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post updated 15 February 2022

Portuguese Architecture Designs – chronological list

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Portuguese Building News 2019

New Portuguese Buildings in Winter 2019, chronological:

11 Dec 2019
Vouga Industrial Building, Agueda, Aveiro District
Architect: atelier Nu.ma
Vouga Industrial Building Agueda - Portuguese Building News
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Vouga Industrial Building in Agueda
The site where this new Portuguese building project is inserted, has a irregular shape, perpendicular to EN333 in Agueda.

26 Nov 2019
Novo Banco, Lisbon
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Novo Banco Lisbon - Portuguese Building News
image : Contacto Atlântico
Novo Banco in Lisbon, Bank Building
There is no bank without clients. In regard of their importance, the space occupied by the clients is proposed to be the dorsal spine of the institution, from where all the services are developed.

3 Nov 2019
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School

Portuguese Building News Winter to Summer 2019

New Portuguese Buildings in Winter to Summer 2019, chronological:

27 July 2019
FACOL Offices in Guimaraes Building

22 July 2019
Campo Lindo House in Porto

21 July 2019
Edifício Lisbon Wood

18 July 2019
Alcantara Gardens, Lisbon
EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
Alcantara Gardens Lisbon Buildings
photo courtesy of architects
Alcantara Gardens Lisbon
A 23,000 sqm complex comprised of residential apartments and office spaces, with 93 residential units in total, ranging from large apartments for families to small units for short term stays.

7 May 2019
CUF Descobertas Hospital, Lisbon
Architects: IDOM
CUF Descobertas Hospital in Lisbon - Portuguese Building News
photograph : FG+SG
CUF Descobertas Hospital in Lisbon
The construction of this new building was the consequence of the need to extend the hospital, and it works exclusively as an out-patient’s clinic.

5 May 2019
Infinity Chapel, Pessegueiro Island
Architects: BAAG atelier
Infinity Chapel in Portugal - Portuguese Buildings News
image from architecture office
Infinity Chapel on Pessegueiro Island, Portugal
The architects state that this new Portuguese building design represents the research to design a space that is at the same time introspective, silent and contemplative of nature.

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Portuguese Building News 2018

2 Nov 2018
Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center

ARQUIPÉLAGO opened the 2nd Exposition Cycle of “Sonic Geometry”, a project in partnership with RTP – Radio and Television of Portugal, and curated by Nuno Faria and Nicolau Tudela, last Saturday, October 27th.

Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center
photo © José Campos

This cycle presents artistic projects of the duos Miguel Leal / Pedro Tudela and Mike Cooter / Tomás Cunha Ferreira, developed in Artistic Residency, and a new selection of images from the Audiovisual Archive of RTP, that refer to the Azorean universe.

This exhibition is part of a one year project, “Sonic Geometry”, that started on May, and where the artists develop projects, during their stay of 15 days at ARQUIPÉLAGO, that go through the investigation, creation and production of new works from the territory – Archipelago of the Azores – using the vast Audiovisual Archive of RTP. If you wish to have more information about ”Sonic Geometry” please let me know, because we can send an explanatory text of the whole project.

In addition, Fátima Marques Pereira, the Director of ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Art Center, decided to send information regarding LANDMARK, an architectural project developed in Artistic Residency (“Heritage as a source of inspiration”) by the portuguese architect Joaquim Oliveira. The project was promoted by the Regional Directorate of Culture, within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

According to Joaquim Oliveira, “Landmark” intends to be “a reference point in a place, in a square, and that has information on the use of geothermal resources of low enthalpy, and others considered of reutilization of energies in order to be integrated into immaterial actions of divulgation of these concepts in architectural and engineering projects”

27 Oct 2018
Arquipélago News – opens 2nd Cycle of “Sonic Geometry”

ARQUIPÉLAGO – Contemporary Art Center opens on October 27, at 6:30 p.m., the 2nd Exposition Cycle of “Sonic Geometry”, a project in partnership with RTP – Radio and Television of Portugal, and curated by Nuno Faria and Nicolau Tudela.

This cycle presents the artistic projects of the pairs Miguel Leal/ Pedro Tudela and Mike Cooter/ Tomás Cunha Ferreira, developed in Artistic Residency, and a new selection of videos from the Audiovisual Archive of RTP that refer to the Azorean universe.

“Sonic Geometry” started in May and since then the invited artists developed their Artistic Residencies in Arquipélago – Contemporary Art Center: Francisco Janes, Laetitia Morais, Sara Bichão and Manon Harrois – artists represented in the 1st Exhibition Cycle -, Mike Kooter, Miguel Leal, Pedro Tudela and Tomás Cunha Ferreira – who will exhibit in this 2nd Cycle -, Francisco Queimadela and Mariana Caló, Pedro Tropa and Ricardo Jacinto, that will be part of the 3rd Exhibition cycle, with Jonathan Saldanha, who will come in Residency in December.

During their 15-day Residencies, the artists of “Sonic Geometry” develop projects that go through research, experimentation and creation, which will lead to the production of new works from the place – the islands of the Azores Archipelago – using to the vast audiovisual archive of RTP.


6 Jul 2018
Sommer Pavilion 2018, Jardim da Parada, beside Casa Sommer, Cascais, Portugal
Architectural competition of ideas by the Cascais City Hall and assessed by the South Regional Section of the Architects Association (OASRS) and its goal is to select one idea for an ephemeral architectural intervention at Jardim da Parada, beside Casa Sommer, in the centre of Cascais.
Cascais Architecture Competition

3 Jul 2018
POC Observation and Control Building, Ermida, Sever do Vouga, central Portugal
Architect: Pedro Geraldes
POC Observation and Control Building in Ermida - Portuguese Building News
photograph : Alexandre Delmar
New Building in Ermida
The scope of this project consisted in the conception of an industrial facility for EDP, a global energy company, to act as a base for the observation and control of a dam in case of emergency.

28 Jun 2018
Church of S. Tiago de Antas, Vila Nova de Famalicão
Architects: Hugo Correia
Church of S Tiago de Antas in Vila Nova de Famalicao - Portugal Architecture News
photo : Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography
Church of S. Tiago de Antas in Vila Nova de Famalicão
This building is located in a privileged place with views over the natural landscape and the center of the local town.

10 May 2018
Rua Amial Development in Paranhos, Porto
Rua Amial Development in Paranhos, Porto
image courtesy of architects
Rua Amial Development in Paranhos, Porto
A significant mixed-use urban regeneration scheme designed by Bogle Architects and Grant Associates for Portugal’s coastal city of Porto has been awarded a Commendation at the 2018 MIPIM/The Architectural Review: Future Projects Awards.

24 Apr 2018
Foz Apartment Renovation, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: dEMM arquitectura
Apartment Renovation in Foz do Douro Porto
photo © José Campos Photography
Foz Apartment
The project aimed to enhance the unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean, increasing the permeability between the interior and exterior, through wide windows with full opening.

Sergison Bates at Critical Distance Conference, Centro Cultural de Belém, Portugal
Sergison Bates at CCB for the Critical Distance Conference, May 15th at Centro Cultural de Belém, Portugal:
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa news

29 Mar 2018
Project Tawny, Rua do Amial, Paranhos, Porto
Architect: Bogle Architects
Project Tawny Porto Buildings - Portuguese Architecture News
picture courtesy of architects
Project Tawny Porto Buildings

25 Mar 2018
Sao Francisco House, Guarda, Beira Interior Norte, Centro
Design: FPA – Filipe Pina Architecture
Sao Francisco House in Guarda - Portuguese Property News
photo : Joao Morgado – Architectural Photography
New House in Guarda
Located in the city centre of Guarda, this is an urban typical house of the first half of the 20th century, presenting 3 sides and a garden. The surrounding buildings are characterised by several types of construction, a consequence of the successive city urbanistic growth stages.

21 Mar 2018
Serralves House, Porto
Architect: João Vieira Campos
Serralves House in Porto - Portuguese Architecture News
photo © Nelson Garrido
Serralves House in Porto
This residential project presented a single-family home divided in two separate volumes – main house and external supporting facilities – arranged in order to confer a rational balance to the diversity of uses to the surrounding outside spaces.

8 Mar 2018
Sabrab Office Interior in Lisbon

26 Feb 2018
Garden Pavilion in Museu de Serralves, Jardins da Fundação de Serralves, Porto
Architects: Diogo Aguiar Studio
Garden Pavilion in Museu de Serralves in Porto
photo © Fernando Guerra
Garden Pavilion in Museu de Serralves in Porto

26 Feb 2018
Botts Wine Shop, Viana do Castelo, north Portugal
Design: inception architects
Botts Wine Shop in Viana do Castelo - Portuguese Architecture News
photo : its. ivo tavares studio – architectural photographer
Wine Shop in Viana do Castelo
A store located in the historic centre of the city, facing the riverside area and cafe Cirassol. The creative concept as well as the cromatic concept of this commercial space was inspired by the now modernized traditional grocery store and the traditional wine and champagne cellars of France.

9 Feb 2018 ; 11 Oct 2016
Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, Lisbon, Belém
Design: AL_A
photo courtesy of architects
Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology in Lisbon
The first phase of a contemporary art kunsthalle designed by AL_A, the architecture practice headed by RIBA Stirling Prize-winning architect Amanda Levete, launched on with a site-specific installation by French artist Dominique Gonzalez-Foester.
Mies van der Rohe 2017 Award Shortlisted + Surface Design Awards Winner 2018

25 Jan 2018
Ring House, Santarém, central Portugal
Design: Vasco Cabral + Sofia Saraiva
Ring House in Santarem - Portuguese Architecture News
photo : José Campos
Ring House in Santarém
This property forms a weekend retreat for a family of four. It was intended to create a dwelling with characteristics and urban interior finishes, that manage to integrate in the rural and more traditional context of Santarém. Designed to be a single storey dwelling and situated on top of a gentle slope, it allows a quiet and serene usufruct that derives from the privileged relation between the interior and the exterior.

24 Jan 2018
House ED&JO, Famalicão, Ourém
Architects: NOARQ
House EDJO
photo : Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography
House ED&JO in Famalicão
This residential property on a triangular urban plot of land coverin an area of 941 sqm. The topography includes a 7.60 m slope down from west to east, so the elevations in the corner converge with those on the surrounding roads. The low quality building on the site was demolished apart from the garage, below the elevation of the patio with level access from the road at the lower level.

22 Jan 2018
Alvarinho Houses, Melgaço
Design: Architects: Correia/Ragazzi Arquitectos
Alvarinho Houses - Portugal Property News
photograph : Juan Rodriguez
Alvarinho Houses in Melgaço
The starting point was a property with land cultivation, vines and pine forest, where there was a house in ruins. The purpose simply passes for giving a new life to a space whose essence ensures its success immediately.

16 Jan 2018
Chapel of Nossa Senhora De Fatima, National Scouts Activities Camp, Idanha-a-Nova, central region of Portugal
Architects: Plano Humano Arquitectos
Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Fatima
photo : Joao Morgado – Architecture Photography
Chapel of Nossa Senhora De Fatima in Idanha-a-Nova
The construction of this building resulted from a desire to have a chapel at the National Scout´s Activities Camp (CNAE) for the XXIII National Jamboree of Portuguese Catholic Scouts, which involved about 22,000 participants.

13 Jan 2018
L´and Vineyards, Wine Resort, Alentejo, southern Portugal
Interiors: studio mk27 – marcio kogan + diana radomysler + suzana glogowski ; Architecture: Promontorio
L´and Vineyards Portugal
photo : Fernando Guerra
L´and Vineyards – Montemor Building
This architectural project was developed around a central valley of vineyards, olive trees and a lake.

The Caveman Shop in Ponte de Lima

Trinity College in Coimbra

Bernardas Convent Reconversion, Portugal

Between Two White Walls in Vilamour

Pastoral Center of Moscavide

São Lourenço do Barrocal Hotel in Monsaraz

Lisboa is translated as Lisbon in English.

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