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Black Granite vs. Black Quartz Countertops

post updated 10 February 2024

Are you looking for an upgraded countertop for your kitchen? When shopping for a countertop, you might be torn between black granite and black quartz. These two countertops are great if what you need is beauty, durability, and ease of maintenance. Much as they are marketed as equals, there are so many differences between them. The choice you make between black granite vs black quartz will depend on your budget and your personal preferences. This article compares black granite and black quartz countertops for kitchens and bathrooms.

18 Dec 2019

Black Granite vs. Black Quartz

Black Granite Quartz Countertop in kitchen interior
Black quartz from Caesarstone

Black granite consists of a composition of minerals and stones, of which 20 percent of quartz. As such, you will find that granite has come of qualities that match black quartz properties. For instance, even though quartz will outlast black granite, the latter will also last long enough to offer you value for money. Again, just like black quartz, it does not sustain damages if you forget to use a trivet under hot pots and pans.

Black granite mainly consists of quartz and feldspar but might also have other minerals. Quartz, on the other hand, is the seventh hardest mineral making it durable and resistant to damages. If you are out shopping for a black countertop, you might come across Caesarstone black quartz and black granite countertop reviews that look at the two countertops as equals. Depending on where you buy your countertop, black quartz might cost you relatively higher, and for a good reason.

Durability: Does Black Granite Need to be Sealed?

Black quartz properties allow it to outlast black granite. For starters, being the seventh hardest mineral on earth makes quartz resistant to scratches, breakages, and heat. While you should not expose your black quartz countertops to extreme heat changes, the countertop will not sustain any damages from exposure to heat once in a while. Again, the durability of black quartz is enhanced by its nonporous properties.

Unlike other premium countertops, black quartz is nonporous. This means it does not allow water to soak in or bacteria, mold, and mildew to propagate. While this keeps the countertop hygienic, it also ensures the countertop is not damaged by water.

Black granite, on the other hand, is also durable. The durability of the countertop can be attributed to the fact that it has 20 percent or black quartz. However, feldspar and other minerals that form part of granite make it porous. Water can soak into your countertop, causing damages over the years. The porous nature also makes the material weaker than black quartz. Does it need to be sealed? To keep it safe from water damage and to lock out bacteria, you need to seal a granite countertop.

So, if you are to consider durability in the battle between black granite vs black quartz, the latter wins. You can read more on this topic on Caesarstone US.

Black Granite Countertop Reviews Reveal Many Issues


As black granite countertop reviews will show, the material stains over time. Staining occurs when water is left on the surface of the countertop for long, and it soaks in. With time, the water that soaks forms a water stain. Again, exposure to acids from foods and sodium hydroxide can cause stains to form. To prevent the formation of stains, you need to seal granite.

Frequent, Expensive Maintenance Required

To ensure that black granite does not stain or become weak over time, you need to keep it well-maintained. Does it need to be sealed? Yes. You will need to seal it once or twice a year, sometimes more frequently. If you notice that water does not form beads on the surface of your countertop, it is time to seal the countertop. Sealing takes a few minutes – spread the sealer on the countertop, and wait for a few minutes. Before the sealer dries completely, polish the countertop surface. Sealing is not a maintenance routine you have to do with Caesarstone black quartz.

Black Quartz Properties That Make It Superior to Granite

Black Granite vs. Black Quartz Countertops Advice
photo : Caesarstone


Black quartz is durable due to its hard nature and its nonporous black quartz properties. The countertop is resistant to scratches and will also withstand heat to a certain degree.

Less Maintenance

Taking care of the black quartz is as easy as wiping off the water and any other liquids off the surface of your countertop. Water and any other liquids will not soak into the countertop – this makes black quartz resistant to staining. Again, due to its nonporous qualities, the countertop does not need sealing. However, you have to ensure your Caesarstone black quartz is not exposed to acids from food or sodium hydroxide. The resins that hold black quartz together might react with black quartz to form stains over a long time.

More Options

Besides resins, the manufacturer of black quartz involves the addition of pigments. As such, you can have black quartz countertops for kitchens in any patterns you need to match your kitchen décor. Again, unlike black granite, you can have a pure black quartz countertop.

More Reasonably-Priced Over The Long Term

The initial cost of installing quartz countertops might be higher than the price of black granite depending on where you live. However, the maintenance costs for quartz are significantly low. Again, because black quartz will outlive it with care, you get value for your money in the long run.

Caesarstone Black Quartz: The Perfect Choice

The black quartz properties make it stand against the competition. This is why most homeowners are using quartz countertops for kitchens. Black granite has its fair share of excellent features, and it might win when compared to other countertops.

However, when compared to Caesarstone quartz, it falls short. Whichever countertop you pick, you need to take care of it, even though black quartz will withstand heat and is resistant to scratch, you need to protect it from such elements to lengthen its lifespan. Besides black engineered stone, you can have quartz countertops in any other color or pattern you need to match your taste and your kitchen décor.

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