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post updated 10 April 2024

We’ve selected what we feel are the key examples of Portuguese Houses. We aim to include residential properties in Portugal that are of top quality.

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20 March 2024
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal
Architects: Kerimov Architects
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal villa design
image courtesy of architects office
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal villa design
A modern Portuguese house is located on a hill, on the southern coast of Portugal. The architecture, characterized by squatness and the predominance of horizontal lines, harmoniously fits into the environment, almost mimicking it.

26 February 2024
IMLA House, Lavra, Porto
Architects: Luppa Architects
IMLA House Porto Portugal property
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
IMLA House, Porto
The IMLA House is located in Porto in Bairro da Vilarinha, a neighbourhood built during the last stage of economic housing neighbourhoods developed by the regime of Estado Novo in 1958. The neighbourhood is mainly composed by small dimensions semi-attached houses and since the IMLA house is the last house of the street, right on the corner between two streets, it has a bigger garden.

16 Jan 2024
QL House, Faro
QL House Portugal
photograph : Fernando Guerra
QL House, Faro
The QL House project was an exercise in balancing volumes and landscape integration. The articulation of two superimposed and perpendicular volumes generated not only a particular spatial dynamic, but also different visual relationships between full and empty, between light and dark, between the private and semi-private areas and the view of the surroundings.

2 January 2024
Leça do Balio II House, Matosinhos, Porto, North Portugal
Architecture: Raulino Silva
Leça do Balio II House Maia North Portugal
photo : Raulino Silva
Leça do Balio II House, Matosinhos
Leça do Balio II House is located in a plot of about 2400 sqm, in the Chantre allotment, near the entrance of the city of Maia for those arriving from the South by Via Norte main road.

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Portuguese Houses in 2023

23 November 2023
Casa De Bouro, Guardenha, Terras De Bouro, North Portugal
Architecture: Mutant Arquitectura & Design
Casa De Bouro Terras De Bouro North Portugal
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa De Bouro, Terras De Bouro, North Portugal
The genesis of the proposal configures a simple volume characterized by a rectangular parallelepiped that was deformed in order to embrace the area of land oriented south and that composes the patio.

14 November 2023
Casa de Lavra, Lavra, Porto
Architects: Ricardo Azevedo Arquitecto
Casa de Lavra Porto Portugal
photo :Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa de Lavra, Porto, Portugal
Casa de Lavra is the reflection of the relation that architecture can create between the space and the client. No house is the same and, in this one in particular, the architect Ricardo Azevedo realised that he drew the project “enthusiastically at the site”.

Comporta 107 House, Alentejo

The Vagar Country House, Belmonte

Casa dos anos 40, Ílhavo

Casa Kala, Porto Hotel

RiscoWhite House, Barcelos

Fisherman’s House, Esmoriz

24 August 2023
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
Architects: Estudio Obra Prima; Vasco Lima Mayer
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
photo : Fernando Guerra
Apartment in Cais do Sodré
Despite having a typical Lisbon design, with high ceilings and wide corridors, this project always had the objective of making a comfortable home within the parameters of contemporaneity.

21 July 2023
Torreira Holiday House, Torreira, Aveiro
Architects: NU.MA architects
Torreira Holiday House Aveiro Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Torreira Holiday House
The Torreira Holiday House project is intended to be a holidays house. The demands were clear. The client wanted to take advantage from the site, especially the views (Aveiro estuary and the forest) and create a unique space to store all his nautical equipment.

12 July 2023
Concrete 11, Lisbon
Design: Cage Atelier
Concrete 11
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Concrete 11 Lisbon
Concrete 11 was born to fulfill a desire to live close to the center of Lisbon, without compromising the sharing with the environment granted by a country house.

3 July 2023
Muda’s House, Setúbal, Grândola
Architect: Vasco Lima Mayer
Muda House Grândola Portugal
photo : Filipe Borralho
Muda’s House, Setúbal, Grândola
In the initial briefing, the clients proposed a very interesting organization of the spaces. The request consisted of building the house in 3 different blocks: The main one with a bedroom and a small living room for the grandparents, and two similar ones for their children and grandchildren, with two bedrooms each.

30 May 2023
patios of petals, Gondomar, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier
Casa Pátios de Pétalas Gondomar Porto
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa Pátios de Pétalas, Gondomar, Porto
Like a flower, the house ‘patios of petals’ is fed and protected from the sun. It touches the floor simply, with a large “U” glazing. An internal curved structural wall that together with the heart of the house (the stairs), builds its interior.

24 Feb 2023
Casa dos Mores, Faro, southern Portugal
Design: Marlene Uldschmidt Architects Studio
Casa dos Mores Faro Portugal Property
photo : Renee Kemps
Casa dos Mores
An outstanding lookout point at the peak of a cliff, with open views of the ocean and the infinite horizon, yet nestled within exuberant vegetation and sheltered from the elements and the prying eyes of majestic trees. The house is pure serenity, filled with the scent of the sea and graced by the sound of wandering birds, it is as close as living on a permanent holiday feels like.

8 Feb 2023
House 109, Vagos, northern Portugal
Architects: Frari – architecture network
House 109 Vagos Portugal - Portuguese Houses
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
House 109, Vagos
House 109 confronts one of the most important arteries in the city – the National Road EN109. Since it is designed for a residential use, the architectural piece is materialized in a uniform body which, through its shape and arrangement, protects itself from the busy road.

12 Jan 2023
Forte House, Santo Tirso, Oporto
Architects: pema studio
Forte House Santo Tirso Porto - Portuguese Houses
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Forte House, Santo Tirso, Porto
This intervention in a well-established urban residential area in the city of Santo Tirso is inevitably a reflex response to this complex and challenging context. Urban plot, confined between neighbors and whose visible confrontations had little or nothing significant from the landscape point of view.

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Portuguese Houses 2022

27 Nov 2022
Casa D, Braga
Architecture: L2C Arquitetura
Casa D Braga Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa D, Braga
Designed for a family of five, Casa D hides its structural complexity through its volumetric simplicity. Large boxes placed on the highest part of the land organize the interior and outdoor space through their layout and orientation.

16 Nov 2022
Casa JC, Quinta da Portela, Coimbra
Design: Mário Alves arquiteto
Casa JC Coimbra Portugal - Portuguese Houses
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa JC, Coimbra
Inserted in a subdivision located in Quinta da Portela, Coimbra, the land is situated in the middle of the hill. Developing a house in this location becomes a challenge due to the natural profile that the land develops.

10 Nov 2022
JAC House, Coimbra
JAC House Coimbra Portugal - Portuguese Houses
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
JAC House, Coimbra
The rehabilitation of JAC House calls for various dimensions of dreams, both in the enjoyment of the interior and in the contemplation of the panoramic horizon.

10 Oct 2022
Nova Rio Housing, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: António Paulo Marques
Nova Rio Housing Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Nova Rio Housing, Porto
This private initiative residential project is located next to the Circunvalação, on the northern edge of the city of Porto. The Nova Rio Housing plot has a trapezoidal configuration and faces rua Nova do Rio.

28 Sep 2022
Ílhavo House, Rua das Cancelas, Ílhavo, northern Portugal
Architects: M2.senos_arquitetos
Ílhavo House Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Ílhavo House, Porto
All around Ílhavo House you can still feel the old farm fields, even though this is still a very urban design. The owners inherited the land from their grandparents and decided to build this house on it.

17 Sep 2022
House in Brufe, Famalicão New Village
Design: OVAL
House in Brufe Famalicão New Village - Portuguese Houses
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
House in Brufe, Famalicão New Village
The House in Brufe was intended to be all on a ground floor. The land is almost flat and has a timid water line that borders the property to the west.

11 Sep 2022
RCR House, Anadia, central Portugal
Design: Visioarq Arquitectos
RCR House Anadia Portugal
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
RCR House, Anadia
Light, intimacy, balance and contemplation of the outdoor spaces are some of RCR House striking features – a haven located in a residential area of Anadia, in central Portugal. This exercise in balance and volume distribution designed spaces to be fully experienced, some of them more private and intimate and others in affinity with the outside, all while maintaining the intimate and refuge-like character in relationship with its surroundings.

28 Aug 2022
São Lázaro Apartments, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: Floret Arquitectura
São Lázaro Apartments Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
São Lázaro Apartments Porto

18 Aug 2022
GR House, Sever do Vouga, south of Porto, northern Portugal
Architect: Paulo Martins
GR House in Sever do Vouga
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
GR House in Sever do Vouga
Inserted in a plot of land of irregular geometry and surrounded by constructions of little architectural value, this villa emerges as a consequence of its constraints. If, on the one hand there is a reluctance to visually relate the villa’s interior spaces to its immediate surroundings, on the other hand, there is an uncontrollable desire to turn the villa entirely to face eastwards, towards its view of thunderous beauty and discrete privacy.

13 Jun 2022
Saint Adrian House, Braga, northern Portugal
Architecture: Tiago Do Vale Architects
Saint Adrian House Braga Portugal
photo : João Morgado
Saint Adrian House, Braga
The Duarte Pacheco Quarter where it stands, built between 1935 and 1939, was part of the “Estado Novo” (the authoritarian regime that ruled Portugal from 1933 to 1974) social housing policies in a moment of severe lack of residences with minimal hygiene and health standards for the most excluded and disadvantaged classes.

25 May 2022
Casa 15, Braga
Architects: AM-arqstudio
Casa 15 Braga Property
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa 15, Braga Property
When you first meet a client, you start traveling through spaces that are not built yet. Even before the client understands what the project goals are, the distinct spaces start taking place, sometimes is a word, other times as a perception of how a material feels when touched, and others, how the light makes you feel.

27 Apr 2022
Graça 117, Lisbon
Design: Pedro Carrilho Arquitectos
Graça 117 Lisbon Apartment
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Graça 117, Lisbon Apartment
Graça 117 is one of the rehabilitation projects that contributed to the valorization and preservation of the Graça’s street urban unity, in Lisbon, as a part of a set of buildings with history. Like many buildings in Lisbon, this intervention required a general restructuring, with architectural features’ recovery, respect for pre-existing references, and reformulation of housing layout.

10 Apr 2022
Casa da Piscina, Northern Portugal
Architect: Studio Nicholas Burns
Casa da Piscina Northern Portugal
photo : Peter Bennetts
Casa da Piscina, Northern Portugal
In a township in Northern Portugal, on 30 hectares and surrounded by forest and vineyards, sits Casa da Piscina a striking building. At first glance, the two-level stone pavilion could be mistaken for a house.

4 Apr 2022
Sta Joana House, Sta. Joana, Aveiro, Northern Portugal
Architects: NU.MA, architects
House in Sta Joana Aveiro Real Estate
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
House in Sta Joana, Aveiro Real Estate
In a street marked by a vast set of housings for the working class, the sense of repetition and systematization of the construction process is a strong characteristic here. NU.MA, architects wanted to follow the same idea – repetition/systematization when designing Sta Joana House.

23 Mar 2022
Second Skin, Figueira da Foz
Architecture: danielmsantos
Second Skin Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Second Skin, Figueira da Foz
With a close relation to the Mondego river, the building Second Skin rehabilitated by the architecture and engineering office danielmsantos, evokes memories of the belle époque in elegant Figueira da Foz and gives it a new, bolder and irreverent core. Two centuries after being brought up, a new challenge comes to this riverside building that was once a manor house and hosted Municipalized Services.

16 Mar 2022
TILT house, Gondomar, Porto Metropolitan Area
Design: Mutant Architecture & Design
TILT house Gondomar
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
TILT house in Gondomar
The challenge with TILT house was launched to carry out the project for a one-story house to be built on a morphologically regular terrain. The surrounding area was, at the time the project was carried out, urbanistically-stabilized, characterized by an essentially endowed residential area, in the vicinity of several agglomerations consisting of single-family houses and some collective housing buildings.

10 Mar 2022
Middle Plan Houses, Póvoa de Lanhoso, district of Braga, Northern Portugal
Architect: LIMIT studio
Middle Plan Houses Póvoa de Lanhoso Portugal
photo : Alexandra Brites
Middle Plan Houses, Póvoa de Lanhoso
For this land in Póvoa de Lanhoso, there was an objective: to make better use of the natural characteristics of the context, providing greater harmony between housing and the nature of the place. For the Middle Plan Houses project LIMIT studio proposed to carry out an amendment to the pre-established legal rules in the allotment, in order to enable a greater housing integration with the accesses and the existing natural dimensions of the lot.

9 March 2022
Villa H1, S. João da Madeira, Norte region
Design: Bruno H Gomes, Arquitectura
Casa H1 S. João da Madeira Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa H1, S. João da Madeira
Access to the property is via a trough steep slope street that the design of the entrance gate seeks to tame. The house’s ground floor is located below the street level and a gabled volume announces the entrance to the house to those approaching from the street.

3 March 2022
Tiny houses by Madeiguincho, Cascais
Design: Madeiguincho, Noma Lisboa and David Serrão
Tiny house by Madeiguincho in Portugal Ursa - Portuguese Houses
image courtesy of architects practice
Tiny houses by Madeiguincho
When my father decided to stop his journey at Madeiguincho carpentry after 30 years, I was working in a conventional architecture studio and was not very convinced that this would be the right path, so I decided to take the risk and took over Madeiguincho Woodwork studio. This new chapter started around 2016.

20 Feb 2022
Disappearing car lift villa, Quinta da Marinha
Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

2 Feb 2022
FdP house, Alto Alentejo, eastern Portugal
Design: Architect Gonçalo Bonniz
FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal
photo : Woodtarget
FdP house in Alto Alentejo
Designed by renowned native architect, Gonçalo Bonniz, the remarkable large-scale home forms a stunning new-build in Alentejo. With a vanguard design and clean, sleek lines, the house is fully integrated into Alentejo’s landscape, complementing the morphology of the land and its surroundings.

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Portuguese Houses 2021

22 Nov 2021
Casa Janeira, Sátão, Viseu, northern Portugal
Design: Covo Interiores
Casa Janeira Sátão home, Viseu, Portugal
photo : Alexander Bogorodskiy
Casa Janeira, Sátão, Viseu
Casa Janeira is a project design by Covo Interiores and consists of the rehabilitation of the upper floor of a 1940’s house, located in Avelal-Sátão, in the interior of northern Portugal.

6 Nov 2021
S.Roque Building, Aveiro
Architects: Sónia Cruz – Arquitectura
Edifício S.Roque Apartments Aveiro
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Edifício S.Roque Apartments, Aveiro
The S.Roque Building, appears in an expectant and expanding area of the city of Aveiro. Its location is marked by the proximity of one of the channels of the Ria de Aveiro – Canal de S.Roque, which constitutes a local symbol possible to enjoy on walks, sports and leisure.

2 Nov 2021
TD House, Sintra
Design: ESQUISSOS Arquitectura e Consultoria
Casa TD Sintra
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
TD House, Sintra, Portugal Property
The understanding of the area, the relationship of the land with the street and the scale of the street naturally determined the concept of the entire idea. The considerable gap between the ground space and the access route defined the way this new Portuguese property was positioned.

27 Oct 2021
House of the Nuns – Casa Salicos, Lagos, the Barlavento region, Algarve
Architects: Mário Martins Atelier
House of the Nuns Lagos
photograph © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG
House of the Nuns, Lagos
The Casa Salicos was built from scratch on the degraded space of a vehicle workshop. A new building appears behind a really massive, powerful wall that is more than a meter thick, guarding the memories of successive occupations and that now plays the role facing onto the street.

6 Aug 2021
Portas São João
Architecture: Meireles Arquitectos
Portas São João Building Porto
photograph : João Morgado
Portas São João, Porto
The building Portas São João has two street fronts and is located at the historic centre of the city, near the riverside of Porto, classified as a World Heritage Site since 1996.

1 Aug 2021
Torre 261 Apartments, Amarante, northern Portugal
Design: Just an Architect
Torre 261 Apartments Amarante
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Torre 261 Apartments, Amarante
Urbanistically, the Torre 261 plot meets two distinct scales. To the North, a scale of four and five storey buildings, to the South by the intersection of an access road to Rossio Park, after which the scale changes to a two-storey scale and single-family dwelling typology.

15 Jun 2021
Box House, Romarigães, Paredes de Coura, Northern Portugal
Architect: Tiago Sousa
Box House Romarigães Paredes de Coura
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Box House, Romarigães Paredes de Coura
Box House is a rehabilitation project – always representing the conflict between the memory of past experiences and the urges of contemporary living. The existing volume has a singular configuration – rigid in shape and rudely built, similar to the typical Minho house.

31 May 2021
Quinta da Marinha House, Lisbon
Quinta da Marinha House, Lisbon

11 Apr 2021
Senhora da Hora, Porto
Architects: Raulino Silva
Senhora da Hora House Porto
photography : João Morgado
Senhora da Hora House, Porto
The work is inserted in an urban land, in a residential area with several single-family houses on two floors and some buildings of collective housing. The town of Senhora da Hora has a population equivalent to a city, belongs to the municipality of Matosinhos and is very near to the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal.

9 Apr 2021
Calçada House, Vila de Paraíso, north of Portugal
Architects: Ren Ito Arq
Calçada House Porto
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Calçada House, Porto
There was an existing house from 18th century and several annex buildings with several trees in old manor with 5000 sqm. The site was divided by the buildings scattered throughout the project site, and each part was designed as unique place. We refurbished them to serve as a residence and a guest house.

22 Mar 2021
Santarém House, Santarém, central Portugal
Design: dp Arquitectos
Santarem House Central Portugal
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Santarém House, Central Portugal
The Santarém House is located on the perimeter of an allotment, overlooking the countryside. It is organized with service area on the North side, social area in the center, and a bedroom area on the other end, all facing the generous patio with swimming pool.

19 Feb 2021
Casa dos Sobreiros, Celorico de Basto, Braga
Architects: Hugo Pereira Arquitectos
Casa dos Sobreiros Braga
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa dos Sobreiros, Braga Property
The objective of the Casa dos Sobreiros project was the construction of a single family house on a plot of extraordinary morphological characteristics, which remained almost intact and unchanged.

5 Feb 2021
Cork Trees House, Braga
Architects: TRAMA arquitetos
Cork Trees House Braga
photography : João Morgado
Cork Trees House, Braga
TRAMA arquitetos were approached by a young family, who has a close relationship with architecture, to develop a project that materialized the DNA of the architects.
Casa dos Sobreiros design by Trama Arquitetos from BUILDING PICTURES on Vimeo

14 Feb 2021
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: Raulino Silva
Aldoar House Aldoar
photography : João Morgado
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro
This modern Portuguese property is inserted in the allotment of Monte da Ervilha, near the Foz do Douro in Oporto, in Portugal. The urban land, long and narrow, allows the construction of a basement, two floors and an indentation.

5 Jan 2021
Casa Rio, Gondomar
Design: Paulo Merlini Architects
Casa Rio Gondomar
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa Rio, Gondomar
The Casa Rio project results from the remodeling of an old farmhouse located in a yet very rural city. By disassembling the poor materials of the old facade we discovered that the house was actually made up of three small houses built according to the needs of the former owner.

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Portuguese Houses 2020

23 Dec 2020
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim
Design: Raulino Silva Architect
Beiriz House Povoa de Varzim
photo : João Morgado
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim
The allotment of Violantas was designed along a street with lots on both sides and is located in the parish of Beiriz. The surrounding area has fields for cultivating corn and grass, but to the west in the distance you can already see the “towers” of the city, in Póvoa de Varzim.

30 Sep 2020
Rio Mau 2 House, Vila do Conde

20 Apr 2020
Matias Alves House in Leiria

12 Apr 2020
Touguinha House in Vila do Conde

3 Apr 2020
Casa Salicos in The Algarve

5 Mar 2020
Contemporary House in Falfosa, north of Faro
Design: AAP Associated Architects Partnership
House in Falfosa, Faro
photo : José Campos
Falfosa House, Faro
This small new residential property project is part of a rural settlement in a national agricultural reserve protected area, north of the city of Faro.

9 Feb 2020
Galegos House, Barcelos
Architect: Raulino Silva
Galegos House Barcelos
picture : João Morgado
Galegos House in Barcelos
A single-family housing is located in Galegos de Santa Maria, Barcelos, a plot with around 4,000 sqm. The building was implemented near of the corner of 1º Dezembro Street and Trás da Fonte Street, allowing the construction of another house on the remaining ground to the North.

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Portuguese Houses 2019

9 Dec 2019
Lamego House, Douro, Northern Portugal
Architect: António Ildefonso Architect
Lamego House Douro - Portuguese Houses
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
House in Douro, Northern Portugal
The plot for this property is a 70m x 40m rectangle with a difference of 5 m between high and low elevation. Starting at the low elevation, an existing path to the east gives access to a house to the north which was the reference to the chosen site.

3 Dec 2019
Casa A and Pool in Guimarães, Braga District

28 Oct 2019
Touguinhó III House in Vila do Conde

31 July 2019
House MM in Odivelas, Lisbon

25 Jul 2019
Casa Vilarinho, Porto
Architects: João Vieira de Campos
Casa Vilarinho in Porto - Portuguese Houses
photography © Nelson Garrido
Casa Vilarinho in Porto
Located at the top of the lot, the Vilarinho House is built on a pre-existing house. The new construction preserves the sense and design of the exterior spaces of the site.

18 Jul 2019
Box XL Houses, Braga, Northern Portugal
Architects: Grupo Zegnea
Box XL Houses Guimaraes Braga
photography © João Morgado
New Houses in Guimarães, Braga
A seven-house development arranged in a diverse way, creating different relationships with the environment.

3 Jun 2019
Sea Front Villa, Quinta da Marinha, Estoril – Cascais
Design: Arq Tailor, Arquitectos, Lisboa
Sea Front Villa in Quinta da Marinha - Portuguese Houses
photography © Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Sea Front Villa in Quinta da Marinha
Sea Front Villa luxury property in a well-known selected resort in the Estoril – Cascais area, considered the Portuguese Riviera for its lovely dune extended beaches, ancient enchanting palaces and refined lifestyle.

23 Mar 2019
Coimbra – Steinman House, Lisbon
Design: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos
Coimbra - Steinman House Lisbon - Portuguese Houses
picture from architects office
Contemporary House in Lisbon
Coimbra – Steinman House is placed in the upper part of a field of a golf course with distant views towards the city of Lisbon.

16 Feb 2019
GR House, Sever do Vouga, Aveiro
Architect: Paulo Martins
GR House in Sever do Vouga
photo ©
House in Sever do Vouga
Inserted in a plot of land of irregular geometry and surrounded by constructions of little architectural value, this villa emerges as a consequence of its constraints.

25 Jan 2019
IF House, Ílhavo, Aveiro
Architects: M2 Senos
House in Ílhavo Aveiro - Portuguese Houses
photo © do mal o menos – Eduardo Nascimento
House in Ílhavo
The building site implantation adopts the shape of the land. The two-story volumetry imposes itself on the street but on the back the building follows the length of the ground by losing its scale and subtly fading almost into a single point.

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New Portugal Homes 2018

11 Dec 2018
Houses in Calçada dos Mestres neighborhood, Rua Um, Campolide hill, Lisboa
Design: Orgânica architecture office
Houses in Calçada dos Mestres, Lisbon
photograph : Do Mal o Menos
Houses in Calçada dos Mestres
Rehabilitation of two semi-detached houses in the Calçada dos Mestres neighborhood, facing ‘Águas Livres’, the 18th century aqueduct.

22 Nov 2018
Casa Salicos, Carvoeiro, Algarve
Architects: STUDIOARTE
Casa Salicos in the Algarve - Portuguese Houses
photography : Da Cruz Photo – Luís da Cruz
New House in Algarve
An interpretation of the Mediterranean Modernist Architecture in a balanced fusion with Portuguese Cubist Architecture references.

8 Oct 2016
House with Four Houses in Penafiel
House with Four Houses in Penafiel

Recent Portuguese Property Designs

Contemporary Portuguese Homes

10 Oct 2013
Villa Escarpa, Praia da Luz, Algarve, southern Portugal
Design: Mario Martins
Villa Escarpa Algarve - Portuguese Houses
photo : Fernando Guerra [FG+SG]
Villa Escarpa
Villa Escarpa is located near the village of Praia da Luz, in the district of Lagos, Algarve, in the South of Portugal. A condition of the planning permission was that the new house be constructed in the space occupied by a previous building. This had little architectural or technical merit, but was located in an exceptional position on an escarpment overlooking the Algarve coastline and village of Praia da Luz.

23 Sep 2013
House on a Warehouse, Torres Novas, central Portugal
Design: Miguel Marcelino
New House in Torres Novas
photograph : Joao Morgado
House on a Warehouse
Given the constraints of the existing warehouse, the house shape turns out to be automatically set: a box that rests on the existing structure. The rooms are placed to the east, the toilets to the west, as well as the kitchen, looking to a centennial olive tree. The existing balcony will be maintained and “duplicated” as a shading element.

31 May 2013
Valongo House, Porto, northern Portugal
Design: CNLL
Valongo House Portugal
photo : Nelson Garrido
Valongo House
Thought as a large volume that cuts and breaks the house proposing spaces, scales, experiences and distinctive moments. The entrance sharply assumed by a breach or opening between volumes, gives us, a compression accentuated by a sculpture that accompanies the entrance path.

31 May 2013
Casa Paramos, Espinho, northern Portugal
Design: CNLL
Casa Paramos Portugal - Portuguese Houses
photo : Nelson Garrido
Casa Paramos
The programme is distributed over two floors and a basement. The ground floor is designed to accommodate the social areas and is extended to the outside by means of large glazed areas. The bedrooms and other private areas are on the upper floor. Large glazed areas and balconies are favoured here.

30 May 2013
Montemor House, Alentejo, northern Portugal
Design: CNLL
Montemor House - Portuguese Homes
photo : Nelson Garrido
Montemor House
The deployment of the house defines the west edge of an outdoor walled space that constitutes the resting and leisure area, with exterior sober areas and rigorously designed gardens. The white plaster that covers the building pays tribute to the place and history, as well as the shaled walls print a noble and enduring character to the building.

1 Feb 2013
House in Odemira Alentejo, south of Portugal
Design: Vitor Vilhena Architects
Casa House in Odemira, Alentejo - Portuguese Houses
photograph © Joao Morgado
House in Odemira
The arrangement shown, maximizes the southern sun exposure, differing in subtle, non-blocking visual, public and private areas. On the whole, the project was undertaken without sacrificing the natural elements and panoramic tiny cuts between site characteristics and human intervention.

24 Aug 2012
U House, Ericeira, western Portugal
Design: Jorge Graça Costa
U House, Ericeira

20 Aug 2012
San Lorenzo North Villa, Quinta do Lago, The Algarve, south west Portugal
Design: Imaestri
San Lorenzo North Villa

9 Jul 2012
House in Ovar, north west Portugal
Design: Paula Santos Arquitectos
House in Ovar

23 Feb 2012
House in Juso, north of Cascais, west of Lisbon, southwest Portugal
ARX Portugal + Stefano Riva
House in Juso
photograph : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
New Portuguese House
In the concept for this small house in the vicinity of Aldeia de Juso, the tiniest area of flat land and the house’ s, as well as the high density of the new houses yet to be built in the surroundings, forcibly draw us to some sort of “obsession” about the possibilities of dilating space.

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Location: Portugal, southwestern Europe

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