Stuck In Quarantine Due to COVID-19? 6 Renovation Ideas You Can Do to Keep Busy

Stuck In Quarantine Due to COVID-19? 6 Renovation Ideas

2 July 2020

Stuck In Quarantine Due to COVID-19? 6 Renovation Ideas You Can Do to Keep Busy

COVID-19 quarantines mean more of us are having to spend long periods at home. This usually comes hand in hand with more childcare and new ways of working. However, it also offers more time to notice the things you always wanted to change at home. Quarantine can also act as the inspiration to make these changes happen. In this post, we will outline 6 classic renovation ideas that will make your home feel like new, and that can even increase the value of your home.

6 Renovation Ideas to Get Through Quarantine

Here, we outline 6 renovation ideas to keep you busy during quarantine. We will also consider each project’s prospects for increasing the value of your home.

  1. Get Painting

The lockdown shortages of paint have shown that many people have already got ahead of the game with this one. However, if you haven’t, then now is as good a time as any. This is a quick and easy way to breathe new life into a room. You could also transform some battered furniture that needs an uplift. Or perhaps you never got round to painting your front door after moving in. Be sure to wear the right protective gear when painting, especially indoors.

You can even spruce up the place by using up old paint leftover from a previous job. For example, you could add a feature wall to a room painted in white. Perhaps with a nice soft red leftover from a bedroom? If you are thinking about putting your house on the market, then this is also a quick and easy way to make your house look more attractive to prospective buyers.

  1. Repair and protect decking and fencing

Decking always looks great on installation but can quickly look straggly when not properly cared for. However, with a quick clean, sand, and re-staining it can look as good as new. Another classic area of neglect in gardens is fencing. This has a tendency to rot and fall down over time if not looked after. However, a good sanding and some fresh stain/paint will sort it out.

If you let things go too far, decking and fencing can quickly rot. But with good upkeep, you can keep your outdoor furnishings looking like new. Making your garden attractive is always a big winner if you want to add value to your home. At the very least, a good garden space makes your house more appealing to buyers. If the decking and fencing are falling apart, people can find it hard to envision what your outdoor space could be.

  1. Spruce up the garden

Being stuck indoors for long stretches due to COVID-19 lockdowns is tough. However, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, then now is the time to enjoy it. From growing vegetables and flowers to re-landscaping, there’s plenty to have a go at. Landscaping is cheaper than many renovations but can add up to 20% to the value of the property. More time in the garden also makes it easier to stock up on Vitamin D that is hard to come by without time in the sun.

As with the decking and fencing, an improved garden layout helps add value to your home. This is because one of the first things prospective buyers think about is BBQs and drinks in the garden on a sunny day. However, the best thing about a spruced-up garden is the ability to be outside more during quarantine. It is also a task that keeps giving so you will never run out of things to do!

  1. Update kitchen and bathroom fittings

People often think that a new look for the kitchen or bathroom means a full-on remodeling job. However, with COVID-19 around, having a renovation team in for weeks might not seem a good idea. Fortunately, you can actually do a great job updating the look of bathrooms and kitchens yourself simply by upgrading the fixtures and fittings. A lick of paint also goes a long way and doesn’t have to stop with the walls, why not paint your cabinets? Some new handles, taps, and faucets can transform the look of an outdated space.

Most people know that the bathroom and kitchen are a key selling point for buyers. However, it is often not worth spending the money to remodel these if you are planning on moving as there is no guarantee you’ll make this outlay back. Much better is to improve the look of the space so that prospective buyers can see the potential of the space and adapt it as they please.

  1. Sort out the garage

Garages can soon become dumping grounds. This quickly makes them inaccessible and makes it impossible to find things when you need them. Sometimes we even forget we have things. If you are looking for a task that will keep you busy during quarantine, then this is also a great one. Things will have to get worse to get better mind you as you’ll need to clear everything out of your garage to give it a good sort.

Rather than just putting it all back in neatly and hoping for the best, it is a good idea to install some shelving now everything is out of your way. Be sure to throw away anything you don’t need before putting it back in place. Storage space is also a major attraction for buyers.

  1. Make your home smarter

If you love gadgets, then a great renovation idea for quarantine is transforming your home into a smart one. More and more devices are available with smart functionality that helps you automate the mundane aspects out of your life. Moreover, they can save you hundreds of dollars on heating and electricity costs.

Smart homes made up only 2% of all household sales in 2019 but are becoming highly sought after. Indeed, they can add thousands of dollars to the value of your home. A great project to start with is fitting a multi-room music system. Smart plugs and lights are also an easy way to bring down energy costs. You can install voice control systems or remotely controlled ones if you prefer.

During COVID-19 quarantines it is important to cut down on journeys to the shops so be sure to plan your renovations carefully. Most of these jobs can be done with things you will have around the house. For those that aren’t, be sure to stay safe and follow the safety guidelines of quarantines in your region.

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