LEDING Menswear Bespoke Design, Shaoxing City

LEDING Menswear Bespoke Design Shaoxing City China

Greater Dog Architects were invited to visit the suit production studio and see the process of hand-making suit before they started LEDING Bespoke space design project in Shaoxing City Zhejiang, China. It was fascinated to see different fabrics, plate-making, tailoring, even old sewing machines and ironing tools

Arc’ teryx BDH Academy Store, Jilin, China

Arc' teryx BDH Academy Store Jilin China

Designed by STILL YOUNG the Arc’ teryx BDH Academy Store takes you from the campfire-like appearance to the veranda that connects the indoor and outdoor spaces, the crystal clear “glacier” installation that creates a visual focus, the training zone centering around a fireplace, and elements of tents, cable cars and rocks in Jilin Province, China