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Lookout Tower in Devínska Kobyla

25 Nov 2020

Devínska Kobyla Lookout Tower

Design: Architects Šebo Lichý

Location: Devínska Kobyla, Bratislava, Slovakia

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

A long-anticipated Lookout Tower has been built at the top of Devínska Kobyla, the highest point of the Devínska brána massif. People are honoured that the Architects Šebo Lichý studio was able to design it and thereby support a project that will increase the attractiveness of the location.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

The new lookout tower on Devínska Kobyla, whose investor is the Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves district, will be located at the intersections of popular tourist routes and will offer its visitors good accessibility and wonderful views.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

The investor’s intention was to build an attractive lookout tower on a small budget. Based on references, we were approached by the Mayor of the Bratislava-Devínska Nová Ves district with an interest in cooperating in the creation of the design.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

Architects Šebo Lichý were excited by this idea based on the attractiveness of the assignment itself. Moreover, several of the architects projects are located in the Dúbravka and Záhorská Bystrica districts and are thus naturally interested in helping to develop this area. That is why Architects Šebo Lichý and ITB Development were happy to sponsor the creation of the lookout tower.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

Its location near the borders of three countries represents a symbolic meaning in the form of the intersection of Central European cultures. The view of the three neighbouring countries is a motif reflected in three viewing platforms at different height levels.

Part of the rich fauna of Devínska Kobyla is also the praying mantis whose slender shape inspired us in materializing the character of the lookout tower. The white colour allows its silhouette to stand out against the backdrop of the crowns of the surrounding forest and, at the same time, makes it invisible from distant views of the Devínska Kobyla massif.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

The construction, which weighs 35 tonnes, was made by INGSTEEL. After climbing 112 steps, visitors will reach a height of 21.27 metres. Here they will be able to enjoy beautiful views which will be attractive not only for the inhabitants of the adjacent city districts.

Architects Šebo Lichý believe that the construction of the lookout tower in 2020 is the first step towards the restoration of the area that will kick-start its revitalization and support tourism in the vicinity. The biggest reward for the architects will be satisfied visitors who, in addition to beautiful photos, will take away an unforgettable experience from their trip.

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

Lookout Tower in Devínska Kobyla, Slovakia – Building Information

Design: Architects Šebo Lichý
Location: Slovakia, Bratislava, Devínska Kobyla
Investor: City district Devínska Nová Ves
Authors: Tomáš Šebo, Igor Lichý, Aleš Hradecký, Emanuel Zatlukaj, Imrich Vaško, Branislav Groch, Denisa Pavkovček Šťastná
Cooperation: Katarína Frivaldská, Júlia Jackulíková
Study and project: 2018
Implementation: 2020
Gross Built Area: 39 sqm

Lookout Tower Devinska Kobyla

Photography: Tomas Manina

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Location: Bratislava, Slovakia, eastern Europe

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