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post updated 26 July 2021

Budapest Architectural News

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Budapest Architecture Designs – chronological list

e-architect selection of key examples of contemporary Budapest Architecture.

2 Mar 2021
House of Hungarian Music

30 Oct 2020
Saint Gellért Hall Budapest Building

18 Jun 2020
Workstation Cabin in Budapest

7 Jan 2020
Art Shield, Vörösmarty square
Design: Hello Wood
Art Shield Vorosmarty Pavilion Budapest
photograph : Zsuzsa Darab
Art Shield – Vörösmarty Pavilion
Known for its innovative temporary installations, the Budapest-based Hello Wood Studio has approached the winterization of the monument in Vörösmarty square in Budapest with a fresh, contemporary view. One of the most frequented squares of the city has just emerged refreshed from renovation works, and the monument commemorating the rouser of the nation now also stands renewed.

10 Dec 2019
Jazz Loft Apartment Building

9 Dec 2019
Pannónia Apartment Building

14 Oct 2019
Villa Black, Budaliget
Design: NAPUR Architect
Villa Black Budaliget
photograph : Tamás Bujnovszky
Villa in Budaliget
The villa was built in one of the most beautiful locations of Budaliget. The flat site is located on a former airport field, in the exact center of the area, which previously functioned as the airport runway.

9 Aug 2019
Paris Court in Brudern House, Ferenciek Square
Design: KROKI and architecture studio ARCHIKON
Paris Court Budapest building
photograph : Tamás Bujnovszky
Paris Court in Brudern House
One of the most ornamented buildings in Europe. A popular location in spy films, the historical building has been renovated, recreating the once-glamourous setting of Budapest’s iconic architectural gem.

19 Feb 2019
The Duna Arena
Design: NAPUR Architect Ltd
Duna Arena in Budapest
photograph : Tamás Bujnovszky
The Duna Arena
The restoration and modernization of Hungarian swimming pools, including The Duna Arena, as well as expanding the existing pool facilities is a long-standing demand of athletes and the part of the general public devoted to swimming.

18 Feb 2019
Museum of Ethnography, Liget
Design: NAPUR Architect
Museum of Ethnography in Liget Budapest
image : AXION Visual
Museum of Ethnography in Liget Budapest
The multiple award-winning new museum building – which is part of Europe’s largest urban-cultural development called Liget Budapest Project – designed by Napur Architect has dynamic yet simple lines simultaneously harmonised with the park environment and communicating with the surrounding urban area.

7 Jan 2019
Széll Kálmán Square

16 Dec 2018
Nedű Street House
Architects: Építész Stúdió
Nedu Street House Budapest
photos : Gergő Jedlicska, Gergely Kenéz
Nedű Street House
The form of this new Hungarian property was developed due to strict constraints by regulations. The home is located on a narrow corner plot.

28 Aug 2018
Hello Wood Pop Up Park
Design: various
Hello Wood Pop Up Park in Downtown Budapest
photo : BVA – Budapest City Identity Nonprofit Ltd
Hello Wood Pop Up Park in Downtown Budapest

24 Aug 2018
House of Hungarian Music, Liget Budapest

10 May 2018
Budapest M4 Metro Station Buildings – update

9 May 2018
New Budapest Bridge, Budapest, Hungary
Design: UNStudio, The Netherlands
New Budapest Bridge by UNStudio
rendering :
New Budapest Bridge
UNStudio wins the competition for the New Budapest Bridge – the first international bridge design competition in Hungary for over 120 years

Margeza apartment in Budapest

page updated 29 Dec 2016 with new images
Museum of Ethnography in Budapest Which was 3rd Place
Design: Graeme Massie Architects
Proposal for Museum of Ethnography
image courtesy of architects
Proposal for Museum of Ethnography
Although digital media has radically increased society’s capacity to access and disseminate knowledge, there remains a great need for physical museum structures to house and exhibit the physical artefacts which continue to influence our understanding of the world around us.

page updated 26 Oct 2016 with new images
The New House of Hungarian Music
Design: LETH & GORI architects
Hungarian Music House Design Competition
image courtesy of architects
The New House of Hungarian Music competition entry
The New House of Hungarian Music frames a richness of diverse spaces for experience, learning and relaxing that support the educational development and understanding of the nature of sound and the origin of music.

13 May 2016
Budapest M4 Metro Stations, M4, South Buda–Rákospalota (DBR) Line
Design: Palatium Studio Ltd.
Budapest M4 Metro Stations
photograph : Tamas Bujnovszky
Budapest M4 Metro Stations
Budapest Metro Line M4 has been the largest infrastructure project of the city for the last decades. The architects aimed to provide attractiveness for public transportation through the new aesthetics and high architectural quality of a series of new public spaces in Budapest. This has met the expectations of the Client, Budapest Transport Ltd. DBR Metro Project Directorate, from the first moment.

5 Feb 2016
Museum of Ethnography in Budapest – List of Competing Architects
Museum of Ethnography Design Competition
One of them is Zaha Hadid Architects, which designs iconic buildings worldwide, as well as BIG Architects, Bernard Tschumi Architects, Dominique Perrault Architecture, Coop Himmelb(l)au and the Rem Koolhaas’ studio OMA. Városliget Zrt. announced the design competition for the new building of the Museum of Ethnography in December 2015; the so-called pre-qualification stage of the procedure, during which the circle of applicants is finalised, has been closed.

26 Nov 2015
New National Gallery of Hungary
Design: SANAA, architects, Japan
New National Gallery
image courtesy of architects
New National Gallery of Hungary
Another world class public building will be constructed in the Hungarian capital within the framework of the Liget Budapest Project. Based on the submitted competitive projects and the negotiations held in the past few months with architecture studios, the New National Gallery will be built in the Vársoliget (City Park) according to the design made by the internationally renowned Japanese SANAA (Sejima and Nishizawa and Associates) architects studio.

6 Oct 2013
Liget Budapest Masterplan
Liget Budapest Masterplan
image from architects
Liget Budapest Masterplan
Competition winners for the masterplan of Liget Budapest were announced. As part of the project, the Hungarian Government plans to erect five new museum buildings in the forthcoming years in Budapest’s oldest public park, Városliget, also designated for complete reconstruction.

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