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post updated 13 May 2024

Portuguese Architecture Designs – chronological list

Portuguese Building News

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Portuguese Architectural News

New Portuguese Buildings, chronological:

10 May 2024
Possidónio da Silva 37, Lisbon
Design: Fragmentos
Possidónio da Silva 37 Lisbon Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Possidónio da Silva 37, Lisbon

7 May 2024
LUX Apartments, Praia da Barra, Ílhavo
Design: Mário Alves arquiteto
LUX Apartments Praia da Barra Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
LUX Apartments, Praia da Barra
The land is located between the beginning of the urban tissue and of Barra beach´s dunes – Ilhavo, given its location, the project is based on absorbing all the characteristics present in the place, personifying the horizontality present in the horizon line is the concept for the building, which translates into the blades created around the main body.

26 April 2024
Varandas de Salgueiros, Porto
Architects: Floret Arquitectura
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Varandas de Salgueiros in Porto

22 April 2024
Casa JMC, Santa Maria da Feira
Architects: Lopes da Costa
Casa JMC, Santa Maria da Feira

14 April 2024
Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João, R.Dr.Sousa Rosa 351, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: ARG Studio
Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Pediatric Ward of Hospital São João, Porto

4 April 2024
Casa de Sintra, Sintra, Lisbon
Architecture: Tsou Arquitectos
Casa de Sintra Lisbon, Portugal property

30 + 25 March 2024
Interface de Transportes Lourosa-Fiães, Fiães, Santa Maria da Feira
Architects: Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa
Interface de Transportes Lourosa-Fiães Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Interface de Transportes Lourosa-Fiães
The Interface de Transportes Lourosa-Fiães is a transport interface, located on a plot of land with around 11,500m2. The property location allows a better integration into the existing topography, and also clearly separates the access to the car park from the buses access.

20 March 2024
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal
Architects: Kerimov Architects
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal villa design
image courtesy of architects office
Casa do Cabo, South of Portugal villa design

8 March 2024
351 Foz Apartments in Porto, R.Dr.Sousa Rosa 351, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: dEMM arquitectura
351 Foz Housing, Porto property
photo : FG+SG
351 Foz Apartments in Porto property

8 March 2024
Várzea Estate, Évora
Várzea Estate Hotel Évora Portugal
photos by Pedro Lobo, António Chaves and Ricardo Cardoso
Várzea Estate Hotel, Évora, Portugal
Várzea Estate is a rural agrotourism property located in Évora, Portugal, featuring a touristic hunting area and prime facilities for nature tourism.

28 February 2024
S. Brás de Alportel Parish Council, Faro
S Bras de Alportel Parish Council Faro Portugal
photo : Maria João Gala
S. Bras de Alportel Parish Council, Faro
For the new headquarters of the Parish Council of São Brás de Alportel, the challenge was to add new features to the building now proposed. The old headquarters had a purely administrative character, while the new project now allows for a wide enjoyment by the general population.

26 February 2024
IMLA House, Lavra, Porto
Architects: Luppa Architects
IMLA House, Porto

17 February 2024
Expansion Of Museu Serralves
Design: Álvaro Siza architect
Museu Serralves expansion by Álvaro Siza, Porto
photo Courtesy of Museu Serralves and Álvaro Siza
Museu Serralves expansion by Álvaro Siza

16 Jan 2024
QL House, Faro
QL House, Faro

15 January 2024
Quinta do Mosteiro Adega Winery, Minho region, North Portugal
Architecture: Studio Nicholas Burns
Winery Building Minho region North Portugal
photo : Mathyas Kurmann
Quinta do Mosteiro Adega Winery
On the hilly landscape of the the Minho region, in northern Portugal, sits discreetly a new winery building designed by Studio Nicholas Burns. Located within a large family estate, this state-of-the-art winery is dedicated to the private production of the region’s typical Vinho Verde.

2 January 2024
Leça do Balio II House, Matosinhos, Porto, North Portugal
Architecture: Raulino Silva
Leça do Balio II House, Matosinhos

Portuguese Architectural News 2023

New Portuguese Buildings, chronological:

Casa De Bouro, Terras De Bouro, North Portugal

Casa de Lavra, Porto, Portugal

13 November 2023
Capela de São João Batista, Vila Nova de Paiva
Design: José Morgado
Capela de São João Batista Vila Nova de Paiva Portugal
photo : José Campos
Capela de São João Batista, Vila Nova de Paiva
The Capela de São João Batista is located in a village in the interior of Portugal, Touro – Vila Nova de Paiva. Designed by José Morgado, a designer who lives and work in the village.

Comporta 107 House, Alentejo

The Vagar Country House, Belmonte

Casa dos anos 40, Ílhavo

Casa Kala, Porto Hotel

RiscoWhite House, Barcelos

Fisherman’s House, Esmoriz

1 September 2023
The Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel, Rua de Cervantes, central Porto
Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
Renaissance Porto Lapa Hotel
The proposed challenge of designing a 4-star elegant and sophisticated urban refuge hotel, breaking the traditional concept of most hotels in this rating, was met with a strong investment in exterior architecture.

16 Aug 2023
Aethos Ericeira, Ericeira
Design: Pedra Silva Arquitectos
Aethos Ericeira Hotel Lisbon Portugal
photo : Francisco Nogueira – Architectural Photography
Aethos Ericeira Hotel
Pedra Silva Arquitectos unveils Aethos Ericeira, a boutique hotel settled in Ericeira, boasting views over the Atlantic Ocean.

24 August 2023
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
Architects: Estudio Obra Prima; Vasco Lima Mayer
Apartment in Cais do Sodré, Lisbon
photo : Fernando Guerra
Apartment in Cais do Sodré

21 July 2023
Torreira Holiday House, Torreira, Aveiro
Architects: NU.MA architects
Torreira Holiday House Aveiro Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Torreira Holiday House

12 July 2023
Concrete 11, Lisbon
Design: Cage Atelier
Concrete 11
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Concrete 11 Lisbon

3 July 2023
Muda’s House, Setúbal, Grândola
Architect: Vasco Lima Mayer
Muda House Grândola Portugal
photo : Filipe Borralho
Muda’s House, Setúbal, Grândola

30 May 2023
patios of petals, Gondomar, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: Sandra Micaela Casinha Atelier
Casa Pátios de Pétalas Gondomar Porto
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa Pátios de Pétalas, Gondomar, Porto

4 Apr 2023
Ferneto SA, Vagos, northern Portugal
Architects: Rómulo Neto Architects LDA
Ferneto SA Zona Industrial De Vagos Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Ferneto SA, Zona Industrial De Vagos
The concept of the Ferneto SA building was created taking into account the company’s principal activity, this being, the production of bakery and pastry machines which produce dough for bread and pastries.

19 Mar 2023
Foz Apartment Renovation, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: dEMM arquitectura
Foz Apartment Renovation in Foz do Douro Porto
photo : José Campos Photography
Foz Apartment Renovation in Porto
The project aimed to enhance the unobstructed view of the Atlantic Ocean, increasing the permeability between the interior and exterior, through wide windows with full opening.

24 Feb 2023
Casa dos Mores, Faro, southern Portugal
Design: Marlene Uldschmidt Architects Studio
Casa dos Mores Faro Portugal Property
photo : Renee Kemps
Casa dos Mores

8 Feb 2023
House 109, Vagos, northern Portugal
Architects: Frari – architecture network
House 109 Vagos Portugal
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
House 109, Vagos

12 Jan 2023
Forte House, Santo Tirso, Oporto
Architects: pema studio
Forte House, Santo Tirso, Porto

Biogen Offices, Lisbon

27 Nov 2022
Casa D, Braga
Architecture: L2C Arquitetura
Casa D Braga Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa D, Braga

16 Nov 2022
Casa JC, Quinta da Portela, Coimbra
Design: Mário Alves arquiteto
Casa JC, Coimbra

10 Nov 2022
JAC House, Coimbra
JAC House, Coimbra

10 Oct 2022
Nova Rio Housing, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: António Paulo Marques
Nova Rio Housing Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Nova Rio Housing, Porto

28 Sep 2022
Ílhavo House, Rua das Cancelas, Ílhavo, northern Portugal
Architects: M2.senos_arquitetos
Ílhavo House, Porto

17 Sep 2022
House in Brufe, Famalicão New Village
Design: OVAL
House in Brufe, Famalicão New Village

11 Sep 2022
RCR House, Anadia, central Portugal
Design: Visioarq Arquitectos
RCR House Anadia Portugal
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
RCR House, Anadia

28 Aug 2022
São Lázaro Apartments, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: Floret Arquitectura
São Lázaro Apartments Porto Portugal
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
São Lázaro Apartments, Porto
This collective housing building is located on a regular plot in the heart of Porto. The new residential building has two fronts, one oriented for the Passeio de São Lázaro and the other to the interior.

18 Aug 2022
GR House, Sever do Vouga, District of Aveiro
Architect: Paulo Martins
GR House in Sever do Vouga

31 July 2022
OLX Offices, Lisbon
Design: Pedra Silva Arquitectos
OLX Offices Lisbon Portugal
photo : Do Mal o Menos
OLX Offices Lisbon
Located in one of most important business districts of Lisbon, the project space is prepared to accommodate 300 people and the design reflects the company culture with the inspiring beauty and mood of Portugal’s capital.

20 July 2022
Paradinha Cabins, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: SUMMARY
Paradinha Cabins Arouca Portugal
photo © Fernando Guerra_FG+SG
Paradinha Cabins, Arouca
Considering the roughness and the remoteness of the Paradinha Cabins plot it would be difficult, and extremely expensive, to assemble construction yards for a traditional building. Thus, in this case, resorting to pre-fabricated structures was not just a choice, but the only efficient option we had to simplify the building process within such conditions.

17 July 2022
Think Health Naturopatia, Ponta Delgada, Azores
Design: BOX arquitectos
Think Health Naturopatia Ponta Delgada Azores
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Think Health Naturopatia
Think Health is a therapy and nutritional guidance space, under a concept of naturist approach focused on the public that seeks their well-being. Assuming transparency as if the space was a single one, where everything can be seen and understood, as if it was an oasis, reinforcing the idea of “seeing and being seen”.

6 July 2022
MG Coudelaria, Minho Region, Northern Portugal
Architecture: Visioarq
MG Coudelaria Minho North Portuguese Architecture News
photo : Maria João Gala
MG Coudelaria, Minho, North Portugal
The MG Coudelaria – signed by the Portuguese architecture firm Visioarq – recently won the A+Awards Popular Choice in the Details – Architecture + Wood category, in the 2022 edition of the prestigious Architizer international competition.

13 Jun 2022
Saint Adrian House, Braga
Architecture: Tiago Do Vale Architects
Saint Adrian House, Braga

8 Jun 2022
MOOD – Medicina Dentária Clini, Maia, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: Tsou Arquitectos
MOOD - Medicina Dentária Clinic Maia - Portuguese Architecture News
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
MOOD – Medicina Dentária Clinic, Maia
The new MOOD – Medicina Dentária clinic, in the city of Maia has an area of approximately 80 sqm on the ground floor with extra space in the basement connected by stairs. Two interconnecting dental offices and respective support spaces (water closet and locker room), reception and waiting spaces are intended.

25 May 2022
Casa 15, Braga
Architects: AM-arqstudio
Casa 15, Braga Property

27 Apr 2022
Graça 117, Lisbon
Design: Pedro Carrilho Arquitectos
Graça 117, Lisbon Apartment

10 Apr 2022
Casa da Piscina, Northern Portugal
Architect: Studio Nicholas Burns
Casa da Piscina, Northern Portugal

4 Apr 2022
Sta Joana House, Sta. Joana, Aveiro
Architects: NU.MA, architects
House in Sta Joana, Aveiro Real Estate

23 Mar 2022
Second Skin, Figueira da Foz
Architecture: danielmsantos
Second Skin, Figueira da Foz

16 Mar 2022
TILT house, Gondomar, Porto Metropolitan Area a
Design: Mutant Architecture & Design
TILT house in Gondomar

10 Mar 2022
Middle Plan Houses, district of Braga, Northern Portugal
Architect: LIMIT studio
Middle Plan Houses, Póvoa de Lanhoso

9 March 2022
Villa H1, S. João da Madeira, Norte region
Design: Bruno H Gomes, Arquitectura
Casa H1, S. João da Madeira

3 March 2022
Tiny houses, Cascais
Design: Madeiguincho, Noma Lisboa and David Serrão
Tiny houses by Madeiguincho

16 Feb 2022
Chapel and Meditation Room, Northern Portugal
Architect: Studio Nicholas Burns
Chapel and Meditation Room Northern Portugal
photo : Peter Bennetts
Chapel and Meditation Room, Northern Portugal
“This knoll features several monumental boulders, spaced apart; and a fine stand of trees around them, with tall trunks and dense foliage. In the midst of the knoll, was a faint clearing; and this place presented itself as a `natural, `logical’ and `inevitable’ location or locus for the Chapel.

20 Feb 2022
Disappearing car lift in Quinta da Marinha villa

2 Feb 2022
FdP house, Alto Alentejo, eastern Portugal
Design: Architect Gonçalo Bonniz
FdP house in Alto Alentejo, Portugal
photo : Woodtarget
FdP house in Alto Alentejo
Designed by renowned native architect, Gonçalo Bonniz, the remarkable large-scale home forms a stunning new-build in Alentejo. With a vanguard design and clean, sleek lines, the house is fully integrated into Alentejo’s landscape, complementing the morphology of the land and its surroundings.

26 Jan 2022
SPARK – Smart Park Matosinhos Offices, Custóias, Leça do Balio e Guifões, Matosinhos, Oporto
Architects: Paulo Merlini Architects
SPARK - Smart Park Matosinhos building design - Portuguese Architecture News
render from competiton
SPARK – Smart Park Matosinhos Offices
Castro Group, a real estate investment company, announced today the result of the competition for the rehabilitation of the former Lactogal factory, located in Matosinhos – Leça do Balio. The new business center already has a name – SPARK – Smart Park Matosinhos, and was designed in an integrated manner in a total area of about 18 thousand square meters.

13 Jan 2022
Kerakoll production unit, Rio Maior Business Park, Santarém, central Portugal
Design: José António Lopes architect – ad quadratum arquitectos
Kerakoll in Rio Maior Business Park, Santarém, Portugal
photo courtesy of architects office
Kerakoll Building in Rio Maior, Santarém
Kerakoll, an international leader in the sustainable construction industry, recently opened its first production unit in Portugal in Rio Maior, Santarém on the city’s Business Park. The architectural plan, from ad quadratum arquitectos practice, respects the sustainability and energy saving patterns that are part of Kerakoll’s tradition.

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Portuguese Architecture News 2021

6 Nov 2021
Edifício S.Roque Apartments, Aveiro

4 Nov 2021
TD House, Sintra, Portugal Property

3 Nov 2021
House of the Nuns, Lagos

28 Oct 2021
Cedofeita Building Renovation, Porto

26 Oct 2021
MGS Office, Viseu, Centro Region
Architects: COVO Interiores
MGS office Viseu building interior design - Portuguese Architecture News
photo : José Campos
MGS Office, Viseu Building
The MGS Group offices are located on the ground floor of a residential building in one of the main arteries of the city of Viseu, Portugal. The offices were designed to join various companies in an innovative co-working space, combining synergies from different businesses, including real estate.

12 Oct 2021
Vertical Skin Housing Block I, Albergaria-a-Velha

28 Sep 2021
Farfetch HQ, by Leça River, Porto, northern Portugal
Architects: BIG
Farfetch urban fashion village in Porto, Portugal
visualization : Lucian R
Farfetch HQ in Porto
Farfetch, the leading global technology platform for luxury fashion, seeks to further connect creators, curators, and consumers in a purpose-built urban fashion village on the slopes of Leça River in Porto. The 178,000 m2 art-filled site has been named FUSE VALLEY and is developed in collaboration with Portuguese real estate developer, Castro Group.

16 Sep 2021
Municipal Market of Famalicão
Municipal Market of Famalicão

10 Aug 2021
Alto Tâmega Tourism Info Point, Chaves, north of Portugal
Design: AND-RÉ Arquitectura
Portuguese Architecture News Alto Tâmega Tourism Info Point Chaves
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Alto Tâmega Tourism Info Point
The Alto Tâmega Tourism Info Point is the result of a public competition organized by the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT) that aimed for a Tourism Info Point that represented each of the six municipalities that compose it (Boticas, Chaves, Montalegre, Ribeira de Pena, Valpaços and Vila Pouca de Aguiar).

6 Aug 2021
Portas São João
Architecture: Meireles Arquitectos
Portas São João, Porto

1 Aug 2021
Torre 261 Apartments, Amarante, northern Portugal
Design: Just an Architect
Torre 261 Apartments, Amarante

11 Jul 2021
Egoi+clavel´s Kitchen, Matosinhos, Oporto
Architects: Paulo Merlini Architects
Egoi+clavel´s Kitchen Matosinhos - Portuguese Architecture News
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Egoi+clavel´s Kitchen, Matosinhos, Porto
The Egoi+clavel´s Kitchen clients already owned the warehouse adjacent to the intervention area where the companies are based, but with its exponential growth the need to increase the physical space of the company became perennial.

14 Jul 2021
São Bernardo School, Aveiro
Architects: ARTE TECTóNiCA
São Bernardo Elementary School Aveiro
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
São Bernardo Elementary School, Aveiro
The aim was to create a new project to replace eight basic educational classrooms in Aveiro, Portugal. For about a decade, the school was housed in a prefabricated pavilion, now reused as a covered playground.

Santos Pousada Apartment, Porto

Box House, Romarigães Paredes de Coura

24 June 2021
São Felix Apartment, Vila Nova de Gaia

20 June 2021
Clinica Santa Madalena Cascais

15 June 2021
Box House, Romarigães Paredes de Coura

27 May 2021
Quinta da Marinha House, Cascais, Lisbon
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Quinta da Marinha House, Lisbon

25 May 2021
Dom Luis Offices, Lisbon
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Dom Luis Offices Lisbon Portugal
photography : Contacto Atlântico
Dom Luis Offices, Lisbon

24 May 2021
Green House, Santo Tirso Porto

3 May 2021
Cascais School Building, Lisbon
Design: hey5
Cascais School Building, Lisbon Region

11 Apr 2021
Senhora da Hora, Porto
Architects: Raulino Silva
Senhora da Hora House Porto
photography : João Morgado
Senhora da Hora House, Porto

9 Apr 2021
Calçada House, Vila de Paraíso, north of Portugal
Architects: Ren Ito Arq
Portuguese Architecture News - Calçada House Porto
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Calçada House, Porto

3 Apr 2021
Aneto Restaurant, Peso da Régua
Design: João Abreu
Aneto Table Restaurante Peso da Régua
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Aneto & Table Restaurante, Peso da Régua
Located in REFER’s former railway warehouse, in the city of Peso da Régua, which once opened its doors to the Alto Douro Wine Region, the Aneto Restaurant takes Wine as a connecting element for the proposed intervention.

22 Mar 2021
Santarém House, Santarém, central Portugal
Design: dp Arquitectos
Santarem House Central Portugal
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Santarém House, Central Portugal

19 Feb 2021
Casa dos Sobreiros, Celorico de Basto, Braga
Architects: Hugo Pereira Arquitectos
Casa dos Sobreiros Braga - Portuguese Architecture News
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa dos Sobreiros, Braga Property

5 Feb 2021
Cork Trees House, Braga
Architects: TRAMA arquitetos
Cork Trees House Braga
photography : João Morgado
Cork Trees House, Braga
Casa dos Sobreiros design by Trama Arquitetos from BUILDING PICTURES on Vimeo

14 Feb 2021
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro, Porto
Architects: Raulino Silva
Aldoar House Aldoar - Portuguese Architecture News
photography : João Morgado
Aldoar House, Foz do Douro

1 Feb 2021
Steelform Factory, São Roque, Oliveira de Azeméis
Design: Atelier d’Arquitectura Lopes da Costa
Portuguese Architecture News - Steelform Oliveira de Azemeis
photograph © Ivo Tavares Studio
Steelform Factory, Oliveira de Azeméis
The Steelform project consists of expanding the existing factory unit to the west and south, with the construction of a new pavilion and an administrative building.

10 Feb 2021
Bradco Industrial Unit, Felgueiras, Castelo de Paiva
Architects: Em Paralelo
Bradco Industrial Unit Castelo de Paiva
photograph © Ivo Tavares Studio
Bradco Industrial Unit, Castelo de Paiva
The company finds its genesis in the leather goods area, however over the years it has also expanded its activity to bracelets and in the leather goods area: belts, bags, briefcases, purses, wallets, shoes, etc. It is currently a notorious company for also working with renowned brands.

5 Jan 2021
Casa Rio, Gondomar
Design: Paulo Merlini Architects
Casa Rio Gondomar
photo : Ivo Tavares Studio
Casa Rio, Gondomar

More contemporary Portuguese Architecture News online soon

Portuguese Architecture News 2020

23 Dec 2020
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim
Design: Raulino Silva Architect
Beiriz House Povoa de Varzim
photo : João Morgado
Beiriz House, Póvoa de Varzim

post updated 6 Dec 2020 ; 6 Apr 2020
Canine & Feline Hotel, Parada, Vila do Conde
Architect: Raulino Silva Arquitecto
Canine Feline Hotel Vila do Conde Portugal
photo : João Morgado
Canine & Feline Hotel in Vila do Conde
The main program consists of temporary dog and cat accommodation, a hotel where the animals stay for a few days, during holidays or professional travel of their owners. The remaining program is a complement to the space’s activity, with a veterinary office, a grooming room, outdoor training areas and a swimming pool for pets.

5 Nov 2020
1032 Foz Housing, Rua de Gondarém, Porto
Architects: dEMM arquitectura
1032 Foz Housing, Porto Apartments
photography : FG+SG | architectural photography
1032 Foz Housing Porto
The accesses are made from the West by Rua de Gondarém where the social areas are located that are directed to the ocean, the rooms and the street are oriented to East.

9 Nov 2020
Costa Nova Sailing Club, Ílhavo, Aveiro
Architects: Ferreira Arquitectos
Costa Nova Sailing Club Ilhavo
photography : Ivo Tavares Studio
Costa Nova Sailing Club, Ílhavo
The Costa Nova Sailing Club, one of the oldest nautical clubs in the estuary area of the Ria de Aveiro, was divided into 3 main spaces: the restaurant, the members’ bar and the terrace. For each of these spaces, there was a specific audience, with different preferences and traditions, which provoked the great challenge of this project.

23 Oct 2020
Golgota House, Oporto

21 Oct 2020
Site Mirador architecture ideas competition

2 Oct 2020
Rio Mau 2 House, Vila do Conde

15 Sep 2020
Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa 2020

4 Jun 2020
Suspended Matter Box, Felgueiras, Porto
Design: MMVarquitectos, Architecture Studio
Suspended Matter Box, Felgueiras, Oporto
photograph © Ricardo Oliveira Alves | www.ricardooliveiraalves.com
Suspended Matter Box Oporto
Can an architectural contemporary volume be a good neighbor to rural surrounding? This request had everything to be straightforward. MMVarquitectos were to do a remodeling and amplification project of a restaurant.

15 May 2020
Carnaxide Offices
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Carnaxide Offices Lisbon
image : Contacto Atlântico
Carnaxide Offices in Lisbon
This new Portuguese building is located in the surroundings of Lisbon, and houses three functions: a Lusitana beer factory, a small commercial area and some offices.

30 Apr 2020
1000m2 Prefabricated, Vale de Cambra, Vila Chã, northern Portugal – just south of Porto
Architects: SUMMARY
1000m2 Prefabricated Building Portugal
photo : Fernando Guerra | FG+SG
1000m2 Prefabricated in Vale de Cambra
SUMMARY studio unveils this project using their prefab and modular building systems.

16 Apr 2020
Cuf Descobertas Hospital
Design: IDOM
Cuf Descobertas Hospital in Lisbon

post updated 6 Dec 2020 ; 6 Apr 2020
This building is a 2A Continental Architectural Awards 2020 winner for the Europe category.
Canine & Feline Hotel, Parada, Vila do Conde
Architect: Raulino Silva Arquitecto
Canine Feline Hotel Vila do Conde Portugal
photo : João Morgado
Canine & Feline Hotel in Vila do Conde
The main program consists of temporary dog and cat accommodation, a hotel where the animals stay for a few days, during holidays or professional travel of their owners. The remaining program is a complement to the space’s activity, with a veterinary office, a grooming room, outdoor training areas and a swimming pool for pets.

28 Mar 2020
Spectris Innovation Centre in Moreira

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Portugal Buildings Updates 2019

11 Dec 2019
Vouga Industrial Building, Agueda, Aveiro District
Architect: atelier Nu.ma
Vouga Industrial Building Agueda - Portuguese Architecture News
photograph : Ivo Tavares Studio
Vouga Industrial Building in Agueda
The site where this new Portuguese building project is inserted, has a irregular shape, perpendicular to EN333 in Agueda.

26 Nov 2019
Novo Banco, Lisbon
Design: Contacto Atlântico
Novo Banco Lisbon - Portuguese Building News
image : Contacto Atlântico
Novo Banco in Lisbon, Bank Building

3 Nov 2019
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School, Caldas da Rainha
Architects: SousaSantos
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School
photo : João Morgado
Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School
The new Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro Secondary School building is rooted in the slope between the two sports fields of the school. In the south end of the building will be positioned the public program, the library and the amphitheater enhancing the relationship of the school campus with the urban fabric of the city.

26 July 2019
FACOL Offices Guimaraes, Serzedelo, Guimarães, northern Portugal
Architects: Ana Coelho Arq., Lda
FACOL Offices in Guimaraes building Portugal
photo : João Morgado
FACOL Offices in Guimaraes Building
The project for the FACOL industrial building started with the rehabilitation of an abandoned and obsolete pavilion, providing it with the proper work conditions for a textile dyeing facility.

22 July 2019
Campo Lindo House in Porto

20 July 2019
Lisbon Wood Edifício de Habitação
Architects: Plano Humano Arquitectos
Edifício Lisbon Wood

18 July 2019
Alcantara Gardens, Lisbon
EAA-Emre Arolat Architecture
Alcantara Gardens Lisbon Buildings
photo courtesy of architects office
Alcantara Gardens Lisbon

7 May 2019
CUF Descobertas Hospital, Lisbon
Architects: IDOM
CUF Descobertas Hospital in Lisbon - Portuguese Architecture News
photograph : FG+SG
CUF Descobertas Hospital in Lisbon
The construction of this new building was the consequence of the need to extend the hospital, and it works exclusively as an out-patient’s clinic.

5 May 2019
Infinity Chapel, Pessegueiro Island
Architects: BAAG atelier
Infinity Chapel in Portugal - Portuguese Architecture News
image from architecture office
Infinity Chapel on Pessegueiro Island, Portugal
The architects state that this new Portuguese building design represents the research to design a space that is at the same time introspective, silent and contemplative of nature.

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