Perlach Plaza Munich, Germany building

Perlach Plaza Neue Mitte Perlach Munich

Designed by AllesWirdGut, Perlach Plaza is a hub, a signboard, and a calling card. With its urban mixed use of retail, service businesses, restaurants, residential units, and a hotel, it has a central urban-design function in the development of the new Kultur Quadrat center in Munich, Germany

Dolores Heights Residence, San Francisco, California

Dolores Heights Residence San Francisco California

The circulation for the jones | haydu designed Dolores Heights Residence, San Francisco, is a straight axis, interacting with the building’s forms as they ascend to the main entrance. Continuing at the interior, one’s experience along this axis is always anchored on the downhill end by Sutro Tower

360 Degrees Building, Amsterdam, Holland

360 Degrees Building Amsterdam Holland

The residents of the Studioninedots designed 360 Degrees’ 110 living units have access to the water from the collectively accessible jetty, which will be enhanced in the future with new walkways over the Tolhuiskanaal in Amsterdam, Holland. On street side, the ground floor provides space for new retail and hospitality for the neighbourhood as it develops

Mya and The Shop SLC, Salt Lake City, Utah

Mya and The Shop SLC Salt Lake City Utah

The EskewDumezRipple designed Mya offers a new way to live and work in the heart of Salt Lake City, USA, Mya combines the highest quality affordable and market-rate housing with unique public and private amenities, creative community coworking space, and catalytic ground-level retail in a holistic, world-class, mixed-use community