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post updated 6 July 2024

Quebec Building Designs

5 July 2024
Le 1500 rue Métivier, Miscéo district, Lévis
Architects: Anne Carrier architecture
Le 1500 rue Metivier Levis Québec
photo : Stéphane Groleau
Le 1500 rue Metivier, Levis, Québec building

3 July 2024
Espace Péribonka, Péribonka, Chicoutimi
Architects: Maîtres d’Œuvre Architectes (MDO)
Espace Péribonka Chicoutimi Québec
photo : Stéphane Groleau
Espace Péribonka, Chicoutimi, Québec
Espace Péribonka is a contemporary consolidation of history and culture in the village of Péribonka, on the banks of Quebec’s Lac Saint-Jean. Founded in 1888, the Village of Péribonka is home to approximately 500 residents.

26 June 2024
BRUJ Interior, Abraham Park, Québec City
Architectes: Studio Jean Verville architectes
BRUJ Interior Québec City
photo © Antoine Michel
BRUJ Interior, Québec City, Canada

25 June 2024
LUSTRA, Terrebonne, Québec
Architects: Forum
LUSTRA Rental Condo Terrebonne Canada
photo © Lustra Exterior
LUSTRA Rental Condo, Terrebonne
Forum and Axxys are thrilled to announce the start of construction for the first phase of the LUSTRA rental condo project, featuring distinctive condo living in Terrebonne, Quebec. Located at 2905 Boulevard de la Pinière, LUSTRA enjoys a prime location, with easy access to public transportation, major highways, and close proximity to Promenades Terrebonne, putting all amenities are within reach.

18 June 2024
De la Descente House, Ogden, Québec
Design: Matière Première Architecture
De la Descente House, Québec

9 June 2024
Berges Grises, Chicoutimi, Québec
Architects: Matière Première Architecture
Berges Grises House, Québec, Canada

26 May 2024
Maison Shefford, Shefford, Québec
Architects: MXMA Architecture & Design and Catlin Stothers Design
Maison Shefford, Québec, Canada property

23 May 2024
T-A-St-Germain Library, Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec
Architects: ACDF Architecture
T-A-St-Germain Library Québec Canada
photo : Adrien Williams
T-A-St-Germain Library, Québec

24 April 2024
Havres Montcalm, Montcalm, Laurentian Mountains, Quebec
Design: MU Architecture
Havres Montcalm Laurentian Mountains Canada
image : Studio 57 for MU Architecture
Havres Montcalm, Laurentian Mountains
Havres Montcalm is a modern architectural getaway development designed by MU Architecture, consisting of elegant and peaceful residences nestled in the heart of Quebec’s majestic Laurentian Mountains.

23 April 2024
Résidence de la Promenade, Québec City
Architectes: LemayMichaud
Résidence de la Promenade, Québec City, Canada

13 April 2024
Des Cimes Residence, Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, Québec
Architectes: Patriarche
Des Cimes Residence, Québec

11 April 2024
Red Fish Healing Centre for Mental Health and Addiction, Coquitlam, BC
Architects: Parkin Architects
Red Fish Healing Centre BC Canada
photo : Parkin Architects
Rustic Grade House, Mandeville, Québec

5 April 2024
Rustic Grade, Mandeville, Québec
Architecte: Maurice Martel architecte
Rustic Grade House, Mandeville, Québec

22 March 2024
Maison MONTONI, Espace Montmorency, Laval, Montreal, Quebec
Architects: Sid Lee Architecture
Maison MONTONI Laval Canada
hoto © David Boyer
Maison MONTONI, Espace Montmorency, Laval

6 March 2024
Alizé Residence, Wentworth-Nord
Design: Atelier BOOM-TOWN
Alizé Residence, Wentworth-Nord, Quebec

29 February 2024
Chalet Papillon, Wentworth-Nord
Design: RobitailleCurtis
Chalet Papillon

27 February 2024
Residence Chez Léon, Charlevoix
Architecte: Quinzhee Architecture
Residence Chez Léon, Charlevoix, Québec

17 February 2024
Territoire Charlevoix, La Malbaie
Architecte: Atelier L’Abri
Territoire Charlevoix, La Malbaie, Québec cabin

4 February 2024
Kanata Cabin, Mont-Tremblant
Design: Atelier L’Abri
Kanata Cabin, Mont-Tremblant Canada
photo : Raphaël Thibodeau
Kanata Cabin, Mont-Tremblant

Maison Melba, Frelighsburg, Québec Passive House

Lanaudière Residence, Montreal, Quebec

La Percée Residence, the Laurentians, Quebec

25 May 2023
Dyptique, Stanstead, Québec
Design: Matière Première Architecture
Dyptique House Stanstead Québec
photo : Ian Balmorel
Dyptique House, Stanstead, Québec

8 May 2023
House on Lake Arthur, Notre-Dame-De-La-Merci, Lanaudiere
Design: Ghoche Architecte
House on Lake Arthur Québec Canada
photo : Maxime Brouillet
House on Lake Arthur, Québec

4 May 2023
Des Forges Residence, Boulevard des Forges area, Mauricie, Québec
Design: Bourgeois / Lechasseur architects
Des Forges Residence Mauricie Québec
photo : Adrien Williams
Des Forges Residence, Mauricie, Québec

Québec Architecture Designs

Quebec Architectural Designs Archive – older selection from e-architect:

21 Jul 2016
Blanche Chalet, Cap à l’aigle, La Malbaie
Design: ACDF Architecture
Blanche Chalet Québec
photograph : Adrien Williams
Blanche Chalet in La Malbaie
This cottage residence is the expression of the atmosphere sought by its owner. The social nature of the house, its openness to family, friendly, and sometimes professional exchanges are favoured by its composition that sensitively juxtaposes the spaces of common life and the private life (bedrooms).

Philippe Dubuc Quebec City
Design: Saucier + Perrotte architectes
Boutique Philippe Dubuc Quebec City store
photo : Jean Longpré
Philippe Dubuc Quebec City

Quebec Architecture

Major Canadian Buildings + Projects, alphabetical:

Habitat 67, Montreal, Quebec
Design: Moshe Safdie, Architect
Habitat 67
photo © Timothy Hursley
Habitat 67 Buildings

Musée National des Beaux-Arts du Québec
Design: Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Quebec Museum Competition
picture from Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Quebec Museum Competition

Palais des Congrés, Montreal, Québec
Design: various architects
Montreal building
photo: Hal Ingberg
Palais des Congrés

More Canadian Architecture online soon

Location: Québec, Canada, North America

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Absolute Towers Canada
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CN Tower – Toronto Skyscraper building

Canadian architecture studio : Diamond and Schmitt

Moshe Safdie, Branch Office : Toronto, Ontario, Canada 1988-

Canadian university building – McGill University Campus, Montreal

Nathan Phillips Square Revitalisation, Toronto – design competition:
Four architecture practices shortlisted: Toronto Architecture

Canadian Buildings

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