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Ærøskobing Arkitektur, Ærø, Danmark

Historic Architecture: Buildings & Public Spaces on this Danish Island

9 Aug 2012

Ærøskobing Bygning

Location: Ærøskobing, Ærø, Danmark

New photos of some key buildings on the island from Aug 2012, © Adrian Welch:

Church in Ærøskobing, located in the north of the island of Ærø:
Church in Ærøskobing

General views of the traditional buildings in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing Ærøskobing buildings Ærøskobing traditional buildings

Looking south in the town square in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing town square Ærøskobing town square buildings

Library building on town square in Ærøskobing:
Ærøskobing Library building

Ærøskobing Buildings

Ærøskøbing Church at the market square is the third church on that location and on the square are the two old town pumps that supplied the town with water right up until 1952.

The Prior’s house from 1690 is one of the town’s oldest dated buildings. It was purchased and restored in 1917 by Alexis Prior.

The old harbour has been enlarged by a new marina and the beach at Vesterstrand with its colourful little beach huts is only a few minutes’ walk from the town and the harbour.

Architecture photos from 2006:

Ærøskobing Kirke – church:

Ærøskobing Kirke Ærøskobing church
photos © Adrian Welch

Ærøskobing Torv – small Square:

Ærøskobing Torv
photos © Isabelle Lomholt

Ærøskobing bygning – buildings from the ferry with harbour in foreground:

Ærøskobing bygning
photo © Adrian Welch, Dec 2006

Location: Ærøskobing, southern Denmark, northern Europe

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photo © Adrian Welch

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