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Elysium Spa in Bratislava

2 Jun 2022

Design: GRAU architects

Location: Grösslingová 56, 811 09, Bratislava, Slovakia

Elysium Spa Bratislava

Photos: Matej Hakár

Elysium Spa, Slovakia

The word elysium in Greek mythology meant the island of the blissful – a place on the western edge of the earth where the gods can transfer their favorites alive, immortal heroes living there in constant spring and without worries.

Elysium Spa Slovakia Elysium Spa Slovakia

When designing Elysium Spa in the middle of the historical center of Bratislava, GRAU architects came out from the need to break free from the daily cycle and calm down.

Elysium Spa Bratislava Elysium Spa Bratislava

This space is a meditative hiding place from the outside world. GRAU architects built the concept of an urban spa on the perceptions of space as a temple for the body. The reference is the historical public baths Grössling, which are located nearby and provided visitors with the purifying procedures of body and soul.

Elysium Spa Slovakia

Through a hidden entrance from Grösslingova Street, we dive into the basement of a historic building via the original stone staircase. In the former cellars, GRAU architects preserved the original brick vaulted ceiling. We build the concept on embedded objects and a combination of terrazzo, brick, cobalt and black cladding or wood materials. These objects define the interspace that winds freely around the entire spa. In the second plan, we work with light.

Elysium Spa Bratislava building design by GRAU architects Bratislava building by GRAU architects

With natural, which enters through existing window openings or skylight and is dynamic during the day. The experience is unique at every time and period. Or with the artificial, which is based on the functional substance, but also underlines the overall intimate atmosphere of the space. A visit to the Elysium Spa is supposed to be a kind of experiential path of purification and slowing down – therefore an art piece – the Trajectory of Movement by Stanislav Ondruš works as a reference to it.

The benefit of the space is also an outdoor terrace in the courtyard, where is a mobile sauna with sun loungers situated. The unknown combination thus creates a new relationship with the city and the neighborhood. New vistas and new experiences.

Bratislava building design by GRAU architects Elysium Spa Bratislava

Elysium Spa in Bratislava, Slovakia – Building Information

Studio: GRAU architects – https://grau.sk/
Author: Andrej Olah, Filip Marčák, Matej Kurajda
Social media: www.instagram.com/grauarchitects

Client: Elysium Tech

Project location: Grösslingová 56, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia

Completion year: 2021
Gross Floor Area: 176 sqm

Elysium Spa Bratislava Elysium Spa Bratislava

Photographer: Matej Hakár, www.matejhakar.com

Collaborator: Processing of artwork in space (blue graphics on the walls): Stanislav Ondruš

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Location: Grösslingová 56, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakia, Eastern Europe

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