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Sokolská Residence, Bratislava

New Residential Property in Slovakia – design by Architects Sebo Lichý

23 Feb 2019

Sokolska Residence, Bratislava

Design: Sebo Lichý Architects

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Sokolská Residence, Bratislava Property

Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property

Photos by Tomáš Manina

Sokolská Residence, an exceptional residential house, is located in the city centre, in the diplomatic district of Bratislava (Slovakia), surrounded by embassies, representation offices and the residences of diplomats.

Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property

The aptly named street – Sokolská – represents the border between the town and a hill, between five- to six-floor residential houses in the east and a villa zone in the west.

Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property Sokolská Residence Bratislava flats

Architekti Šebo Lichý did their best to fit the residential house to this environment; as a result, from one side the building looks like a smaller seven-storey residential house and from the other a larger three-storey elegant city villa.

Sokolská Residence, Bratislava property

The mass of the building is visually divided into two parts thanks to concrete waves. The lower part reflects the topography of the surrounding terrain, while the upper part refers to the nature of the surrounding buildings.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava apartments

The residential house is located on a quite steep slope so it was necessary to design supporting walls and to integrate them in its composition. This function is performed by the concrete waves which run from the building’s façade to the surrounding terrain, creating an interesting space.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava apartments

At the same time, they create fire division lines between the floors and respond to the room type in the apartments; that is the reason why, in some places, the wave goes up and in some places down, depending on the light technology used. This gave rise to pleasantly sunny, airy and spacious apartments with beautiful views.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava apartments Sokolská Residence Bratislava apartments

Sokolská Residence is a small project with only 35 apartments designed for top-quality family living. The residential house offers a suite and two-, three-, four- and five-room apartments.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava building Sokolská Residence Bratislava building interior

There are 57 parking places in two underground garages and a further 7 outside. On the top floor you may find two above-standard penthouses (217 m2) with terraces (266 m2). The apartments on the 3rd floor have private front gardens with lawns. In addition to the gardens, the inhabitants of the apartments may enjoy stunning views, quiet shaded loggias and green areas.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava stairs

The architects decided to highlight the exceptional environment of the residential architecture in connection with the mountainous nature of the area and they integrated the project smoothly into the local environment. The entire façade is a combination of white and concrete-grey shades, which makes the building elegant and fresh in connection with the wavy balconies. The architects managed to not only visually connect the building to the surrounding area but also to enliven Sokolská Street and its urban context.

Sokolská Residence Bratislava Slovakia Sokolská Residence Bratislava Slovakia apartments

Sokolská Residence Bratislava – Building Information

Project title: Sokolská Residence
Client: ITB Residence s.r.o.
Architect: Architekti Šebo Lichý s.r.o.
Lead Architects: Ing. arch. Tomáš Šebo, Mgr. arch. Igor Lichý, Ing. arch. Aleš Hradecký, PhD., Mgr. arch. Nora Vranová, Ing. arch. Emanuel Zatlukaj
Other participants: Ing. Branislav Groch, Ing. Katarína Frivaldská
Contact e-mail: [email protected]

Gross Floor area: 3195 m2
Gross Built Area: 889 m2
Land area: 2425 m2
Location: Okánikova 4/A, 811 04 Bratislava, Slovakia
Beginning of building designing: 2013
Completion of building designing: 2014
Beginning of construction: 2014
Completion of construction: 2018

Brands / Products – Suppliers and used materials:

General contractor: ITB Future s.r.o.
Facade: JUB plaster on mineral wool, parted with decoprofil
Roof Asphalt bands: TOR
Masonry Peripheral walls + core + columns = concrete, internal + partition walls: porotherm Wienerberger
Windows: ALUPROF
Doors: Sherlock
Locksmith products: fi. KOVOR


Electrical installations: SPELIS s.r.o.
Heating / ventilation / air conditioning: Eurostav s.r.o., Rimavská Sobota
Lifts: Kone
Parquets Wooden: PARKETT DESIGNER s.r.o.

Photos by Tomáš Manina –

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Location: Bratislava, Slovakia, eastern Europe

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