Joel Solkoff’s Column, Vol.II, Number 4

What Herzog & de Meuron’s completion of the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) means to the revitalization of Downtown Miami.

The government of Miami approved a revitalization plan—a plan that includes the taxpayers of Miami paying costs to the Herzog & de Meuron’s firm. Miami taxpayers paid $100 million toward the cost of the museum.

Worthy of asking but not of discussion here: Are taxpayers getting what they paid for?

Joel Solkoff’s Column, Vol.II, Number 2

Zaha Hadid’s Miami compared to my life in rural “Rust Belt” Pennsylvania. “Miami has long been the economic and commercial capital of Latin America, both English and Spanish are commonly understood and it has been the place where many Latinos could be sure their money and their persons were safe from government takeover.”
–The Almanac of American Politics by Michael Barone and Chuck McCutcheon

Joel Solkoff’s Column, Vol.I, Number 2

Joel Solkoff – on disability issues relevant to architects

The new Renzo Piano Whitney overlooking the Hudson River, adjacent to a really fun public park, has brought to near completion, another magnificent new Piano. Within the Gallery is the original photograph Edward Steichen took of Marlene Dietrich in 1931. The Whitney will soon be launching a new Exhibition of Steichen’s work.

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