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Novo Banco in Lisbon

New Modern Bank Interior Building in Portugal design by Contacto Atlântico

26 Nov 2019

Design: Contacto Atlântico

Location: Lisbon, Portugal

A new concept for Novo Banco

Novo Banco Lisbon

Photos by Contacto Atlântico

Novo Banco Lisbon Building

There is no bank without clients. In regard of their importance, the space occupied by the clients is proposed to be the dorsal spine of the institution, from where all the services are developed.

Novo Banco Lisbon

Contacto Atlântico imagine the new concept of the bank as a leaf that grows alive, powerful. The space of the clients, represented as the veins of the leaf, is extended in the entire space.

Therefore, it becomes a key piece, a creator of every space. The private rooms (necessary in every bank) are located on the periphery, leaving a generous free space in the center.

In contrast to today’s banking model, where the client has a longitudinal gradient of opacity and privacy, we propose to create a new perception of the space, where the client is able to have a global vision of the entire office, having the capacity to reach every corner of it. The two main objectives are: to increase the transparence of the bank, and, with it, the confidence of the client.

Novo Banco Lisbon

Novo Banco, Lisbon – Building Information

Office: Contacto Atlântico

Completion date: 2019

Novo Banco Lisbon Novo Banco Lisbon

Images: Contacto Atlântico

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Location: Lisboa, Portugal, southwestern Europe

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