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16 Apr 2021
Hotel Bjornson, Low Tatras, Jasná, Demanovská dolina
Design: Ark-shelter
Hotel Bjornson Shelters Slovakia
photography : BoysPlayNice
Hotel Bjornson Shelters
Ark-shelter was asked to build a cluster of forest apartments for Hotel Bjornson. The investor had a clear idea of one side oriented double cabins, placed in the surrounding of the main hotel building, which made the design solution relatively straightforward.

30 Nov 2020
Lookout Tower, Devínska Kobyla

17 Jul 2020
New Istropolis Bratislava: Trnavské mýto

26 May 2020
Gansberg Residential Villas in Koliba, Bratislava

7 Apr 2020
MAMAPAPA Residential House in Dúbravka

20 Feb 2020
Čerešne Living, Bratislava-Dúbravka, Nejedlého Street, Na vrátkach
Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý s.r.o.
Cherries Apartments Bratislava-Dubravkaa Slovakia architecture news
photography : Tomas Manina
Cherries Apartments in Bratislava-Dúbravka
Čerešne Living is Bratislava’s new city district which will continue developing also in other stages of construction.

27 Sep 2019
New Bratislava cultural district in Trnavské Mýto
Design: KCAP Architects&Planners, Architects
New Bratislava cultural district in Trnavské Mýto Slovakia building news
visual © Immocap
New Bratislava cultural district in Trnavské Mýto
The ambitious project includes a state-of-the-art concert and congress venue which will become a new landmark for the city. The site is located in the Trnavské Mýto district, an important sub-centre in the north eastern part of Bratislava, located on a crossroads of public transport lines, a lively marketplace and residential area.

23 Feb 2019
Sokolská Residence, Bratislava
Design: Sebo Lichý Architects
Sokolská Residence Bratislava apartments
photo : Tomáš Manina
Sokolská Residence
Sokolská Residence, an exceptional residential house, is located in the city centre, in the diplomatic district of Bratislava (Slovakia), surrounded by embassies, representation offices and the residences of diplomats.

20 Jun 2018
Family House in Jarovce, Bratislava
Design: Studio Compass Architekti
Family House Jarovce in Bratislava Slovakia architecture news
photos : Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
Family House in Jarovce
A house for grandparents and nine grandchildren, located on the northern edge of the village Jarovce. The level site has an area of 661 sqm. The house is sited on the northern part of the parcel to ensure best use of the property.

19 March 2018
The Mill, Turbínová, Bratislava
Design: GutGut, Architects
The Mill in Bratislava Slovakia architecture news
photos : Jakub Skokan and Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
The Mill Building in Bratislava
The building of Mlynica is part of a large post-industrial area of Light Building Materials in Bratislava. Since 1960s, porous prefabricated concrete blocks, slabs and panels have been produced here.

22 May 2017
Sky Park, Bratislava
Design: Zaha Hadid Architects
Sky Park in Bratislava
image © Penta Investments
Sky Park in Bratislava
Located southeast of Bratislava’s city centre, Sky Park is integral to the redevelopment of this derelict industrial area of the city. The design converts an abandoned site into a new 20,000 sqm public park and community of more than 700 apartments together with 55,000 sqm of office and retail space connected to the city’s tram and bus networks.

24 Dec 2016
Double View House, Bratislava
Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý
Double View House in Bratislava Double View House in Bratislava
photo : Tomáš Manina
Double View House in Bratislava
This new family home is located in a steep terrain on a narrow land in a densely built-up part of the town. These conditions have determined the first architectural constraints.

8 Oct 2016
Rhapsody in White, Bratislava
Design: at26, architects
Attic Apartment in Bratislava Slovakia architecture news
image courtesy of architects
Attic Apartment in Bratislava
The flat is located at the top of the block of flats from 1920´s is situated close to the Center of the Capital of Slovakia – Bratislava. It belongs to some of the older neighbourhoods of Bratislava, formerly known as „Ziegelfeld“. that has an interesting historical context, being a mix of industrial and residential nature. This imprint of historical feeling is still present there.

2 Sep 2016
White Cubes House, Bratislava
Design: at26_architecture&design
White Cubes House Slovakia architecture news
photo : Peter Čintalan
White Cubes House in Prievoz
The house is located on a small atypical plot on the corner of the intersection of two streets – Kaštieľska, a rather busy street, and Kľukatá street, which is adjacent to the local cemetery. From one side, the house emerges from an area of family houses and from the other side it is surrounded by apartment buildings.

20 Jun 2016
Villa Inga, Bratislava
Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý
Villa Inga Slovakia property news
photos: Vlado Vavrek, Pekné bývanie
Villa Inga in Bratislava
This is how the architects live. House of Slovak architect Igor Lichý is the emanation of his idea of the perfect living.

15 Jun 2016
Business Garden Štefánikova – building on the boulevard, Bratislava
Design: Architekti Šebo Lichý
Business Garden Stefanikova
photo : Manina Tomáš
Business Garden Stefanikova in Bratislava
Štefánikova Street is known as traffic route in the city center, yet it has the potential to be a city boulevard. It has a unique character with a varied structure of buildings from different historical periods.

23 Sep 2015
Le Jour Café, Hlavná street, Košice
Designers: BPd-design & art
Le Jour Cafe
image courtesy of architects
Le Jour Café in Košice
Large vault premises with an area of 140 m2 offered various options of use. We revealed and restored stone paving laid in the 70’s of the last century, which partially predetermined the direction of design in interior.

Shopping Centre Brezno, Slovakia

Dornyk Apartments in Bratislava

DCuboidal Mountain Hut in High Tatras

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