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Choosing a Cohesive Design Style for a Home

17 Jan 2022

Choosing a cohesive design style for your home
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Choosing a new design style for your house can revitalize your home and create a proper sense of flow and cohesiveness throughout, making it feel less like a series of rooms.

Choosing a Cohesive Design Style for Your Architectural Home

When it comes to choosing a design style that fits the architecture of your home, you may have several ideas whirling around all at once but are unsure of where to land. Alternatively, you might know precisely what type of style you want but are not necessarily sure what that entails.

A well-staged and cohesively decorated home can improve its value upon resale, especially with the help of Harvey Kalles’ real estate services when selling your property.

But with so many design choices available out there, how can you choose? To help throw out some options, here are three design styles popular in today’s homes.


A transitional style is a combination of both modern and traditional interior designs. This is done by bringing together the two different elements to create a proper flow and symmetry. Transitional designs update classic pieces and help to reel in modern pieces from being too modern.

Transitional homes truly are defined by their duality of décor: Modern and classic, luxury and comfort, antiquities with new pieces. Transitional homes prioritize comfort and coziness over pure aesthetic form, so keeping furniture comfortable, the blankets and throws plush and soft are essential.

In terms of other design elements: neutral palettes, natural textiles, and a blend of masculine and feminine pieces all contribute to a transitional home.

Because their style is a hybrid by design, this type of look goes with most architectural homes. It can be incorporated into updating colonial or Victorian-style houses and make new new-construction type homes seem warmer and inviting.


If you’ve turned on a home design and house flipping shows in the last few years, you’re likely to have seen this popular style of interior décor.

Farmhouse style is all about rustic charm, simplistic nature, and practical pieces. As the name implies, it is often best used in more rural architectural homes. Still, it can also be utilized in modernly built structures to create a contrasting display known as the “modern farmhouse” or even in big-city lofts for an “Industrial farmhouse” aesthetic.

While visually beautiful, farmhouse design is all about low maintenance and high comfort. Items should be simplistic and coloured with neutrals and earth tones. Accents of classic materials such as metal, stone, and wood (especially vintage reclaimed wood!) all are a part of this style.

Modern and Multifunctional

This is an interior design style for the modern person on the go.

Modern decorating styles utilize hard, clean lines for a sharp design while softening them with warmer wood and earth tones. Architecturally speaking, Art Deco and other mid-century homes, ranch-style homes, and modern new industrial flats all work well with this style.

The modern homeowner is also likely to be utilizing their property as their base of operations, especially after the pandemic has created such a massive rise in remote offices and employment. Due to this, single-use rooms, especially in smaller properties like lofts, are a thing of the past, and most rooms in this aesthetic require a strong emphasis on multifunctionality. This means making use of room-dividing tactics and utilizing vertical space such as shelving, platforms, dividers, and ladders to make the most of a room.

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