contemporary Danish buildings but information on traditional buildings is also welcome.

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Danish Buildings

Key Danish Building Designs, arranged chronologically:

University of Southern Denmark Student Housing, Odense, Fyn, central Denmark
University of Southern Denmark Student Housing - new Danish Buildings
image from architect
University of Southern Denmark Student Housing – 21 Jan 2013
The design of the new student housing for the University of Southern Denmark in Odense is based on a strong community spirit. The 250 student residences are located in three interconnected 14-storey buildings. This means that the residence has no front or back, but appears attractive from a 360-degree perspective.

Skidome Randers, Jutland, northern Denmark
Design: CEBRA Architects
Randers Skidome Building
picture from architect
Skidome Denmark – 15 Nov 2012
Danish architecture practice CEBRA has designed Skidome Denmark – a vision for the world’s biggest ski dome in the city of Randers for ski travelling agency Danski. The proposal offers over 3 km of indoor and outdoor slopes, freestyle park, hotel, restaurant and shops, covering a total area of 100.000 m2.

Student Housing in Esbjerg, Jutland, eastern Denmark
CEBRA Architects
Danish Student Housing
image from architects
Danish Student Housing – 19 Jun 2012
CEBRA, in cooperation with engineers LB Consult, has won the competition for 48 new student housings in Denmark’s 5th largest city Esbjerg. The proposal consists of 26,910 sqft apartments spread across ten floors and outdoor areas with terraces and activity zones such as a street basket field. The building contains two basic functions: apartments – both for students and for young elitist sports practitioners – and common areas.

The Wave in Vejle, Jutland
Design: Henning Larsen Architects
The Wave in Vejle
image from architect
The Wave in Vejle is a new unique housing and with its sculptural and organic forms it will become the new landmark of Vejle. With the magnificent location overlooking the promenade and the bay the characteristic building both respects and challenges the potential of the area. During the day the white waves are reflected in the sea and at night the characteristic profile will look like illuminated multi-coloured mountains. The building has 140 apartments.

Tuborg Waves, Sjælland
Design: Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects
Tuborg Waves
picture from architect
When Carlsberg Brewery moved production from Hellerup, just north of Copenhagen, it gave the city an opportunity to develop a new part of town containing harbours and canals, yacht clubs, housing and offices. adjutant to the sea of Oresund. The Tuborg Waves office complex will be a part of this new town. Situated alongside one of the main boulevards in the area, the office complex is shaped into seven-storey office blocks.

Utzon Center, Aalborg, Jylland
Design: Kim Utzon Architects
Utzon Center
photo : Torben Eskerod Denmark
The building complex is a concept of individual buildings, creating a special place around a courtyard on a platform, with the surrounding sculptural and varied roofscape. The auditorium, the boathall and the library are designed with dramatic and very tall sculptural roofs. These roofs are emphasized by the buildings in between, the exhibition – and workshop spaces, where the roofs are lower, and yet characteristic. The auditorium, the “head” of the building complex, is placed right at the harbourfront.

Danish Buildings, alphabetical:

Sankt Kjelds Plads Copenhagen
Design: Kubota & Bachmann Architects
Sankt Kjelds Plads Danish Buildings
image from architect

Skive Building
Design: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Skive Building
image from architect

Skybox House, Sjælland
Design: Primus architects, atelier + production
Skybox House
photograph : Tina Krogager

Sølvgade School
Design: C. F. Møller Architects
Sølvgade School Danish Buildings
photo from architects

Taastrup Theatre Building, Sjælland
Design: COBE
Taastrup Theatre Copenhagen
photograph : Stamers Kontor

Teglværk Bridge, Copenhagen
photo from architect

Tivoli Conference Centre, Copenhagen
Kim Utzon Arkitekter
Tivoli Congress Centre Danish Buildings
picture from architect

Viborg Building, Jutland
Viborg Building
photo : Thomas Kaare Lindblad

Vitus Bering Innovation Park, Horsens
C. F. Møller Architects
Vitus Bering Innovation Park Danish Buildings
photo : Julian Weyer

Waldorf School Aarhus
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Waldorf School Aarhus
picture from architect

Willumsens Museum, Sjælland
Tyge Hvass
Willumsens Museum Danish Building
building image © Adrian Welch

Ærøskobing, Ærø

Ærøskobing Danish Buildings
photo © Adrian Welch

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Sampension Headquarters Building, Hellerup, Sjælland


Stavnsholt Kirke, Farum, Frederiksborg County, Sjælland
Design: Otto von Spreckelsen Architect

Teglvaerkshavnen Housing, Copenhagen
tegnestuen vandkunsten

Thor site – Thors Bakke, Randers, north Jylland
Architecture competition win

Vangede Kirke, Helsingør, nr. Copenhagen, Sjælland
Otto von Spreckelsen Architect

Wegenersminde wellness & lifestyle centre, Wegenersminde, Vestsjælland
Danish Architecture Competition win

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photo : Torben Eskerod Denmark

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