Design an office that inspires productivity

How to design an office that inspires productivity, Building work space design

How to Design an Office That Inspires Productivity

18 Apr 2023

Design an Office That Inspires Productivity

Creating an office space that inspires productivity is crucial to the health of any business. A thoughtfully designed workspace can have a surprisingly positive impact on employee morale, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. However, it can sound easier than it is, and designing an office that truly motivates your team can be a challenge.

Here is a guide for designing an office space that is both functional and motivating for optimal productivity.

Layout for the win

The first step in designing an inspiring office space is to carefully consider the layout. A well-planned layout can have a significant impact on employee productivity, collaboration, and comfort. While open-plan offices, such as those found in coworking spaces, can be excellent for fostering teamwork, it’s crucial to balance this with the equally important need for quiet and privacy.

To achieve this balance, consider using dividers or partitions to create designated workspaces, breaking up larger areas into more intentional zones. This can also help to create a more structured and organized feel, which can result in a heightened sense of focus and motivation among employees. Additionally, be sure to provide quiet areas where employees can concentrate without distractions.

Let there be light

Next, think about the lighting in the office. Poor lighting can cause eye strain, headaches, and fatigue, which are all the enemy of productivity. Good quality, considered lighting can help to create a more pleasant atmosphere, boost mood and energy levels, and improve overall productivity. Make use of natural light wherever possible, and consider adding task lighting to individual workstations. Additionally, make sure the lighting is adjustable, so employees can make adjustments to suit their needs throughout the day.

Ergonomic comfort

When planning a productivity-boosting office layout, paying attention to the furnishings is crucial. Offices typically see people sitting at their desks for a good chunk of the day, and they need to feel comfortable to achieve maximum focus. This comfort relates not only to the here and now but quality, ergonomic designs that will provide optimal support for users and keep aches and pains at bay. Balance balls, kneeling chairs, standing desks – the options are vast, and ergonomics can even apply right down to the design of a mousepad.

Breathe easy

It doesn’t matter how well-thought-out your office layout is or how fancy the ergonomics are; if the air is stuffy and the temperature is uncomfortable, employee output is bound to suffer. Ensure that the office temperature is always set to a comfortable level and consider investing in equipment such as air purifiers to help keep the indoor air quality high.

Balancing the noise

While planning a productive workplace, it’s also important to keep noise levels in mind. Open floor plans and coworking spaces offer up many benefits, but the noise and distractions can make it difficult to focus and get work done. White noise generators and soundproof walls are two options for addressing this problem and making the space more conducive to work. Your employees will be more focused, productive, and inspired if the office is less noisy.

A palette of productivity

A dull workplace can be discouraging to workers and put a damper on innovation. To combat this, decorating your office with bold colors can boost morale and productivity. Accent walls, rugs, artwork, and other décor elements can also be painted in a color scheme that reflects the company’s branding or personality.

Take five

Creating a comfy lounge area can give workers a place to relax and refocus during breaks. Furnish the space with creature comforts such as soft chairs and cushions, a coffee maker, and stress-relieving elements, such as games and magazines.

Move more, stress less

Office workers can stagnate mentally and physically if they sit for long periods of time, and this certainly affects productivity. Reduce stress and improve health by encouraging employees to get up and moving regularly. Standing desks, treadmill desks, or even a special room for stretching and yoga might be incorporated into the office layout to promote mobility, energy, and health.

Tech it up

There are many ways in which today’s cutting-edge technologies can improve efficiency and output. Consider investing in project management software, a centralized platform for team communication, and perhaps a time-tracking tool to keep your team on task.

Make it personal

Allow staff the freedom to decorate their offices with items that will serve to uplift and motivate them. Anything from pictures of their family and friends to motivational posters, potted plants, and other trinkets can all add to their sense of comfort.

Don’t skimp

An effective workplace relies on investment in high-quality equipment. Frustration and distraction caused by low-quality equipment can put a significant dent in productivity outcomes and add unnecessary stress. Providing your staff with high-quality tools like printers, scanners, and computers can boost their productivity.

From chaos to calm

Clutter can be a seismic source of distraction and stress, both at home and in the workplace, and it’s often one we overlook; there’s a reason why minimalism is growing in popularity. Encourage employees to keep their workspace tidy and organized by providing innovative, accessible storage solutions, such as filing cabinets, shelving, and desk organizers.

The nature connection

Bringing some lush greenery into the workplace has been shown to increase happiness, decrease stress, and consequently have a positive effect on efficiency. To bring the outdoors in and create a more natural and soothing ambiance, consider adding potted plants or even a living wall.

Wood, stone, and water are all examples of natural elements that can be incorporated into a workspace to make the environment even more relaxing and inspiring. Furniture, decorations, and even a water feature can be added to create a more soothing and productive office setting.

Silence is golden

While some energetic work hum can assist with some people’s focus and morale, the value of peace and quiet in the workplace cannot be overstated. Most employees are more likely to succeed in completing difficult tasks when they can disappear off to a dedicated quiet area with comfy seating, dim lighting, and noise-reducing features like sound-absorbing panels.

Design an Office That Inspires Productivity

There’s no ‘I’ in TEAM

Understanding and accommodating the wants and needs of your staff is essential to creating a productive workplace environment. If you already have a team of staff, consult with them to find out what they most need and want from their workspace. People have various working styles and preferences, so it’s helpful to provide individual options, such as working from home or flexible hours.

Designing an office space that inspires productivity is no easy feat, but productivity is the cornerstone of efficiency and success, so it’s well worth the effort. By considering the above suggestions, you can create a dynamic, comfortable workspace that fosters collaboration, creativity, and productivity.

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