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Czech Architecture News

Key Property Developments in Czechia: New Buildings – Central Eastern Europe Built Environment Updates

post updated 19 May 2024

Czech Republic Architecture Designs – chronological list

Czech Architecture News 2024

Czech Building News, chronological:

14 April 2024
Hytta in Lípa nad Dřevnicí, Zlín District, southeastern Moravia
Architects: Adam Hofman and Dominik Ilichman
Hytta Lipa nad Drevnici Czech Republic
photo © Studio Flusser
Hytta in Lípa nad Dřevnicí
We are creators by nature. It fulfills us to materialise our dreams and breathe life into our ideas. However, we often encounter obstacles unique to the current day and age: continuous notifications, digital noise, and the constant need to check our phones.

Czech Architectural News

Czech Building News, chronological:

18 Oct 2023
Double Gable House, Pilsen–Lochotín district
Architects: PRO-STORY
Double Gable House Pilsen Czech Republic
photo : Petr Polák
Kamenice Villas
A single row of old semi-detached family houses remained surrounded by concrete blocks of flats, creating an exceptional private island of gardens inside a high-rise residential area. Most of those houses have already been renovated and enlarged by later additions, changing the original scale of this neighbourhood.

6 October 2023
Vršovice Twins, Praha
Design: Studio Reaktor
Vršovice Twins
photo : Michaela Kociánová
Vršovice Twins Prague
From the Vršovice apartment, twins emerged. The 40 m2 floor plan was divided into two resembling units by architects. The interiors of each unit were inspired by the texture of the original plasterwork. The so-called “Blues” unit is overall darker, playing with black accents and smoked glass. On the other hand, the second unit, called the “Yellows” combines softer and lighter shades with translucent glazing.

26 Sep 2023
Kamenice Villas, Kamenice
Design: NEW HOW architects
Kamenice Villas, Czech Republic
photo : Petr Polák
Kamenice Villas
The proposed plot is located very close to the center of Kamenice village, next to the main urban axis of the village – Ringhofferova Street. The surrounding development has a diverse character – there are family houses, cottages, and apartment buildings. On the north side, the plot is adjacent to the main pedestrian route that runs through the entire village.

5 Sep 2023
Karlovy Vary Apartment, Karlovy Vary
Design: Plus One Architects
Karlovy Vary Apartment, Czech Republic
photo : Radek Úlehla
Karlovy Vary Apartment
The apartment, located near Karlovy Vary’s picturesque colonnades and Hotel Thermal which houses the world-known International Film Festival, underwent a complete reconstruction. Overlooking a hillside full of mature greenery, the historic 1900s apartment building features several well-preserved elements dating back to the time when apartments were generous and charming.

5 Sep 2023
In a Row House
Design: No Architects
In A Row House Prague
photo : Studio Flusser
In a Row House
A client, who is literally chased around the world several times a month by his specialization and indispensability, decided to anchor with his family in one of the older terraced houses, perhaps coincidentally, “within sight” of the airport.

23 July 2023
South Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Hall Renovation, Prachatice, South Bohemia
Architects: Mimosa Architects
Open Air Cinema Prachatice South Bohemia
photo : BoysPlayNice
Open Air Cinema Prachatice, South Bohemia
Through a complete reconstruction of the Open-Air Cinema Prachatice, the dilapidated former open-air cinema with a huge capacity of 800 seats, was transformed into a functioning complex with a more sustainable capacity of 350.

20 July 2023
Secession Villa Apartment, Prague
Design: svobodová blaha
Secession Villa Apartment
photo : Svobodová Blaha
Secession Villa Apartment, Prague
The project brief was to refurbish the interior of one floor of a multi-generational Secession villa and to allocate a separate apartment unit due to the need for a greater degree of privacy for a young couple. The concept of three main passage rooms was retained, which now serve as a living kitchen, the middle room as a study with a library, and two separate dressing rooms.

25 June 2023
Kocanda Kravsko II, South Moravia
Architects: Studio ORA
Kocanda Kravsko II South Moravian Czech Republic
photo : BoysPlayNice
Kocanda Kravsko II, South Moravian
The Kocanda Kravsko II project deals with the second stage of the conversion of the former ceramics factory in Kravsko. In the second half of the 19th century, this historic Czech property was transformed into a famous ceramics factory and expanded with new buildings.

29 May 2023
Vltavska, Hlávkův most, Vltavská, Prague 7
Architects: U / U studio
Vltavská Underground Prague 7 Czech Republic
photo : Jiří Kotal
Vltavská Underground, Prague 7
U / U studio proudly invite you to the public space/night club on the river. The studio are injecting life into the Vltavska underpass, which lost its transit purpose between Hlavkuv bridge and became a place that citizens of Prague try to avoid while visiting the transport intersection at Vltavska.

18 May 2023
Příměstský park Soutok – Confluence Periurban Park landscape design competition, confluence of the Berounka and Vltava rivers
Design: EMF, NORMA, and PARETO
Confluence Periurban Park Prague Competition
picture from contest organisers
Confluence Periurban Park Prague Competition
One of the largest periurban parks in Central Europe will be built at the confluence of the Berounka and Vltava Rivers. It will be designed by architects from EMF, NORMA, and PARETO,

The House in the Preserve, Central Bohemia CZ

Family House Polánka, Moravský Krumlov

22 Nov 2022
House That Opens Up to the Sun, Malé Kyšice
Architects: Stempel & Tesar architekti
House That Opens Up to the Sun Czech
photo : Filip Šlapal
House That Opens Up to the Sun
In the southern part of Malé Kyšice town on the edge of the Křivoklát woods, there is a residential district originally home to weekend cottages. One such cottage on a flat plot of land was replaced by a passive home.

2 Nov 2022
The Guard Patrol, Liberec
Architects: Mjölk architekti
The Guard Patrol Liberec Czech Republic
photo : BoysPlayNice
The Guard Patrol, Liberec
The ridge of the Stráž mountain towers above Rokytnice. Its western end descends to the rushing waters of the Jizera river and continues eastwards along the Sachrův and Vlčí ridges to the mystical mountain Kotel.

31 Oct 2022
Two Towers
Architects: boq architekti
Two Towers Czech Republic Atrium House
photo : Tomas Dittrich
Two Towers, Czech Republic Atrium House
The Two Towers is an atrium house as one of the possible answers to the question – how to build a modern house in a small village that will speak the contemporary language and be based on the historical morphology of village houses? The current house as a paraphrase of a village building with a yard.

Glass Cabin, Liberecky kraj

Lipno Lakeside Cabin

20 Sep 2022
Weekend Apartment, Jizera Mountains

20 Sep 2022
Krňany Barn, Central Bohemia

17 Sep 2022
E07 Apartment, Bubeneč district, Prague
Architects: Malfinio
E07 Apartment Prague Czech Republic
photo : BoysPlayNice
E07 Apartment
Malfinio tailored the E07 Apartment renovation project from the turn of the 19th century in the capital city’s Bubeneč district to young clients with two, perhaps three little creatures. The clients, together with the space and place as such, were the primary source of inspiration – their requirements, lifestyle, and the feeling they evoke.

Rašovka House, Ještěd Ridge

Czech Radio Building, Olomouc Region

20 July 2022
House with In-law Suite, Rybí, Moravian-Silesian Czech Republic
Design: KLAR
House with In-law Suite Rybí CZ
photo : Václav Novák
House with In-law Suite, Rybí CZ
This contemporary Czech property on the south edge of the Rybí village, Moravian-Silesian Region, is a sizeable plot of land, but with a significantly reduced buildable area. The shape of the future home is largely predetermined by the minimum required setbacks from existing underground gas storage tanks and from the forest edge.

25 Jun 2022
Louny Municipal Swimming Hall, Louny
Architects: dkarchitekti
Louny Municipal Swimming Hall Czech Republic
photo : BoysPlayNice
Louny Municipal Swimming Hall
The Louny Municipal Swimming Hall is dynamically shaped, on all sides barely open crystal reveals the indoor world of a swimming hall on its south side. The outstanding overhang of the sloping roof surface with a sharp scarf of side façades enables two very different worlds to meet.

24 Jun 2022
Hoist Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge, Mladá Boleslav, Středočeský kraj
Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Hoist Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge Mladá Boleslav
photos : René Volfík and Andrea Thiel Lhotáková
Hoist Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridge
These Czech architects approached by Mr Bouška, a passionate cyclist and a current deputy mayor of Mladá Boleslav, to propose sketches of five different Hoist Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges and transborders for the city. Though the design for the bridge for the river Klenice had to stand by for a while in order for sufficient financial funds to be gathered, all circumstances worked out in the end.

19 May 2022
Weekend House, Bukovany, Hodonín District
Architects: SENAA architekti
Weekend House Bukovany Czech Republic
photo : Alex Shoots Buildings
Weekend House Bukovany
The Weekend House lies in a pleasant wine cellar lane with limited access for construction equipment. SENAA architekti had to abandon the original reconstruction plan after the actual condition was discovered. The new building respects the footprint and shape of the old house.

29 Mar 2022
Máminka, Hudlice, Central Bohemia
Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Máminka Tower Hudlice Central Bohemia
photos : Ales Jungmann and Petr Králík
Máminka Tower, Hudlice Central Bohemia
The Máminka lookout tower stands in a clearing atop the peak of Krušná hora, on the site of a former military triangulation point. The construction was initiated by Radek Olič, who wanted to commemorate his parents.

13 Apr 2022
Clinic, Mladá Boleslav, Středočeský kraj
Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Clinic in Mladá Boleslav Středočeský Kraj
photos : Ales Jungmann and Petr Králík
Clinic in Mladá Boleslav, Středočeský Kraj
The private clinic run by the Pírko family has been operating on the outskirts of Mladá Boleslav since the First Czechoslovak Republic (1918–1938). The clinic is located in the trees on a hillock that ends in a cliff face. HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš were asked to build the Clinic in Mladá Boleslav below it.

Králíčák Lookout Tower, Olomouc Region

Lighthouse and Museum of Jára Cimrman, Liberec

2 Mar 2022
House for a Photographer, Valašská Bystřice, Zlín, southeastern Moravia
Architects: ValArch ateliér
House for a Photographer Valašská Bystřice Zlín
photo : BoysPlayNice
House for a Photographer, Zlín
Premek’s land looked like a nice peaceful meadow under the forest but the whole thing looked easier than it actually was. The land lies on the border of the third and fourth zones of the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area.

17 Feb 2022
Sedlčany Housing, Sedlčany, Central Bohemia
Architects: Aulík Fišer architekti
Sedlčany Housing Central Bohemian
photo : Aleš Jungmann
Sedlčany Housing, Central Bohemia
The hotel building was built at the turn of the 1950s on the Sedlčany square. It formed a quality part of the square from the urban and architectural point of view.

2 Feb 2022
Panorama Golf Resort, Kácov, Středočeský kraj
Architects: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Panorama Golf Resort Central Bohemia
photography : Ales Jungmann and René Volfík
Panorama Golf Resort, Central Bohemia
From a bird’s-eye view, the layout of the Panorama Golf Resort clubhouse at the Kácov golf course is reminiscent of the leg of a giant golfer. The landscape along the River Sázava captivated investors so much that they decided to build a meeting place for fans of golf.

27 Jan 2022
Walk Over the Quarry, Horní Bečva
Architects: henkai architekti
Walk Over the Quarry Bukovany Hodonín District
photo : BoysPlayNice
Walk Over the Quarry, Horní Bečva
The Lookout on the abandoned quarry hill can be found in the eastern part of the Horní Bečva village in the Beskydy Protected Landscape Area. Rising up on the left bank of the village water reservoir, fed by the Rožnovská Bečva river, the wooded hilltop is surrounded by a number of scattered family homes and recreational properties.

21 Jan 2022
Tower Bára, Chrudim, Pardubický kraj
Design: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Tower Bára Pardubický Kraj CZ
photo : Radka Ciglerová
Tower Bára, Pardubický Kraj CZ
The town council of Chrudim decided to build an out-look tower in the forest boundary, where the landscape provides beautiful panoramic view of the surroundings. An architectonic contest was made and as the winning project was marked the one by Martin Martin Rajniš from e-Mrak team.

20 Jan 2022
Atelier Above River, Kamenný Přívoz, Central Bohemian Region
Design: HAMR Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš
Atelier Above River Kamenný Přívoz CZ
photograph : Radka Ciglerová
Atelier Above River, Kamenný Přívoz CZ
The drive behind this commission was a lady investor who sought Martin Martin Rajniš with the request to try and design Atelier Above River, a studio to fit among some stone houses. There was already an old stone wall on the site, defining a small area below the street level and overlooking a river valley.

11 Jan 2022
Villa 1906, Pod Pensionátem 154, 252 29 Dobřichovice
Architects: Karnet architekti
Villa 1906 Dobřichovice Bohemia Czech Architecture News
photo : Petr Polák
Villa 1906
Karnet architekti present modern living in the bourgeois Villa 1906. For the new owners, the architects design a contemporary layer, redraw floor layouts, organize the flow of spaces and tune up the combinations of materials to preserve the original elements of the villa and meet the requirements of contemporary living.

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Czech Architecture News in 2021

14 Dec 2021
South Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra Hall Renovation, České Budějovice, South Bohemia
Architects: atelier A8000
Pavilion Z České Budějovice, South Bohemia - Czech Architecture News
photo : Ondřej Bouška
Pavilion Z České Budějovice, South Bohemia
The picturesque town of České Budějovice, located in the south of the Czech Republic, is still flourishing. The city of nearly 100,000 inhabitants is a hot candidate for the European Capital of Culture 2028, offering trendy cafés, pleasant restaurants, the Vltava and Malše rivers, and nature within easy reach. It has also recently undergone an architectural renaissance.

8 Dec 2021
Contemporary Art Gallery PLATO, Ostrava, Czech Republic
Design: KWK PROMES Robert Konieczny
Contemporary Art Gallery PLATO Ostrava - Czech Architecture News
visualization : Luxigon
Contemporary Art Gallery PLATO
The work is the result of a competition to convert a dilapidated old slaughterhouse in the centre of Ostrava in the Czech Republic into the Contemporary Art Gallery PLATO. KWK PROMES Robert Konieczny got involved in this project because the building seemed intriguing and worth preserving.

29 Nov 2021
Farmhouse Extension, South Bohemia

18 Nov 2021
Internal Landscape Villa, Nový Jičín

17 Nov 2021
Ship Cabin Cottage, Vranov nad Dyjí

14 Oct 2021
Wine Bar Reisten, Pavlov Moravia

21 September 2021
Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin, Vranov nad Dyjí, Znojmo District, South Moravian Region
Architects: Prodesi/Domesi
Cottage Inspired by a Ship Cabin, Vranov nad Dyjí
photograph : BoysPlayNice
Cottage in Vranov nad Dyjí
The small cottage, concealed with sunburned larch planks, located in the greenery above the Vranov Dam, provides surprisingly big interior space. Not only owner’s family, but also visitors can enjoy it. It provides plenty of space for evening gatherings as well as for sleeping.

24 May 2021
Tee House, Čeladná 990, 739 12 Čeladná
Design: CMC architects
Tee House Wellness Center Čeladná - Czech Architecture News
photograph : BoysPlayNice
Tee House Wellness Center, Čeladná
On the Eastern edge of the Czech Republic, near the Slovak and Polish borders, the village of Čeladná is surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Beskydy Mountains. Čeladná has grown in recent years with a number of significant buildings, including hotels and resort type spas.

17 May 2021
Nové Hamry Weekend House, Nové Hamry, the Ore Mountains, Karlovy Vary
Architects: NEW HOW architects
Nové Hamry Weekend House Czech Architecture News
photograph : Petr Polák, [email protected], NEW HOW architects
Nové Hamry Weekend House, Karlovy Vary
The Nové Hamry Weekend House is only a few meters from the edge of the forest, from where it grows up towards the tops of spruces. Nestled among the trees, almost hidden compared to other white plaster houses next door, it almost looks as if it has been swallowed up by forests…

17 May 2021
Family House, Polanka nad Odrou

11 Apr 2021
Vlastibořice House, Liberec
Architects: SIAL
Vlastibořice House Liberec - Czech Architecture News
photograph : BoysPlayNice
Vlastibořice House, Liberec
The beautiful site of Vlastibořice House slopes to the southwest and is part of a slightly undulating landscape of the “Bohemian Paradise” territory. The plot offers amazing views of the opposite side of the valley. Due to the fact that the plot is located outside the built-up area, it offered a unique opportunity to realize a solitary villa with an extraordinary interconnection between indoor and outdoor space.

6 Apr 2021
Lužec nad Vltavou Footbridge

11 Mar 2021
Shipping Container House

14 Feb 2021
House by the Pond, České Budějovice

12 Feb 2021
Shipping Container House

10 Feb 2021
Moravian Village House, Podluží

2 Feb 2021
Cottage Pod Bukovkou

2 Feb 2021
House LO, Chřiby

26 Jan 2021
Krkonoše House

21 Jan 2021
Shipping Container House

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Czech Architecture News in 2020

15 Dec 2020
River Valley Family House, Znojmo

7 Dec 2020
Kindergarten Port, Stříbro

3 Nov 2020
Helfštýn Castle, Helfštýn by Týn nad Bečvou
Architects: atelier-r
Helfstyn Castle Reconstruction Czech Republic
photograph : BoysPlayNice,
Helfštýn Castle Reconstruction
Rising high above the Moravian Gate valley, Helfštýn Castle is the second largest complex in the Czech Republic right after Prague Castle. Helfštýn was established in the 14th century. In 2014 the Renaissance palace ruins had to close down due to the severe safety hazards such as falling masonry and remains degradation.

1 Oct 2020
Winery Nešetřil, Masarykovo náměstí, Znojmo
Architects: ORA
Winery Nesetril Znojmo CZ - Czech Architecture News
photograph : BoysPlayNice,
Winery Nešetřil
A winemaker approached ORA with his dream of creating Winery Nešetřil, a prosperous winery in the heart of Znojmo in a Renaissance house on Masaryk Square. The task was to create a place where wine would be produced, sold and tasted, and at the same time, there would be feasts, events and accommodation for guests.

18 Feb 2020
Červený zámek, Hradec nad Moravicí – Red Castle
Architects: ATELIER 38 architekti
Červený zámek in Hradec nad Moravicí, Czech building
photograph : Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice,
Červený zámek
The first phase of the renovation of this romantic neo-Gothic castle included the removal of static disturbances, monument restoration and integration of new functions into the restored spaces.

14 Jan 2020
Pilana Karbid Company Building in Hulín, Zlín Region
Architect: Ellement Architects
Pilana Karbid Company Building Hulin - Czech Architecture News
photograph : Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice,
Pilana Karbid Company Building in Hulín, Zlín Region
The manufacturing and administrative building for a rapidly growing family company. The construction with a green roof and transparent spaces support contact and communication within the company. The new building complies with the strict norms of manufacturing.

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Czechia Architectural Updates in 2019

11 Dec 2019
Cafe Konvikt Interior in Olomouc
Cafe Konvikt Interior in Olomouc

2 Nov 2019
Lety u Písku Holocaust Memorial
Lety u Písku Holocaust Memorial

16 Aug 2019
Fifth Building, MSIC technological park, Ostrava
Design: RMJM Prague
Fifth Building Ostrava

22 Jul 2019
The Tomáš Baťa Memorial, Zlín Region
Architect of the renovation: Petr Všetečka / TRANSAT architekti
The Tomas Bata Memorial Zlin Czech Architecture News
photograph : Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice,
Tomáš Baťa Memorial
The building by František Lýdie Gahura, opened one year after the death of Tomáš Baťa, is the most valuable monument of the Zlín constructivism and the highlight of the so-called “Baťa architecture” phenomenon.

24 May 2019
House behind the wall in Liberec
Design: Mjölk architects
House behind the wall in Liberec, Czech Republic Building News
photograph : BoysPlayNice,
New House in Liberec
It all started with the clients’ purchase of a house over a hundred years old. The traditional building with a gable roof was at the end of its life.

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Czechia Architectural Updates

12 Dec 2018
Šárecký Dvůr Prague 6 Residential Development
Architects: Bogle Architects
Šárecký Dvůr Prague 6 Residential Development - Czech Architecture News
photograph © Filip Šlapal
Šárecký Dvůr Prague 6
Benefiting from an integrated landscape design that creates a tranquil setting, the new villas are carefully positioned amongst the restored farmstead buildings to maximise views of the area while still maintaining a sense of seclusion and privacy.

19 Sep 2018
House in the Slope, Šternberk

18 Sep 2018
PIANO Office Center in České Budejovice

2 Sep 2018
Cottage Near a Pond in Vysočina

11 Aug 2018
Chestnut House, near Štramberk / Kopřivnice
Architect: ValArch Studio
Chestnut House, Štramberk / Kopřivnice - Czech Architecture News
photo : BoysPlayNice
Contemporary Czech house near Štramberk / Kopřivnice
The first house designed and built by the ValArch architect studio is located on a small piece of land between Kopřivnice and Štramberk. It was built in a former recreation area where a large, old Chestnut tree was growing in an overrun field. This beautiful tree was a focal point for this property and the house became known as Chestnut House.

4 Jul 2018
Durch lookout, Valašské Příkazy, Zlín Region
Architect: Zdeněk Fránek ; concept: Jakub Janošík
Durch lookout, Valašské Příkazy, Zlín
photo : BoysPlayNice
Small building in Valašské Příkazy near Zlín
In the hills above Valašské Příkazy in the Zlín region in Czech Republic grew up a lookout Durch designed by architect Zdeněk Fránek. Durch is a tribute to the view of the landscape.

23 Jun 2018
Černá Voda mountain lodge, Krkonoše Mountain, north of the Czech Republic
Architect: ADR
Černá Voda Mountain Lodge in Krkonoše Mountains
photo : BoysPlayNice
Černá Voda Mountain Lodge in Krkonoše Mountains
This rural property is situated next to the “old” ski run near the Pomezní Boudy border checkpoint in the Krkonoše mountains.
The original lower ski-lift station was replaced with a new wooden structure on the confluence of Kolben and Černá Voda streams, the latter of which the chalet is named after.

18 May 2018
School Proposal for Lounovice
Architects: JDAP
School Proposal for Lounovice near Pragu - Czech Architecture Newse
image courtesy of architecture office
School Proposal for Lounovice

11 Apr 2018
Screw Factory Boiler House, Areál Šroubáren, Libčice nad Vltavou
Design: Atelier Hoffman
Screw Factory Boiler House in Libcice nad Vltavou
photo : BoysPlayNice
Screw Factory Boiler House

9 Apr 2018
Strančice Administration Building, Dolní Břežany
Design: Architektura, s.r.o.
Strancice Administration Building near Prague
photograph : Filip Šlapal
Strančice Administration Building

24 Feb 2018
Dolní Břežany Sports Hall, south of Prague
Architects: SPORADICAL
Dolni Brezany Sports Hall near Prague
photo : Jakub Skokan, Martin Tůma / BoysPlayNice
Dolní Břežany Sports Hall

5 Jan 2018
Two Houses, Deers and Trees – Reconstruction of Manor House, South Bohemia
Architect: Lenka Míková
Two Houses Deers and Trees Czech Architecture News
photo : BoysPlayNice
Two Houses, Deers and Trees in Bohemia
The rising interest in countryside houses is mostly linked to the attempt to balance the rushed city life and also to a desire for something authentic and traditional. But paradoxically this desired character of vernacular architecture is often removed by an overly precise reconstruction and standardized building solutions.

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Prague Architect
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Czechia Building Updates

Czech Architecture News 2017 Updates:

7 Nov 2017
Oaks Prague Villas, Nebřenice, Central Bohemia
Architects: Richard Meier & Partners
Oaks Prague Villas in Nebrenice
renderings: Bloomimages ; Model Photography: Jan Tichý and Richard Meier & Partners Architects
Oaks Prague Villas in Nebřenice
The new Oaks Prague Villas commissioned by Arendon Development Company are part of a new private residential community intended to become a modern village in the Nebřenice countryside. Located adjacent to the Oaks Frontline Apartments also designed by Richard Meier & Partners, the two villas will contribute to the residential fabric of the 140 hectare Oaks Prague Development.

3 Nov 2017 ; 19 Mar 2015
Lake Cabin, Machovo Lake, Northern Bohemia
Lake Cabin in Doksy - Czech Architecture News
photograph : Tomas Balej
Czech Republic Cabin
The new structure cohabits with the solitary woodland site facing a small sandy beach alcove. Its footprint follows the cabin’s original footprint without taking up new land. Existing pine densely scattered around the building had been retained and provide natural cover and solar shading. The principal access is via water and a sailing boat.

31 Oct 2017
Engel House, Andelska Hora, near Karlovy Vary
Design: Vit Maslo, David Richard Chisholm, CMC. Architects
Engel House Karlovy Vary property
photo : BoysPlayNice
Engel House, Karlovy Vary
In a small community in the Western region of the Czech Republic, not far from the spa town of Karlovy Vary, this villa was designed as a recreational house for an accomplished man, his family and friends.

26 Oct 2017
Rusty House, Humpolec, Vysočina Region
Rusty House in Humpolec - Czech Property News
photograph : BoysPlayNice
Rusty House in Humpolec
Built in the small town of Humpolec in the Czech Republic in 2005, the now iconic Rusty House demonstrated the possibilities of working with a relatively small and tight parcel with numerous limitations.

29 Aug 2017
Sazovice Church, Sazovice, Zlín Region
Design: Marek Jan Štěpán + Atelier Štěpán, Moravia
Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice
photograph : BoysPlayNice
Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice
Church of St. Wenceslas in Sazovice is a modern rotunda and contemporary architecture built on conservative principles from Moravian architectural office Atelier Štěpán. The idea of building a church in Sazovice dates from the interwar period.

7 Jun 2017
Brick House in Brick Garden, Prušánky, South Moravia
Architect: Jan Proksa
Brick House in Brick Garden
photograph : BoysPlayNice (BPN)
Brick House in Brick Garden, Czech Republic
Traditional villages in the Southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic are characterized by their distinctive urban planning. The streets are lined with L-shaped row houses neighbouring each other on narrow rectangular plots, each with its own long and narrow backyard.

19 May 2017
ContainHotel, Litomerice, northern Czech Republic
Design: Artikul Architects
photography: Michal Hurych
ContainHotel close to Litomerice
ARTIKUL architects designed a small mobile hotel from used shipping containers. Its first location is on a surf campsite at the Elbe riverbank close to Litomerice, Czech Republic.

21 Mar 2017
Black Flying House, near Pardubice, Eastern Bohemian Region
Architects: H3T Architekti
Black Flying House
picture : BPN
Black Flying House
Black flying house hovers under the arch of the old railway bridge. Attracts attention, entices you to visit and raises questions. Black flying house is an installation which is composed of a living room with a stove and a sleeping loft.

13 Mar 2017
Czech Forestry Commission Campus, Hradec Králové, Bohemia
Forestry Commission Campus
image Courtesy architecture office
Forestry Commission Campus in the Czech Republic
A project designed by a team under the direction of the Brno based young architecture studio CHYBIK+KRISTOF has recently won the international competition for the new administrative centre of the Czech Forestry Commission in Hradec Králové.

4 Jan 2017
Punkva Caves Entrance Building, Blansko
Design: Architektonicka kancelar Burian – Krivinka
Punkva Caves Entrance Building
photo © Filip Slapal
Punkva Caves Entrance Building
The new entrance building into Punkva Caves has replaced an old unsuitable structure. The characteristic feature of the building is a gently bent roof, which must withstand boulder falls from the surrounding limestone cliff.

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