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post updated 8 November 2021


Building Designs in Denmark

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Danish Building Design. We cover completed buildings, new building designs, architectural exhibitions and architecture competitions across Denmark. Our focus is on contemporary Danish buildings.

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Danish Building Designs

Key Danish Architecture Designs arranged chronologically:

Bestseller Logistikcenter, Haderslev, south west Denmark
Bestseller Logistics Center Danish Building Designs
photo : Adam Mørk
Bestseller Logistikcenter Denmark – 8 Feb 2013
C.F. Møller’s industrial building Bestseller Logistics Center at the E45 motorway in Haderslev, Denmark, is shortlisted in the category ‘Best Industrial & Logistics Development’. The logistics centre won two other awards in 2012: It was named Building of the Year in the Danish trade magazine Byggeri and was the overall winner of the International Trimo Architectural Award.

Blue Planet, Amager, southern Copenhagen, eastern Denmark
Design: 3XN Architects
Blue Planet Copenhagen - Danish Building Designs
photo from 3XN
Blue Planet Copenhagen – 27 Nov 2012
The Blue Planet will be Northern Europe’s largest aquarium. Architecturally, the aquarium is shaped like a whirlpool, giving associations to eddies of fish, birds and sea currents. The building is in Copenhagen, at the island of Amager, close to the Copenhagen Airport, and viewed from a plane the whirlpool shape will be shown in full.

Aalborg Waterfront – masterplan, Jutland : C. F. Møller Architects – 8 Feb 2012
Aalborg Waterfront Buildings
photo : Helene Hoyer Mikkelsen
The master plan for Aalborg Waterfront links the city’s medieval centre with the adjacent fjord, which has previously been difficult for citizens to access due to the industrial harbour and the associated heavy traffic. By tying in with the openings in the urban fabric, a new relationship between city and fjord is created, and what was formerly a back-side is turned into a new, highly attractive front.

Aarhus Library, Jutland
Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Aarhus Library - Danish Building Designs
picture from architect
“Urban Mediaspace”, is to be the largest public library in Scandinavia. The € 228 m scheme, located in Aarhus, Denmark, will become a new visual and cultural focal point for the city whilst pioneering the next generation of library design.

ARoS – Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Aarhus
Schmidt Hammer Lassen
ARoS Building Denmark
image © AW
This building featured a work of art, ‘Your rainbow panorama’, on the roof of the ARoS museum of art in Denmark. It is the world-famous Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson who has created this permanent work of art in the form of a circular walkway 150 metres in extent and three metres wide made in glass in all the colours of the spectrum. The spectacular work of art has a diameter of 52 metres and is mounted on slender columns 3.5 metres above the roof surface of the museum.

Copenhagen Opera House
Design: Henning Larsen
Danish Opera House Building
interior image © Speirs Major Associates
The design is reminiscent of the Concert Hall at Lucerne, Switzerland by architect Jean Nouvel*. When I visited Copenhagen in 2002 Holmen was a dull naval base cut off from the city; now the huge cantilevers of this building dominate the harbour from Knippelsbro. The Danish Architecture Centre is located just to the west in the lovely old quarter of Christianshavn. Due to being located across the harbour from the centre of the city the Opera building is still quite out of the way, quite a walk from the Strøget.

Bagsvaerd Church
Design: Jorn Utzon architect
Bagsvaerd Church - Danish Building Designs
image © Adrian Welch
Utzon’s next major design – after returning to Denmark after Sydney – was the Bagsvaerd Church, Copenhagen. The plain and rectilinear exterior contrasts with the sensuously curving soffits within – the interior creates a welcome surprise. Professor Richard Weston explained in one of his lectures on Utzon that the Client wanted a cost saving so the whole building was shrunk in proportion: in fact the scale of some elements does seem rather reduced, especially the exposed gables at the top seen from the east.

Aarhus Town Hall, Jylland
Design: Arne Jacobsen architect
Aarhus Town Hall - Danish Building Designs
photograph © Adrian Welch
World famous Danish building by a celebrated 20th Century architect – innovative for its time, softened by the use of timber, especially the slatted wood panelling.

Recent Danish Building Developments

Danish Building Designs, alphabetical:

Aarhus Arkitektskolen, Jylland

Aarhus Arkitektskolen - Danish Building Designs
picture © Adrian Welch

Aarhus Concert Hall, Jutland
Design: Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Aarhus Concert Hall - Danish Building Designs
picture from architect

Concert Hall in Aarhus Extension, Jylland
Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
Aarhus Concert Hall
image © Adrian Welch

Aarhus Goodsyard Building, Jutland
Design: 3XN Architects
Aarhus Goodsyard Building
picture from architect

Aarhus Masterplan, Jutland
Design: NORD Architects
Aarhus Masterplan - Danish Building Designs
image : NORD Architects /MIR

Aarhus New University Hospital
Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller
Aarhus New University Hospital - Danish Building Designs
image from architect

Aarhus Tower
Design: Julien de Smedt Architects
Aarhus Tower
image from JDS

Aarhus University buildings, Jylland
Arkitektfirmaet C. F. Møller A/S
Aarhus University buildings
photo © Adrian Welch

Advice House, Lysholt Park, Vejle, Jylland
C. F. Møller Architects
Advice House - Danish Building Designs
photo : Julian Weyer

Bang & Olufsen, Struer
KHR Architects
Bang & Olufsen
photo from architect

Bellahoj Swim Stadium, Copenhagen
Arkitema Architects
Bellahoj Swim Stadium
picture from architect

Birkerød Sports Centre, Sjælland
Design: Schmidt Hammer Lassen
Birkerød Sports Centre - Danish Building Designs
picture from architect

CinemaxX KBH, Copenhagen
Design: CEBRA
CinemaxX KBH
picture from architect

Church of the Holy Cross, Jyllinge, Jylland
KHR arkitekter
Church of the Holy Cross
image from architect

Cleaning Facilities Centre
Cleaning Facilities Centre
picture : Ty Stange

Culture Island Middelfart, Jylland
Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects
Culture Island Middelfart
image from architect

Danish Hospital Buildings

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Danish Architectural Designs – No Images

Architectural Designs in Denmark, alphabetical:

4B Building, Copenhagen
Holscher Architects

Aarhus Town Hall Building Annex
3XN Architects

Aarhus University Hospital Building
C. F. Møller Architects, Cubo Arkitekter A/S, Avanti Architects

Alsion – Danish University South & Concert Hall, Science Park South, Sonderborg
Client: Danish National Education Buildings / Foundation for Science Park South / Municipality of Sonderborg / Realdania Foundation / Foundation for Concert Hall in Sonderborg
RIBA Awards 2007 – RIBA European Award 2007

Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Sjælland
Søren Robert Lund, Architect

Bellavista Housing Estate, Strandvejen, Klampenborg, north Copenhagen
Arne Jacobsen Architect

Birger Christensen stair, Strøget, Copenhagen
Eva Jiricna Architects

Blue Corner Housing, Christianshavn, Copenhagen
Tegnestuen Vandkunsten Architects
Contemporary house in Christianshavn

Bryggen, Vejle, central Jylland
3XN + Schmidt Hammer Lassen

CHP Biomass Power Station Building, Skive, Jylland, north Denmark
C.F.Møller A/S

Copenhagen harbour apartment building

Future Systems Architects

More Danish Building Developments online soon

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Utzon Center
photo : Torben Eskerod Denmark

Jørn Utzon

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Ærøskobing, Ærø

Danish State Prison

Danish Summerhouse

Kalundborg Kirke, Sjælland

Kolding Castle, Jylland

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