Calafquen Lake House, Chile property

Designed by Claro + Westendarp Arquitectos, Calafquen Lake House demonstrates simple volumetry and with the challenge of adapting to a terrain with a lot of potential for views and an imposing oak forest, the work arises that is located perpendicular to the lake, on a hill, in order to obtain views framed by the trees, the which, in turn, act as a shelter in Chile

BP House, Cordoba, Argentina residence

The BP House with a purely urban essence, is just over 3390 sq ft on a single floor, on a 6889 sq ft plot in the northern area of our city of Córdoba, Argentina. ARP ARQUITECTOS’ design premise that marked the creative process was: Materialize light and its mutation over time The result of the fusion of these lines turned out to be the main richness of the proposal