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Montenegro Architecture News

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Montenegro Architecture Designs – chronological list

Montenegro Building News

Montenegro Architectural News, chronological:

24 Oct 2017
Administrative Center of Petnjica Municipality
Design: Rifat Alihodzic architect
Administrative Center of Petnjica Municipality building Montenegro Architecture News
photos : Adis Ramović Photography
Administrative Center of Petnjica Municipality
Petnjica is the newest administrative unit in Montenegro having cca 6,800 citizens only. It gained municipality status in 2013. It is situated in area called Bihor, which had parish status in medieval times with significant fortification facility, nowadays being ruins.

page updated 4 Oct 2016 with new photos
House In The Field – Montenegro
Design: Arhimetrija, architects
House In The Field Montenegro Building  News
image from architects
House In The Field
House in the Field is a space for family of four, to relax and enjoy nature. The owners live in the city and like to run from the noise into the peace of their field with mandarin trees. It is located at the foot of the hill with rich vegetation, which gives a strong feeling of intimacy and privacy to the owners.

16 Mar 2016
Home of Revolution, Nikšić
Design: SADAR + VUGA and HHF Architekten
Home of Revolution Montenegro Architecture News
image from architects
Home of Revolution in Nikšić
It was decided that the main intervention should be one that would serve the city and its residents, a social activator that would represent today’s changing conditions. Through analysis and local consultation it was determined that trying to complete the existing megastructure would not work as such a project would be suited to a city more than ten times Nikšić’s size.

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Montenegro Architecture News 2006 – 2013

9 Oct 2013
Bijelo Polje Kindergarten and Crèche Building
Design: Rifat Alihodzic, arhing_ar
Bijelo Polje Kindergarten Building Montenegro
photo : Luka Bošković
Kindergarten Bijelo Polje
A diagonal brace, domineering two sides of the cube, was made for a reason and so it became a dominating element of a building structure. It is because the kindergarten, consisting of basement, ground floor, and a first floor, should be located near the existing building, consisting of more floors (ground floor+4 floors).

22 Jul 2013
Gasulhana, Hatme & Mevlud Central Building, Bijelo Polje
Design: Rifat Alihodzic
Gasulhana, Hatme & Mevlud Central Building Montenegro
image from architects
Gasulhana, Hatme & Mevlud Central Building
The Gasulhana, Hatme & Mevlud Central Building is designed to be a place where deceased is taken care of in a religious sense, the place greeting and serving friends when they express condolence, the place of religious prayer of the deceased.

26 Jun 2013
Neckom Offices & Showroom Niksic
Design: RE:A.C.T + Foka & Bumbar
Neckom Offices & Showroom Montenegro Architecture News
photo : Anka Gardasevic
Neckom Offices & Showroom
This building is located at the very special location marking the entrance to the city of Niksic, Montenegro. Flanked by the beautiful and dramatic landscape of stone hills, the site is exposed and highly visible, so the new object had to be inserted in a very delicate way.

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Location: Montenegro, southeastern Europe

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