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Hungarian Architect Practices

Hungary Architect Offices – Eastern European Design Firms Contact Details

post updated 4 October 2021

Hungarian Architecture Studios

Hungary architects firms – design practices details, alphabetical:

Architect phone / fax e-mail / website address
Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects +36 1 404 5980
Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects Budapest
Vas u. 18, Budapest, Hungary
Budapest 1034 Hungary
Imre Makovecz +36 1 388 1702
info(at) Imre Makovecz
MAKONA Architectural Studio
Kecske utca 25.
Budapest 1034 Hungary
minusplus_architects +36 1 302 6468
MINUSPLUS Építész Kft.
Andrássy út 10. room 309.
Budapest 1061 Hungary

Hungarian Architect Offices Listing

Architects + Landscape Architects + Structural Engineers with offices in Hungary

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The Hungary Architecture site aims to promote Hungarian Architects as well as the country’s architecture. The page is a good starting point for selecting an architect.

Hungarian Architects’ details are listed for an annual fee, likewise for Hungarian Structural Engineers, etc.

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Location: Hungary, central Eastern Europe

Hungarian Architecture

Hungarian Architecture Design – chronological list

Hungary Architecture News

Hotel Tokaj building design by NAPUR Architect Ltd:
Hotel Tokaj building design by Hungarian Architect
photo © Tamás Bujnovszky
Hotel Tokaj in Northeastern Hungary
During the conversion and expansion of the Hotel Tokaj in Hungary by NAPUR Architects, the original horseshoe-like construction of the building remained intact. On the eastern side, the building got completed with an additional unit, which lent the structure of the hotel a closed square shape.

Hungarian Architecture

Hungarian Architecture Studios

Campus in Kecskemét, Bács-Kiskun, central Hungarym by Lima Design – Zoltan Madosfalvi, Ördög Alíz:
Campus in Kecskemet building design by Hungarian architect office
image : Zoltan Madosfalvi, Ördög Alíz
Campus in Kecskemet, Hungary
This Campus is innovative, with lot of new technology. The shape of the buildings is in a modern organic form, including the special blind system, that connects into the intelligent electrical system.

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