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TB Lobby in Bratislava, Slovakia

17 Mar 2023

Design: AT26 architects

Location: Galvani Street, Galvaniho ulica, Bratislava, Slovakia

TB Lobby Bratislava Slovakia

Photos by Matej Hakár

TB Lobby, Slovakia

The original design of the entrance lobby of Tatra banka, which carried some characteristics of the last decade of the 20th century, no longer conformed to the requirements for a good flow of employees. Therefore the assignment said to simplify, streamline and modernize the space in a way that will also represent the progress in the brand identity itself.

TB Lobby Bratislava Slovakia TB Lobby Bratislava Slovakia

Initially, after in-depth analysis, we decided to open up the space by removing all of the original partitions. Although this solution brightened up the lobby, the layout seemed a little incoherent and in need of some unifying principle. This principle should bring tranquility to the chaotic space as well as a strong aesthetic and representative effect.

TB Lobby Bratislava

Based on the limits and requirements we placed an imaginary cylinder in the center of the layout to anchor the space of reception and bring a sense of unity and softness to the space. This element is emphasized by a copper ring inserted into the cast floor and its counterpole cutout in the ceiling. A partially perforated ceiling enables the distribution of fresh air from the air-conditioning system. An interesting component of the suspended ceiling panels consists of wooden prisms representing a simplified logo of the bank. The cylindrical central space is enhanced by the curved design of the reception desk.

TB Lobby Bratislava Slovakia

The theme of cylinders is repeated in dividing mesh partitions, which see soft and ethereal. Placing them intentionally in the space created visual layers and functional zones. Another unifying principle we used in the space was monochromatic beige wall plaster, in different finishes, bringing a sense of Zen atmosphere and natural quality. Curvy furniture (Arper/Cila) nicely communicates with the overall design idea. Interior plants play an important role as a part of the interior. All principals, materials, and textures come together to create a calming oasis.

TB Lobby Bratislava

TB Lobby Bratislava

TB Lobby in Bratislava, Slovakia – Building Information

Architecture: AT26 architects – https://www.at26architects.com/work

project name: TB LOBBY
architect: AT26 architects – Branislav Loskot, Peter Kukučka, Jaroslav Takáč, Zuzana Vlžáková, Veronika Mandincová, Soňa Havlíková, Matej Zelenay, Lucia Tvarožková, Viera Gurová
client: Tatra banka, a.s. (Member of Raiffeisen International group)
location: Tatracentrum, Hodžovo námestie, Bratislava, Slovenská Republika
the project started: 2022
implementation: 07/2022 – 01/2023
main structure: combined structure of plasterboard wall partitions with dividing glazed walls
plot/floor area (m²): 255 sqm
number of floors: 1
status: completed work / build project

List of main manufacturers & suppliers:
general constructor: S.pro, s.r.o.
carpenters: NOVA interiér, s.r.o.
lights, lamps: XAL / d: Smart light
furniture: Arper / d: Konsepti
polyurethane liquid floor: Arturo
iron mash: Codina Architectural (ESP)
plaster: Sto

TB Lobby Bratislava Slovakia

Photography: Matej Hakár

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Location: Bratislava, Slovakia, Central Eastern Europe

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