Cuboidal Hut Slovakia, High Tatra Mountains Building, Ski Lodge Architecture Contest

Cuboidal Mountain Hut in High Tatras, Slovakia

Ski Lodge Architecture Competition Entry design by Atelier 8000, Architects

27 Oct 2014

Cuboidal Mountain Hut in Slovakia

Design: Atelier 8000

Location: High Tatras, Prešov Region – mountain range along the border of northern Slovakia

Cuboidal Mountain Hut in High Tatras, Slovakia
image from architects

Cuboidal Hut in High Tatra Mountains

Ski Lodge Architecture Competition Entry

‘Kežmarské Hut’

Czech architecture firm Atelier 8000 has proposed a unique take on a typical mountain accommodation – and the Rubik’s Cube-like designs are spectacular, reports the Daily Mail.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

Their Kežmarské Hut, a concept designed for an international competition, is a futuristic, sustainable structure made of aluminum, glass and solar panels. It’s a cube that has been entirely rotated onto one of its corners? The contemporary building is intended to be situated high in the High Tatra Mountains and will be able to function completely off the grid, even at such a high altitude.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

Designed to merge into the mountainous background, almost as if part of a retreating glacier, the construction amplifies the use of light and shadows – much like that which can be observed on neighbouring rocks.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

The shape of the hut allows the building to utilise solar energy to the maximum possible extent, with the panels that generate energy facing southwards and eastwards.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

Perfect for adventurous hikers and travellers, the five-storey building includes extensive ski storage space, two floors of guest rooms, an attic meditation room, a restaurant and a deck.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

Plus, its orientation provides plenty of intimate corners where visitors can relax and enjoy breathtaking views. In the warmer months, guests will be able to relax on the hotel’s patio, which wraps around two of the building’s sides.

Cuboidal Mountain Hut
image from architects

Cuboidal Mountain Hut in High Tatras images / information from Atelier 8000 + Daily Mail

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Location: High Tatras, Prešov Region, Slovakia, south east central Europe

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